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Yuva VrindaSri Sathya Sai Yuva Vrinda

“The spring that has gone will come again. The waning moon will wax again. But, just like flowing water in a river, once the youth gets lapsed, it will never come back again. In one’s life, the years 16 to 30 are the most precious. This is the period when all of one’s faculties and energies are at their peak. Hence, one should strive to make the best use of this period.” ~Baba

Sri Sathya Sai Baba has a special place in His heart for the yuva or the youth of the world. He recognizes in them a great potential for transformation. It is for this reason that Swami called for a youth force to be formed during His birthday celebrations in the year 2014 held at Muddenahalli. He himself christened this ever-growing group as Sri Sathya Sai Yuva Vrinda, an army of dedicated young men and women who will take the mission of Bhagawan forward and be His messengers of love and service. Through Yuva Vrinda, Swami is providing an opportunity for the youth to harness their energy and direct it towards welfare of the society.

Swami has often said that when one is young, the heart, the mind and the body are fit, energetic and useful. When one starts to grow old, the body slowly starts to deteriorate and is no longer under one’s control. Further aging results in the mind starting to decay. All that remains at this stage is the heart. It is important that the youth use their body, when it is fit, to serve others and in the process, tame the mind. When the mind is brought under control, the voice of the heart can be heard.

Swami called for the first yuva vrinda meet in January 2015, inviting youth from all over India, to help them connect with the Sai within, to ignite their minds with a passion to reform themselves and infuse an unsettling urge to serve fellow human beings. Swami personally guided the formation of the Yuva Vrinda group, by naming it and also choosing its logo.

Ever since its formation, members of Sri Sathya Sai Yuva Vrinda have been actively participating in all activities in Muddenahalli and other Loka Seva Institutions. In keeping with the purpose of its formation, a wide array of activities has been initiated under the banner of Sri Sathya Sai Yuva Vrinda.

Divine Directions

You should always pray to become dear to God and not just near to Him. How do you become dear? Offer all your actions to God, whatever you do, do it for the pleasure and love of God.

There are a lot of people who are married and have responsibilities towards their family. Therefore, it is their primary duty to earn money, work and support their family. In such a situation you may ask what kind of service should you do? You should know that your family is a gift given to you by God. Therefore, you must aspire that you must come to God with your wife and children. Your service should start with your home. When you return home from work, you tell your wife “I’m very tired, give me coffee”, which your wife get for you. You drink the coffee and though you are feeling energetic you tell your wife to pick up the cup and keep it in the kitchen. It is a mistake to think that your wife should serve you. You have to serve each other. Firstly serve yourself, if you cannot serve yourself how will you serve others? Look after your own family. If your children do not become ideal, what is the use? Therefore start with your family then move to society. If an individual is good then automatically the family will be good. A family is good, society will be good. A good society will lead to a good nation and a good world. It is not the number of people you serve that is important, even serving one person with love and compassion is sufficient to make Me happy.

You should do service with the left hand without the right hand knowing about it. You should not expect to get recognition for it. Do it for God. God knows everything. Do selfless service. The amount of service is not important; how you do it is important.

At a young age you can do any amount of seva using your strength. When you become old, others will have to serve you. The stage of youth is like delicious food served on a leaf. When you offer it without the six enemies – desire, greed, anger, jealously, pride and lust, you are offering it to God. If you come to Me after you have spoiled your youth, it will not be useful. At that point I have to serve you, you will not be able to serve Me.

The body is the car, mind is the driver and the heart is the passenger. If the driver goes as per his own will, he cannot reach the goal. The mind should listen to the heart as the heart is the Master. The heart always tells you the truth. It doesn’t change with place, time and circumstances. Give up the bad company of your selfish and negative thoughts. The heart is always selfless. Thus, do not follow the body or mind but follow your heart. Heart is God. You have to control your mind by doing meditation. Remove all the negative thoughts and keep only positive ones. This will lead to positive actions, positive habits, character and then a positive destiny. You become selfish out of fear of responsibilities. If you have true faith, leave it to Swami. Therefore, first secure your faith. When you have faith you will have no fear. Draupadi just tied a small bandage on Krishna’s finger that became a huge saree in her time of need. Even the little service you do, will come to your rescue later. Only when you have the two hands of love and service can you can march on.