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Divine Visit – Fiji – September 8 -10, 2016

September 10, 2016 • Updates

Bhagawan's second visit to the island nation of Fiji was with a purpose. It was the auspicious Bhoomi Puja of the new Ashram. more

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli –…

September 5, 2016 • Updates

Lord Ganesha is extolled in the Vedic scriptures as the very embodiment of wisdom. As the son of Lord Shiva, who is God and more

Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli –…

August 25, 2016 • Updates

Karshayati Iti Krishna - the one who attracts is Krishna, it is said. Krishna is the embodiment of pure, unsullied Love and it is more

Divine Visit – Kuala Lampur, Malaysia – August 10,…

August 10, 2016 • Updates

Swami's discourse to His beloved Malaysian devotees that evening was based on the theme of Truth. "World is a shadow of truth. If more

Divine Visit – Ubud, Indonesia – August 09, 2016

August 9, 2016 • Updates

Swami began by describing the three aspects of divinity - Sat, Chit, Ananda. He said the joy all the participants had experienced more

Divine Visit – Ubud, Indonesia – August 08, 2016

August 8, 2016 • Updates

Swami said man should learn the knowledge that will give us liberation. Everyone (youth assembled) is a flower that looks more

Divine Visit – Bali, Indonesia – August 07, 2016

August 7, 2016 • Updates

Mind, Swami said, is like drunk driver who is drunk on ego and attachment. Speaking of the kind of relationships that people have more

Divine Visit – Singapore – August 06, 2016

August 6, 2016 • Updates

Bhagawan's divine discourse was on the theme of action. Man, He said was constantly involved in action. Every action has a more

Divine Visit – Singapore – August 05, 2016

August 5, 2016 • Updates

As Bhagawan adorned the beautiful chair, the Singapore team sang the now popular and most meaningful song, 'We will follow you'. more

Divine Visit to Nigeria – Enugu – July 26,…

July 26, 2016 • Updates

Bhagawan spoke of how the principle of love is universal. "Love without service is no love, and service without love is no more

Divine Visit to Nigeria – Enugu – July 25,…

July 25, 2016 • Updates

After the songs by the children which filled the hearts of all gathered with much joy and love. Bhagawan then asked young Sai more

Divine Visit to Nigeria – Lagos – July 24,…

July 24, 2016 • Updates

Swami spoke briefly about the importance of devotion, and explained the nine types of devotion as prescribed in sacred texts with more

Divine Visit to Nigeria – July 22 and 23,…

July 23, 2016 • Updates

Swami's discourse was studded with beautiful analogies. Explaining how one should go inwards to realise one's true identity, He more

Divine Visit – Batticaloa, Sri Lanka – July 11,…

July 11, 2016 • Updates

Swami said that the main reason for loss of peace in the world today is due to the loss of devotion to God, due to which people more

Divine Visit – Colombo, Sri Lanka – July 10,…

July 10, 2016 • Updates

Swami quoted the example of Buddha who's statues and pictures are everywhere in the city of Colombo. But what truly would please more