The fourth day of the World Youth Meet was dedicated to putting Bhagawan’s teachings of selfless love and service into action. It was the day of Grama Seva (village service).

The grama seva was flagged off by Swami in the morning at 9.30 A.M by the auspicious breaking of coconuts. Eight villages – Muddenahalli, Chigatenahalli, Suddahalli, Gantiganahalli, Bandahalli, Tirnahalli, Byranayakanahalli and Singatakadirenahalli – had been selected for the seva. The delegates and the students were therefore divided into eight groups and allotted a village each.

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Grama Seva Flag off

The excitement amongst the delegates was obvious – for how often does God Himself plan your day! Even though the delegates had been up the whole of the previous night, helping pack the prasadam for distribution in the villages, there wasn’t a tired eye in the group. Everyone looked fresh and energetic and were ready to execute this divinely-ordained plan of love in action. Trucks were loaded with the prasadam (ladoo, vibhuti and a Swami photo) as well as sarees and dhotis for distribution in the villages. The delegates – both Indian and foreign – accompanied the loaded trucks to their destinations. While the men delegates travelled in the trucks, Swami had arranged a luxury bus for the women delegates.

The scene was absolutely beautiful once the trucks and the delegates reached the villages. The villagers welcomed the delegates with artfully-drawn rangolis. The sounds of veda chanting and bhajans reverberated in the local temples even as the delegates along with the village children took to the lanes of the villages conducting Nagar Sankeertan.

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The bhajan singing and veda chanting wasn’t new to the children as they were already part of the bal vikas programme and had been regularly visited by the Sai volunteers in the last couple of months.Distribution of food and clothes ensued next. The delegates who gave the prasadam and clothes with a smile on their face and Sai Ram on their lips, received as much in return – in the form of love and gratitude from the recipients.

That Bhagawan had earmarked a day before His birthday for grama seva was a subtle hint to everyone that the best way to celebrate His life and message was through selfless love and service. The day ended leaving both the delegates and villagers happy, for both had been touched by the love of God.