Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Bhhomi Puja – Sri Sathya Sai Anantaniketanam, Mysore – February 12, 2019

12th February 2019 was a day unlike any other for the scores of devotees and children of Mysore, as the Lord of the Universe chose this auspicious day to perform the Bhoomi Puja or the ground breaking ceremony of the Sri Sathya Sai Ananthaniketanam, the latest in the ever expanding list of educational institutions to be instituted by Bhagawan in the subtle form. Beside a cool stream, set amidst thousands of lush green trees, the school makes for a serene and peaceful atmosphere, aiding the pursuit of excellence, both material and spiritual.

To the joy of all those present, Bhagawan arrived in a chopper with Mr Anthony Tan, Mrs Karen Tan and Sri B N Narasimha Murthy just before noon. Bhagawan was welcomed with Mangalavaadyam and the traditional Poorna Kumbham while students blowing trumpets, chanting the Vedas and performing Kamsale dance led the procession to the site where the Bhoomi Puja was to be performed.

Bhagawan performed the ground breaking ceremony for the new campus along with the guests present and also signed a plaque bearing the name of Sri Sathya Sai Ananthaniketanam. The public Satsang began with Vedic invocation, chanting of Narayana Upanishad by the Grade 10 students of Sri Sathya Sai Sharadaniketanam, Mandya.

Sri Sai Prasad, an alumnus of Bhagawan’s educational institutions, welcomed the gathering and spoke about the power of the divine will, which he testifies, was the sole reason that the school is now a reality.

Sri Chetan K, a student from Grade 9, spoke about Bhagawan’s love and His infinite compassion for all of creation. He also mentioned the sea change being brought about in rural boys and girls, transforming them from diffident children to dynamic youth, ready to dive into the mission of nation building. His admirable talk concluded with a prayer to Bhagawan to enable all students to become worthy instruments, pillars of strength, on whose able shoulders the divine mission would rest in the future.

Dr Shashidhar Prasad, a renowned scientist and eminent educationist, spoke of the good fortune of the villagers and the devotees of Mysore and surrounding areas. He noted that schools such as the one being established in Mysore, born from the sacrifice of many noble souls, will surely bear fruit and yield leaders that will shape the future of humanity. He also urged devotees to place their faith in Bhagawan and thundered that Bhagawan’s words can never fail.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke about the pace of the ongoing divine mission in the subtle form. He went on to talk about the immense love and compassion that Bhagawan reserved for the poor and needy, which manifests as various educational and medical institutions. He also remarked that the greatest miracle of Bhagawan was in infusing self confidence in children and making them capable leaders.

This was followed by the divine discourse where Bhagawan told that every child is the image of God himself, so pure and good. Due to the environment, company and the culture of the parents children will grow good or bad. He said education is like agriculture and teachers are like farmers taking good care of the children. Bhagawan said, good education, food and health are the fundamental needs of the children and commanded all people to join to provide all these fundamental needs to each and every child. He said, no use lamenting about the problems in the society and gave a call for everybody to give solutions through service to society. He appreciated the boy who spoke as a model that how children will develop in His institutions. He appreciated the dedication of Sri Gopinath who will be the Chairman of Mysore campus. He commanded Sri Rajashekhar G B, an alumni and Chairman of Mandya campus and Sri Nandakumar to take care of the school and hostel facilities. He commanded Dr hashidhar Prasad to be the mentor of the campus. He spoke that whole society is a family and we need to understand the bond of love and work together.

Then, Bhagawan went around the campus, making His way to the stream, appreciating the natural beauty. Bhagawan then proceeded to Mysore city to visit the residence of Dr Shashidhar Prasad and Mrs Revathi Prasad, where lunch had been organized for the entourage. After lunch, Bhagawan departed for Muddenahalli, flying over and encircling the Mandya campus en route.