Sai’s Love manifests, as the first surgery is successfully completed – Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Centre for Child Heart Care and Research – Palwal, Haryana – Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It was an eventful morning, as everyone woke up to the news that the first cardiac surgery performed on the six-month-old girl baby Unnati, at the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Centre for Child Heart Care and Research was a resounding success! Unnati’s parents hail from Uttar Pradesh, and they were not aware of the hole in her heart, until a few weeks ago. Her father, Sri Samarpal Singh who makes ends meet drives for a living, and the mother manages the home. They were worried when little Unnati was falling ill frequently with diarrhoea, vomiting and fever. Recently, they consulted a doctor who diagnosed a hole in her little heart, which crushed the dreams of her parents. They were completely distraught, and surrendered to the Almighty. The doctor told the young parents about this hospital and referred them to Dr Munesh Tomar, Head of Cardiology. They arrived on April 14th, and she was successfully operated on April 18th, a gift of life granted in the temple of healing. The emotional parents are still unable to believe that their little bundle of joy is now hale and hearty, and will stay this way for forever!

An event was organised to commemorate this first surgery, and the Guest of Honour was Col Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting. He arrived at the hospital along with Bhagawan at around 10:30 a.m. in the morning. By then, the second surgery was underway, and everyone were eagerly waiting for the good news! Sri C Sreenivas welcomed the gathering and revealed that it was a moment of biggest pride since the time this Hospital was established in Palwal. He explained to everyone gathered the motto of Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani – ‘Love All, Serve All. He lamented that 210 children from eight states have already arrived at the hospital in the last few days, which clearly shows the enormity of the problem faced by the nation, where over 300,000 children are born with congenital heart disease every year. He said India is not able to treat even 20,000 children each year!

Sri Sreenivas revealed how the piece of agricultural land, where wheat was grown once upon a time, was converted into a commercial land in six working days!  First time in the history of Haryana, and that itself was a miracle! He also narrated how in less than eight months, the hospital of around 2 lakh square feet of constructed space, has been completed, and stands proudly ready to embrace little hearts which need mending. He also added that it is not easy to perform a surgery on a heart, which is smaller than the dial of a wrist watch! Sri Sreenivas thanked Col Rajyavardhan profusely for his support, as he had joined him to hunt for a suitable land, believing in the noble cause. Together, they had visited many sites, in the hope of finding the most appropriate piece of land for the hospital, which has now been constructed by using a unique technology of Pre Fab Structures with EPS panels as walls. There is no reinforced concrete in the structures, and this technology is very useful to build structures faster (another additional advantage of this technology being a reduction in temperature by 7-8 degrees). Sri Sreenivas who was a key member of the team which established the Super Speciality Hospitals both at Puttaparti and Whitefield said, “Baba says that every child belongs to a mother, ‘I don’t have any difference’, it is all about ‘ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Health is about not going to a hospital, which is what Baba often remarked. Therefore, great emphasis is being laid on prevention through child screening programmes now in the form of Divine Child Health Programme. Baba would say, ‘The greatest creation on earth takes nine months, why can’t you create the hospital in nine months?’ And so here is this hospital, just like the Raipur hospital which was readied within a short span of nine months.

Thereafter, a short video on the Sanjeevani Hospitals was screened. Dr Smt Munesh Tomar, MBBS, MD, FNB and a gold medallist from King George Medical College, took to the podium and humbly accepted the fact that ever since she joined the hospital as the Head of Department of Cardiology, she has been at peace for she is no more restricted by the financial constraints, and thus is able to serve all the poor and the needy children. In the absence of health insurance for babies with congenital heart diseases, only 10% cases were finally operated upon, as most of the others could not afford to pay for operations which costed between Rupees 2-4 Lakhs on an average. She said, “What I used to do in six months, I have done in the last ten days. Keeping this aim and mission of ‘Love all and Serve all, we will march forth. A patient expects a transparent treatment. To me, this is not a job, it is a mission!”

Tata Trust, which has a major stakeholding in Tata Sons has come forward to contribute a sophisticated state-of-the-art Cath Lab which will enable the Hospital to do cardiac interventions and device closures. A monoplane cath lab costs around Rupees 3 crores, and the team at Tata Trust graciously stepped forward to take up this responsibility.

Dr Rashmi Murthy, MBBS, MS,DNB, the Chief Surgeon, who was a Consultant with Narayana Hrudayalaya Bangalore, with over a decade of experience has joined as Consultant in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, addressed the gathering next. She had just successfully completed the second surgery as she started speaking and said, “We are fed and raised on the thought that paediatric cardiology is a money drainer. I entered this hospital with doubts about how can everything be offered free-of-cost! My colleagues at the Raipur Hospital helped me embrace it, and we hope to inspire individuals and institutions alike!”

If one looks at all the grand structures built by Bhagawan, then and now, each has a unique story to tell, including the magical time frame within which these edifices are created! A six member team executed the construction of this hospital, within eight months! The miracle of love.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy was the next speaker, who opined that high quality healthcare to the poor is one of the many miracles brought forth by Bhagawan in modern times. “Swami always stressed on Seva, whether it was providing quality services like free potable drinking water or education, but the greatest miracle is He is continuing His mission of mercy. In the last five years, two hospitals and more than 10 campuses have been established. Education teaches how to be a good human being, and for that Baba always said, ‘The soul of education is the education for the soul.’ Without moral education, education is useless. The backbone of India is spirituality, well understood by our PM and even our Minister who is amidst us today.”

Guest of honour, Col Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, a shooter par excellence, Padma Sri awardee, an inspirational youth icon and a staunch supporter of team Sanjeevani was the next speaker. He expressed his happiness for being able to attend this event and said, “Today this hospital has been possible only because of the blessings of Baba. I came to know about His attitude of selfless Service towards mankind, the various projects He executed, and the path He showed to lead a life of service, when I first had His Darshan many years ago around 2004. Together, Sri Sreenivas and I nurtured a dream to build a hospital. But we didn’t get a suitable land for this noble cause. I was still a sportsman then, and had not entered the Government services yet. As we were scouting for land, we met Dr Raman Singh, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, who also nurtures a similar attitude towards serving mankind and has selfless love, and the result was the first Hospital in Raipur. Our aim next was to find something close to Delhi, which would facilitate easy access. Both Sreenivas and I met many people and searched for land in many places. We were getting land, but not in a fair way. And when we are engaged in a noble cause, we cannot have such kind of dealings. But anything is possible if the feelings are in the right place!”

Truly, the hospital would not have been possible without the immense support from the people of Palwal, which has been endearing. Medical excellence coupled with prayers certainly result in miracles! Little Unnati and little Dev Prajapathi, the second child who was successfully operated stand as testimony to this. Dev’s father is a tailor from Noida, near Delhi. He had already spent Rupees Six lacs for treatment so far, without any cure! The father was overjoyed and emotional that his child is completely cured. The omniscient Lord knew this, and assured him that the child will be well!

Swami blessed the gathering with His divine words of benediction, “Today, we are all gathered here not because of a friend, or a relative, or for someone who is related by blood. We are here to pray for the wellbeing of a child who belongs to someone else. But truly the child does not merely belong to its parents, it belongs to the entire society, to the nation. Selfless love has given rise to this edifice. This is not relation by the blood, but relation by the Atma. People with selfless love and sacrifice have made this possible, and they are here from Singapore. They feel that it’s the same divinity and God in all, and I bless them all profusely. On one hand where healthcare gives life, on the other hand, right education teaches the art of living well. With these two together progress will happen. Any amount of challenges will not be an issue when a task is undertaken with selfless love. This body has been given to serve others, and one has to lead life accordingly.”

Mangala Arati was offered to Bhagawan, and thereafter He proceeded to His bungalow to meet Sri Rathore, and spent precious moments with him. Lunch was served to all, and as one walked through the corridors of this temple of healing, Sai’s love was manifest in every inch of space! Sai is Love, pure love echoes in every heart!