Day 2 (morning) proceedings of Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Navarathri Homa and Durga Pooja

Wednesday, October 14 – Morning: As the day dawned and the bright sun peeped through the hills, Sathya Sai Grama was already reverberating with Vedic chants, filling the air with blissful energy.

The second day of the sacred Athi Rudra Maha Yagna commenced at 5:30am, with the chanting of Aruna Parayana and Mahanyasa Parayana by 121 priests, gathered at the Yagna Shaala headed by the Chief Priest Sri Nanjunda Dixit. This was followed by 30 minutes of mellifluous Shiva Bhajans by the students and alumni.The chanting resumed with Panchamrutha Abhisheka to the Hiranyagarbha Lingam.

Chief priest Sri Nanjunda Dixit offering Aarthi to the Shiva Linga

Swami arrived at the venue at about quarter to eleven and moved directly to Sri Sathya Sai Hrudaya Mandiram Auditorium where the Navaratri Homa and Durga Puja was in progress. He spoke to the youth from Kolkata who are passionately organising the Durga Puja. He enquired if the priest from Kolkata was happy. Yesterday, Swami had revealed something very personal to the priest which his own wife was not aware of. It certainly left him baffled beyond measure! Swami also revealed that, He had to send more rains this time for the nearby ponds to fill up to facilitate the immersion of idols! The embodiment of compassion at work!

Hrudaya Mandira transformed into an abode of Shakti with the Navarathri Homa and Durga Pooja in progress

The Durga Puja involves five days of invocation to the Goddess, at the end of which idols are charged. Abhaham (Welcoming) and Nirmala Nibedanam (Offering of Prasadam) are offered daily to the deity. Swami then witnessed the Paavana Homa, conducted as part of the Navaratri Puja. The priest explained the significance of the Homa, before the Maha Mangala Arathi was offered.

Offering Aarthi to Devi Yantra

Thereafter, Swami proceeded  to the Yagna Shaala and was witness to all the proceedings that took place at the specially erected structure, richly decorated in the traditional coastal Karnataka style using arecanut, coconut leaves and bamboo.

Offerings being made in the Yaaga Shaala

After Mangalarathi to the Hiranyagarbha Lingam, Swami moved towards His car blessing and interacting with many devotees, leaving everyone in absolute joy!

Watch the proceedings below:

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