Day 9 (evening) proceedings of Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, Navarathri Homa and Durga Puja

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 – Evening: All the students and devotees were seated, eagerly waiting for the Lord to arrive. After the initial rituals by the Ritwiks and Sai Gayathri chanting, the evening programme commenced as soon as Swami entered the Yaagashaala at 5:30pm. It began with Veda chanting by ladies from Veda Vrinda team, who were joined by a few ladies from Japan.


Members of the Veda Vrinda group joined in the Vedic chants by a few ladies from Japan

Sri Badri Narayanan once again took stage to render his brilliant insights into the Bhagawatham. He beautifully explained the difference between Bhakti and Prema. Bhakti is an element of adoration and worship that starts with an individual, and ends in the Divine. Whereas Prema, is an experience or emotion where an individual is completely effaced, as it begins with the Divine and ends in the Divine. Gopikas were classic examples of Prema Tatwa since their hearts and minds were always focussed on Krishna. He also reminded the audience that when there is ‘I’ , there is no Sai and where there is Sai, there is no ‘I’.


Sri Badri Narayan suffusing the listeners with love as he narrates the tales of exemplary devotion of the Gopikas

He ended the day’s rendering capturing the complete attention of all gathered, and taking them to Brindavan just by his narration, which was suffused with devotion. His immense love for the Lord was known when he had to explain the separation that Yashoda had to undergo with tearful eyes evoking the same emotions in the wide audience!


Soulfuk musical rendition by Sai Youth from Australia

A musical bouquet of five songs by Sai youth of Australia was offered at the Divine Lotus Feet. This was followed by a captivating talk in Kannada by Sri Gangadhar Bhat, Chairman of the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust, Alike. He narrated his experience about how Swami had cleared his doubts about His subtle form again and again, through various instances and in dreams. He urged the audience to take an active part in Swami’s mission, which will ultimately help one in in ones inward journey of transformation. He offered His reverential and special salutations to the Lord of this Universe, and mentioned that he was grateful for being given this opportunity to serve in His mission.


Sri Gangadhar Bhat, Chainman of the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust addressing the gathering

Following this, was Swami’s divine message to His devotees.

Summary of Divine Discourse:

You are not one, but three. The body is what you think you are. The body belongs to you, but you are not the body. The second is what others think you are. Looking at a man in school, they call him a teacher; those who look at him at home call him a father; those who look at him with a friend, call him a friend. Then who is he? What you think you are is only the body; what others think you are is your mind. What you really are is divine nature (atma). When you consider your human body as a car, the driver is the mind and the master is the atma. As the master says, the driver has to drive the car. That is why Master the mind, be a master mind’. As long as the driver obeys the master’s command and drives properly, there won’t be any danger and the body will become a means for righteous activity. Also, only when the driver starts the car and drives it, can the car move. Therefore, mind is the basis of all the creation. When you make the mind pure, sacred and noble, then the mind will drive the body in the right way and take it to the right destination.

Accidents happen when we forget God. Draupadi is a great devotee, but in the time of difficulty she first prayed to Dharmaraja and the Pandavas, then she prayed to Bheeshma and other elders in the royal court. When even the elders did not come to her rescue, she tried to rescue and protect herself with her own strength. But finally when she lost all hope, she thought of Krishna and prayed to Krishna. Then spontaneously a miracle took place. The sari became inexhaustible and it saved her honour. After having lost everything what is the use of thinking of Krishna?

Why do difficulties come to us? In our happiness we forget God. That is why our life becomes a combination of happiness and sorrow. Mind is a good servant but a bad master. The true master is our atma. That is the heart. When you keep using your discrimination, what is true what is untrue, what is temporary what is permanent, you make your mind follow the truth, and you will be able to control your mind. When you listen to the heart your spiritual power goes on increasing.

How do you know whether your mind is talking to you or your heart is talking to you? The mind goes after only those pleasant things, the heart always tells you to follow the right thing. Mind does everything for its self-interest, the heart does things with a broadmindedness that everybody should be happy. When we follow the mind, we don’t get peace of mind but when you listen to the heart and follow its advice, immediately you will get peace of mind.

God will manifest only in that heart which does not have a trace of selfishness and has selflessness. Therefore develop that pure heart. A lot of people come here and tell me, “Swami, You are here. We also want to see You.” Only those people with absolutely pure hearts can have darshan, sparshan, and sambhashan. When gopikas prayed to Krishna, “We want you alone and nothing else,” only then they could get Krishna. They did not say, “We want you also.” Only when you feel, “I want only God,” you will get God and when you get God you will get everything else. Therefore you should pray, “I want only God.” I always keep saying, “Yes, yes” for everything. If you want money, “Yes.” If you want children, “Yes.” If people tell Me, “Swami, we want only You,” even for that I say, “Yes.”

Nobody knows how many wives Krishna had and who the children were. But even today we remember that the gopas and gopikas were dearest to Krishna. Swami has many devotees; but only those who walk on the foot-steps of Swami, will be remembered forever. My footsteps are love and service. Utilise your body and senses well and your mind with the only desire for Swami and walk behind Me. Nobody will get this opportunity again. Wake up. Wake up from ignorance.

Watch the proceedings below:

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