Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust-First Anniversary Celebrations-December 11, 2016

Develop Love for God in Children

Every man has two kinds of goals; of the two, one is for living. But man’s life doesn’t become fruitful by this kind of mere living as even animals and birds do the same. So, it is very important to know the higher goal and purpose of this life. From historic examples, we can see two types of people: on one side, we see the powerful Ravana, the most intelligent Hiranyakashipu and the strongest Duryodhana, and on the other side, we have physically weak Dhruva, Nachiketa, Prahlada. And we know who among them had fruitful lives! Physical power, mental power and intellect devoid of devotion to God led Ravana, Hiranyakashipu and Duryodhana to self-destruction. It is thus very important to impart education to children, which leads them to the highest destination apart from education which gives knowledge for mere living. This responsibility is on our teachers more than anybody else.

Devotion is nothing but love. God is there; He is protecting all of us; He loves us a lot: This kind of faith is true devotion. Mere following of traditions externally is not Bhakti. True spirituality within is true devotion. When we imbibe this kind of knowledge into our children, it will protect them throughout their life. Why do we provide food for children? It is mainly to impart devotion towards God so that they lead a life full of happiness and peace.

Our Bharatiya culture says Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which means the whole world is one family. For the broad-minded people, the entire cosmos is like one family. Hence, the whole world is ours. All these children are ours. We should not think that we are serving someone else. We should feel that we are serving our own selves. So, the entire world is our family. Who is given more importance and care in the family? It is the small children. Hence, the important members of the family are not the elders but the children. It is our responsibility to take care of our children. If we protect today’s children, it is equal to protecting the entire mankind of the future.

This Annapurna Trust has the motive to provide food and health, which are trivial. The true motive should be to make them have love towards God and build good character in them so that they live blissfully. If we have to rebuild our nation India, we have to protect children and bring them on to the right path. Only then it is possible. This work should carry on in many other schools. It should not be confined to just 300 odd schools but should go beyond it. The motive should be that no child should go to school hungry. We can achieve all of this only with love, service and sacrifice. In another five years, this will be spread to entire state of Karnataka. And finally, it will be spread to the entire nation and world thereafter.