Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Retreat – Kodaikanal – May 10, 2019

Staff, students and devotees woke up to some light drizzle and a cold nip in the air. Counting their fortune, and thanking their Lord for this unique opportunity to be with Him, and observe Him in His playground Kodaikanal, everyone proceeded to the Prayer Hall soon after breakfast. Kudos to the kitchen team who work tirelessly day and night, as they dish out sumptuous items four times a day! Indeed, the Kodai retreat is truly a treat in every way!

After Bhajans, Mr Isaac Tigrett was the first speaker of the morning. He reminisced the very first Kodai session in 2014 with Swami in the subtle, and how he had transcribed those precious talks which went viral online. And for the very first time devotees around the world took note of the phenomenon of the subtle form, as Swami explained in detail about the Sthoola, Sookshma, Athi Sookshma and Para Sookshma forms! Thereafter, Sri T B Jayachandra took to the podium and spoke straight from his heart. He confessed about his ignorance about Sai when he was invited for the very first time to attend an event at Muddenahalli. The former Minister traced his journey from then until this very date, and submitted with deep emotion that he was in the very presence of the Divine! He thanked Swami for all the wonderful experiences, including the miraculous recovery of his wife, which made the couple understand that they were fortunate to be enveloped in the divine grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Before he concluded, he prayed to Swami to bless the country with potable drinking water, as in the next decade or so, India would face an acute water shortage. Sri Jayachandra emphatically declared that only Swami can execute projects of such magnitude, as He is the master planner and would exactly know how to plan, initiate and execute with precision!

Swami delivered His divine message and announced that He will initiate a water project towards the end of the year, soon after Dussehra. He said, “Somebody’s heart should melt at the plight and pain of the people. Somebody should cry and shed a tear to remove the suffering of the other people. And when such a heart bleeds for the suffering of others and prays to the Lord for help, I answer very swiftly, prayers which are selfless. So this is a selfless prayer, so it shall be answered. 
I don’t have any other desire. Nobody should have any sorrows. This is My vision and feeling for the world. But I need good instruments, selfless instruments, courageous instruments, who will get up and do what Baba wants! Otherwise, all these will remain Sankalpa. Only Shiva, could not have brought Ganga. Only Bhagiratha could not have got Ganga. When Shiva and Bhagiratha both met together, the Lord and the devotee, things happened. So that is how this also will happen. I am preparing My instruments slowly and steadily, one by one. As and when they get ready, My projects will start happening. My projects can happen much faster, much earlier; and the reason for the slow down are because of the instruments. If you could get ready faster, My work will happen faster!”

After Mangala Arati, Swami proceeded back to the Bungalow, and met a few devotees before partaking His lunch and retiring for the afternoon.

Everyone gathered in the cozy Bungalow, eagerly awaiting for the Lord in the evening. Melodious Bhajans were in progress, and the movement arrived when the door opened. Brother Madhusudan emerged looking resplendent in an Ochre Kurta, with a divine effulgence exuding from his face. Swami has been saying, “There is no two, only one”, and this is becoming more and more evident!

It was a fun start to the evening, when Swami started asking the name and meaning of some of those who were seated around Him. Of course there were a few names which did not necessarily have a meaning. Swami then spoke about the power of a name. “The Lord appears as soon as the name is called, and so while naming a child, parents must ensure the name has a deep meaning.” Swami then spoke about the significance of naming a child correctly, and lamented about the current trend of naming babies without any meaning. Swami reiterated that because of the virtue of a name, one can become a good person!

Mangala Arati was offered and after a few interviews and dinner, Swami retired for the night.