Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Retreat – Kodaikanal – May 11, 2019

A little sunshine peeked through the grey clouds, as all the devotees, staff and students proceeded to the dining hall for breakfast. At 10 a.m., Swami walked down to the Prayer Hall for the morning Satsang. The quartet of mellifluous singers – Brothers Vijay Sai, Sumeet Tappoo, Nishad Mishra and Srinivas Viswanadha, rendered beautiful Bhajans, and it was indeed a sight to behold, as Brother Madhusudan in a magnificent yellow Kurta walked inside the Hall. All the students, staff and ladies wore sarees which Swami lovingly gave everyone the previous evening.

The morning programme commenced with a musical offering by devotees from Singapore. Fondly called by Swami as the ‘Singapore Gang’, these accomplished men and women from various walks of life are true exemplars of how one should implicitly follow the command of the Lord, and selflessly engage in service. Swami called them all for a group photograph at the end of their 30 minutes performance, which touched every heart. Swami then commanded Dr Ravi Pillay, the ‘gang leader’ to speak about the service activities. He narrated about their first visit to Muddenahalli, the Gulbarga Campus, and how the first Ashram came in to existence in Singapore. He tearfully submitted himself, and prayed to Swami to bestow them with more service.

As soon as Dr Ravi Pillay finished his emotional talk, Swami took the mic and started by saying, “Good people are greater than God Himself. All good will become God eventually.” He spoke about the devotees of Singapore and their selfless sacrifice, and then narrated about the establishment of the first school in Gulbarga, a little after April 2011, and how the Singapore team selflessly plunged into action to make it a reality. Swami said, “A little selfless act of starting a school has grown, and today it has become a University in a short span of seven years!” Swami went on to narrate the story of Kuchela and the Palace which came into existence overnight. “Nothing is impossible for pure love. Because of the sacrifice born out of pure love, anything is possible!” After Mangala Arati, Swami dined with all the elders before retiring for the afternoon.

In the evening, Swami came down at around 5:15 p.m., amidst Bhajans. He went around giving shawls to everyone, and then sat on His chair. After a few Bhajans and devotional songs, Swami spoke to everyone in a very causal and intimate way. “What is the purpose behind incarnation? Out of compassion and motherly love for the creatures, God comes down to their level on to the earth – because it is difficult for them to rise to the level of God to understand what God is like – with a combination of Jivaprajna, an individual identity, as well as Daivaprajna, the Divine identity.” Swami spoke about both the individual and divine aspects exhibited by Lord Rama, Krishna and Buddha. He said, “This is the mystery of the Lord. On one side, He is all powerful. He has all the powers in His control, and can do anything with His Sankalpa. A mere Sankalpa is enough. On the other side, He also behaves like an ordinary mortal, goes through the motions of life, and lives according to the life just like any ordinary being. In one moment, He is man, another moment He is God; why does He do so? He behaves like a human – Jivaprajna– to set an example for others because if He uses only His Divine powers, then human beings will never aspire to follow His path! Yadyada Charati Shreshta Tadat Deve Tarojana Sayat Pramanam Kurute Lokastadanuvartate – The way noble people conduct themselves in the society, that is the way others, ordinary mortals, follow. The kind of examples they set in the society that is the example others also emulate. Therefore, God is the one who first comes and sets an example for everyone else to follow!

So why Kodaikanal? Why we cannot do this in Muddenahalli? Or we cannot do it in any part of the world? Because this is the way I am attracting you all closer to Me, so that you are attracted by Me first and then you slowly understand My teachings. You then follow those teachings, you become better first, and thereafter others also will become better by following your examples. That is why all these occasions. Otherwise there is no need for us to come all the way, climb up a hill here and go through all that we have to go through just to be here for a few days. But this is a very close gathering where all of you get to see what God is like, what God’s love is like, what God’s feelings and heart is like. Then you start getting inspired by these teachings, and then you all decide to at least follow one teaching! You don’t have to follow all the teachings if you cannot. But take one teaching – any one, the easiest one you start with and you will see that with one teaching you start and you will be able to follow all the teachings. So take any one teaching. Take any one good value as Swami is saying and follow strictly all your life without compromising on it, whatever be the situation, however difficult. Even at the cost of your life, don’t compromise on that value! And you will see that how God will protect you, save you and also teach you. Finally He will redeem you. That is the idea.
God doesn’t have to bind Himself into a human body. He can be free. But still He does all these things for the sake of humanity, out of love for humanity. What kind of love? Motherly love. Vatsalyam. Parental love. With that love feeling to you that you are His child, you make mistakes, He forgives. If you don’t listen, He has the patience to wait. This is the kind of love that God shows to train and teach and redeem mankind. That is the reason why we are here. Let us take one value and follow it all our lives. Then you also will be redeemed and God also will be happy. That is what you should do!”

Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami granted interviews to many devotees before dinner and retiring for the night.