Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Argentina – Bariloche – October 18, 2016

It was a very cold morning, temperature dipped to almost five degrees, and the snow capped Andes looked even more astounding. A trip by Cruiser, to the Myrtles National Park, Los Arrayanes National Park, was arranged. From Ruca Sai, after a very early breakfast, Bhagawan and His entourage proceeded to Puerto la Monzana, the dockyard, where the Lord and His entourage boarded the white Cruiser, to the myrtle tree forest on Quetrihué Peninsula. The Cruiser, with powerful engines was waiting, and everyone took their seats with the Lord right beside them, and set sail across the waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi. It was cozy and intimate. The Lord of the Universe, with His hand picked devotees in a mesmerising place like Villa la Angostura, in Argentina, heading for a walk in the forest! It was unreal!

Lake Nahuel Huapi looked pristine and stunning, as Bhagawan’s entourage with chosen guests which included Mrs and Mr Jorge Berra, Mrs and Mr David Cornsweet, Mrs and Mr Divyogi Patel, Mrs and Mr Ravi Pillay, along with the Lord boarded the ferry. Dr Gustavo and his son, Mauro, explained about the surrounds, the scenic beauty and the myrtle tress.

The ferry reached the shores of the forest, after a short 20 minutes ride. Two dogs which were on the peninsula, greeted the Lord and kept everyone company until the very end. Swami led the way through the Myrtle trees and the precious hour spent walking with the Lord will be etched in memory forever for every fortunate person who was with Him that morning. Every corner of the peninsula, with its beautiful scenery, its rich history, striking natural environment, and to top it all, with Bhagawan made this trip an unforgettable experience.

The Myrtles are a tree formation unique in the world, with ancient trees of wide trunks. The attractive bark of this tree is cool, smooth and tan with white spots and heights exceeding 15 meters.

The Lord stopped at a couple of scenic spots and wanted group photographs to be taken. The whole experience was nothing short of spectacular. On the way back on the boat, Swami asked each person to sing a bhajan and no one realised how time flew, as the boat reached back at the dockyard. Swami took the opportunity to reveal yet another lesson. He said, “As you were all engrossed in Namasmarana, the journey to your destination was comfortable. You did not feel the choppy waters or realise the time. This is the power of Namasmarana, which will take you across the ocean of birth and death.”

Bhagawan and His entourage returned to Ruca Sai for some piping hot lunch, and everyone retired for a brief rest thereafter. At around 3:30pm, the Lord proceeded to the residence of Mrs Elizabeth and Tom Wesley, which was an hour’s drive from Ruca Sai. The Wesleys own a horse riding academy, and live amidst the beautiful horses.

Next to the satsang hall, there as a small Sai temple, which Swami blessed as soon as He got down from His car. Thereafter, Swami proceeded to the satsang venue. It was certainly one of a kind satsang, as it was in a horse ranch, a Latin American wooden barn like venue, straight out from the cow boy movies!

About 250 eager devotees had gathered to experience Bhagawan’s compassion. Dr Ricardo Gustavo welcomed Bhagawan and His entourage in Spanish, which was translated to English. He spoke about how on two earlier occasions, in 1992 and 1999 arrangements were made to receive Swami in Argentina. Swami had promised He would come. Not a coincidence, but Sai-incidence that most of the devotees from the organising group who had invited Swami were present right there that evening! Dr Gustavo recollected how in a recent interview in Muddenahalli, Swami not only reminded him of that invitation and arrangements that were made, but also said it would not have been possible due to arrangements and permissions, which would have caused inconvenience to all. He expressed his gratitude to Swami for having kept HIS promise to the people of Argentina!

Mr Isaac Tigrett was the first speaker of the evening and narrated about how his daughter Augusta, who Swami revealed to be a reincarnation of an amazing South American warrior, had great love for horses which she had inherited from previous lives. From a very young age, she was naturally attracted to horses and in due course became an accomplished horse rider, so much so, that she went for the selection of the American equestrian team for the Olympics. As destiny had it, during one of the jumps, she broke her back and unfortunately damaged three vertebrae, after which doctors declared that she might even suffer from paralysis, which was averted by Bhagawan. No more horse riding for her after the long arduous medical treatments.

When she came to India thereafter, she happened to visit a stable in Bangalore and was instantly attracted to a handsome black stallion. At her insistence, to have a horse Mr Tigrett sought Swami’s permission to get one from the stable. Incidentally, Swami chose the same black stallion. In Puttaparthi, in the neighboring Ananda farm, a horse riding circuit was built by her with a full-fledged show jumping facility. Augusta looked after this horse very dearly and spent many hours tending to it. One day the horse collapsed and breathed its last in her lap and she mourned for ten hours. To make her forget the sorrow, Mr Tigrett took her to Cambodia for a change of environment, during which the horse was buried at Ananda Farm, with due ceremonies of vedic chanting and rituals by the priests sent by Swami!

During this time a clairvoyant friend of Mr Tigrett called from America and mentioned to him that the previous day Swami had appeared to him and revealed that it was during the times when Augusta was a warrior that she had lost her horse in a battle, which she could not even mourn to her heart’s content. So Swami brought back the same horse in this incarnation, for her to pay her old debts to the horse that she loved very dearly! So Mr Tigrett concluded that we are all bound by our karmas, and the law of physics is the same as the law of meta physics and every action has a reaction! So let’s always do good!!

Sri C Sreenivas, the next speaker said that spirituality begins and ends “You lose your SELF only to find your SELF in other SELFs. That is the journey of life. This is what this inexplicable Presence is teaching us. The two aspects – the fluency of the language of the heart and the faith, have graced you with the supreme experience of life, first to forget yourself and to find yourself in the person next to you. I have loved and lived my life as an outside/inside view. To view from the outside, the beauty inside. Humanity’s progress will not be by the GDP, affluence or development, but by the self-learning to find itself in another self. This is an extraordinary moment, as you are going to rewrite the future history of this country and this world. Love creates the most magnificent, unimaginable tangibles. All progress, and furtherance, surrenders itself to the power of love. And love is finding yourself in another self,” he concluded.

Sri Narasimha Murthy quoted a verse from the Bible and said “blessed are the pure in heart for they see God.” He said, “This describes you and your country. Selfless love and selfless service makes a man or woman divine. Love for god and compassion for fellow beings is key”, he concluded.

Swami in His discourse said, “To every shadow there has to be an object. Every object casts a shadow. Without object, there cannot be a shadow. By catching hold of the shadow, one cannot get the object. Shadows change with time. During the morning, a long shadow is cast and at noon is is at your feet. Shadow change with time, but you do not change. Such is the relation between world and God. World is unreal, God is real. World changes with time, and God is constant. If you go behind the shadow of the world, you cannot get God.

World is merely a shadow of God. If you get God, you will get the world. Man is thirsty for happiness. Every single act is towards the purpose of getting happiness. There is no one in the world who wants to be unhappy. Man is constantly searching for happiness, and cannot get permanent happiness in this temporary world. When you go for God, you will get permanent happiness. Happiness is union with God.

Let there be only one prayer – ‘I want God. If you get God, you will get the world.’ There is only so much you can get in this world. Where is God? Is He there in the temple? Can you meet Him there? In a church, mosque or other places of worship? God is right inside you. When you search for HIM Outside, you may get an idol or sermon. But seek for HIM within. I have come here to tell you the truth. For long you have searched for Me outside. But look within, and become Me, by constantly being with Me.”

After a short Questions and Answers session, Bhagawan returned to Ruca Sai for dinner and retired for the day.

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