Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Argentina – Buenos Aires to Bariloche – October 17, 2016

Everyone packed and was ready to leave for the next destination of Bariloche in the morning, which is nestled in the lap of the beautiful Andes mountains in the Patagonia region. After breakfast, Swami granted interviews to a few families and Arati was offered.

Bhagawan’s entourage proceeded to the Buenos Airport, and landed in the afternoon at Bariloche. The flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche was mostly filled with the devotees who were following Swami and so when all disembarked at the airport, one could hear excited ‘Sairams’ everywhere!

Dr Ricardo Gustavo, Bhagawan’s host at Bariloche waited eagerly to welcome everyone. As Bhagawan’s entourage stepped out of the airport to a view of snow capped mountains. Bariloche borders Nahuel Huapi, a large glacial lake surrounded by the Andes Mountains. Soon the entourage was whisked away from the airport in small shuttles and cars and we were on our way to Villa La Angostura, a most scenic place, an hour and half drive from Bariloche town. The drive to the residence of Dr Gustavo and his wife Mrs Sylvia to Villa la Angostura was stunning, and is said to be one of the most beautiful scenic routes in the world! It was simply breathtaking.

Bariloche is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, a part of the Andes mountains towards the southern west Argentina sharing its borders with Chile.

Circumventing the Great Lake with five parts surrounded by snow capped peaks, Bhagawan’s entourage reached ‘Ruca Sai’, the residence of Dr Gustavo and his wife Mrs Sylvia. ‘Ruca Sai’ means ‘Home of Sai’. A board right outside the property greeted the Lord. It was one of the most beautiful places! Swami’s home was situated right on the shores of the lake and the view from His room of the lake and the mountains was spectacular. Swami remarked that it was the most beautiful place He had ever stayed in! Dr Gustavo and Mrs Sylvia, had acquired this property almost 18 years ago, and since then they had named it ‘Home of Sai’ and were waiting for Swami’s arrival. Everything was taken care with great perfection.

Swami walked in to the hall in the ground floor below His room, and sat there for a while, taking to the family of Mr Gustavo Poggio. After a very sweet private conversation He went upstairs to His room, while tea and snacks were served to others after He was offered the same.

A brief rest, and all were ready to soak in the divine wisdom in the evening. Many devotees gathered in the hall below singing bhajans and soulful Spanish songs while Swami descended. After a few melodious renderings Swami asked Dr Gustavo to speak a few words. He was overwhelmed and said it was all like a dream, that Swami had finally come and was staying with them. “It is unreal”, he exclaimed. He thanked his wife Mrs Sylvia for having worked so hard to ensure that everything was up to Swami’s glory. Swami blessed the radiologist and his lawyer wife with a special gift which was received by them with much gratitude. Swami then commanded Sri C Sreenivas to speak, who was overwhelmed with the devotion of Argentinians and spoke of them highly. He congratulated them for being the most fortunate people on earth at that moment to be seated at the feet of God in the most beautiful surroundings. Truth, goodness and beauty, are the attributes of Divinity which are amply evident today, he remarked. Recollecting an incident that happened long ago in Trayee Brindavan, he narrated how once in a private conversation between only a few close devotees, Sri Narasimha Murthy asked Swami as to when Swami is a Man (Jeeva Prajna or individual consciousness) and When is Swami God (Daiva Prajna or Cosmic consciousness). To which Swami replied, that “I am always God, but I only choose to act through the body. I act through him (pointed to Mr Sreenivas) and so is with the others.” Mr Sreenivas concluded offering obeisance to all in the small hall, considering them all as Swami for He, the divine chooses to act through all humans.

Swami spoke next and began with the analogy of the water bubble and the water, comparing it with the transient existence of man on the permanent foundation of God. “Like the waves in the lake outside, man comes in to existence and disappears after a while, whereas the lake remain as it is. We all are born from God, live in God and finally merge in God. This temporary existence of separate identity is only illusory”. Swami said that the one who expands his vision and sees the whole lake and not merely the waves will know the truth and be freed from all sorrows and attachments. He said that Man feels very happy when He beholds the beauty of nature, because he truly sees his own self in it, as he is made of nature, the five elements. Just as we feel happy seeing our reflection in the mirror so we feel happy seeing our own selves reflected in the nature around. Swami concluded, asking all to move from the false identity of I and Mine to the larger perspective of We and Ours to finally, He and His. “Expansion Love is life and contraction love is death”, He advised.

After the session, all the guests and devotees were served dinner, post which all retired for the day.

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