Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Argentina – October 13 and 14, 2016

Even before the sounds of the drum rolls of the Dhakis of Durga Puja could fade in to the ether and the vibrant echos of the Vedic recitals of Dasara festivities could dissolve in to the eternity, Bhagawan’s entourage were once again in the Bangalore airport waiting to board their next flight, this time the destination was Latin America. Last year as the Argentinians prayed to Bhagwan to visit their country, He graciously accepted the invitation to their homes and hearts. Plans were made, events were organised to make the best of the divine visit the Latin American countries, and Spain.

The entourage boarded a Lufthansa flight in the wee hours of the morning on October 13th to Frankfurt. After a stopover of a few hours the journey continued to Buenos Aires. The dawn of October 14th saw a divine sunrise as the golden rays filled the hearts of the eager devotees, which shined forth in their twinkling eyes, and burst forth in their warm smiles as the entourage were received by the devotees of Argentina. Everyone boarded a mini bus to a beautiful countryside in Escobar, away from the humdrum of the busy city of Buenos Aires. After a two hour drive the entourage reached the residence of Dr Jorge Berra and his devoted wife Mrs Rosanna Berra, who learnt about Swami 30 years ago and since then has not wasted a moment in His service, be it translation of books in to Spanish, conducting study circles and Sai activities, providing relief to the sick and starved or motivating the young and the younger. Set in a picturesque gated community by the lakeside was ‘Sai Home’, waiting to truly become the ‘Home of Sai’.

Bhagawan was received with a lot of devotion as He made His way to the living room, where He sat for a while speaking to the handful of eager devotees who had gathered that morning. The Argentinian devotion was so spontaneous that it did not take even a moment for them to connect to their ‘heart throb’ in their hearts. After spending a few minutes Swami was taken to His tastefully decorated room on the first floor of the European styled villa. Breakfast was served to Swami and guests after which all returned for the much needed rest, only to assemble again in the evening for a cozy little prayer session.

As the warm day gave in to the cooler night, all gathered in the living room at around 6 pm, to spend some precious divine moments. Swami came down to meet the devotees, amidst some soulful Bhajans sung to the strumming of the guitar and rhythm of the tambourine. Thereafter, Swami asked Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to speak to the devotees, after which Swami spoke for a while. Swami said that just as the bees are drawn to a flower with nectar, so is God drawn to the hearts of devotees which are full of love. It is love that draws Swami to His devotees. Swami lacks nothing and seeks nothing but Love. After Arati, Swami and His guests were served dinner. The day came to a close and all returned with eager anticipation of another day with their beloved Swami.

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