Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Argentina – October 15, 2016

Everyone woke up to a wet day, with rains drenching every bit of the place and making it more beautiful than before. After an Indian breakfast in Argentina, thanks to the untiring efforts of the devotees who brought all the ingredients from India and cooked it only to please Swami, Swami granted a few interviews before lunch guiding the devotees on both the spiritual and the worldly aspects of their lives. No one is new to Swami for all belong to Him. Nothing could testify it further than the interviews granted to some total new comers who left the place in awe of Swami’s omnipresence and omniscience! From enquiring about a disease of the past, “How is your liver now?”, to confirming the course for the future, “Study psychology”, to warning about some old sticky habits, “Don’t drive your car so fast”, to spiritual guidance, “The way you meditate on OM needs to be different”, Swami had something to say, guide, reveal and re-assure everyone.

After lunch and brief rest, Swami’s entourage proceeded to the venue in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires where the Public Satsang was organised. Almost an hour and a half of brisk drive and Bhagawan reached the venue, where over 700 devotees had gathered from over 12 countries of Colombia, Uruguay, Praguay, Chile, Brazil, USA, Mexico etc apart from a large number of Argentinian devotees. As Swami entered the hall that was reverberating with soulful bhajans, the hearts of the devotees melted away in to the warm tears of joy from their thirsting eyes, a scene that will ever remain etched in our memories. Swami’s heart was full and there was nothing needed to be spoken from the lips, as the eyes did all the talking in the language of silent tears. Swami walked amidst the devotees giving them the joy that was beyond this world – Happiness that comes only when you unite with GOD. Swami took His seat on the tastefully decorated stage accompanied by the guests, after a few bhajans some of them in Telugu to the surprise of all, a ceremonious candle was lit marking the opening of the event. Mrs Rosanna Berra opened the session with her words straight from her heart, the whole hall burst in to a thunderous applause as she spoke the very first words, “Finally the day has come!”

Soon after, Mr Isaac Tigrett enthralled the audience with his very significant speech laced with humor. He recollected his journey to Swami when he was only 22 years with a thriving business, that happened to him by God’s grace. He talked about the culture of the late 60’s in USA, where the young wanted to break free, weary of the wars and strifes of the selfish societies and therefore started a cultural revolution of freedom from the dreary dead habits. They invented music of their own, their own hair-dos, their own idols and identities. It was on this bed rock of the cultural revolution that the HARD ROCK CAFE was founded, which was an expression of the free thinking and served as an altar to worship their idols then. But soon after this revolution faded, Mr Tigrett felt lost and started looking for a new meaning to life. It was then that he set out on his search for the higher truth of life and visited India. He travelled to many places and Ashrams, but could not find the source of the inner calling, the voice in his head which repeated incessantly, “I am waiting for you”, till he met Swami in 1974 in Brindavan. All of 24, Mr Tigrett said that the first sight of Swami during Darshan, convinced him beyond doubt that he had come to the right place. After Darshan, Swami came to Mr Tigrett who was dressed in black, with his Ray Ban sunglasses, leaning against a wall, “You have come at last. We are old friends and have much work to do together, wait here”. For the next 17 years and a hundred trips to the Ashram, Mr Tigrett waited for Swami to speak to him again, and that was the moment of truth for him. However the 17 long years of wait made him go beyond the seen, in to the realms of the unseen truth of Swami, His divinity. During one of his visits to Prasanthi Nilayam that he picked up the words painted on a wooded board outside the south Indian canteen which read “LOVE ALL SERVE ALL”. He made it the motto of the HARD ROCK CAFE, and found a new direction to his life and work. Having himself gone through ‘after death’ experiences, Mr Tigrett assured the audience that life is much more than what we think of, there is life after death and so it is before birth too. He said, “Having come from a family of 200 years of Christian missionaries I can assure that religion is not spirituality. Spirituality is one’s own individual journey, with no two journeys being the same. Live from the heart”, he advised.

A short video on the ongoing healthcare mission of Swami of the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital was played after which Mr Sreenivas who was also celebrating his 60th birthday, spoke. Sri Sreenivas, with his long association of 46 years with Swami, emphasized that Swami is a continuing experiential reality. Just as a country, as a whole is more than the sum of its parts, namely the Cultural, Political, economical and social aspects, so is God more than what we think of with our limited perceptions. “Go beyond the seen”, he roared.

Another short video on the ever expanding educational mission of Swami was played followed by a brief talk by Sri B N Narasimha Murthy. He congratulated the organizers of the event and appreciated their meticulous work. Quoting from the questions and answers session that happened during Swami’s visit to Munich, Germany, he said that while answering the question of a well meaning devotee about why did Swami not announce about the subtle mission while in the physical body, he said, “Swami responded by saying that it is up to Him to say what He needs to say, at the right time. Till Swami announced at the age of 14 that He was Shirdi Baba reincarnated, no one knew that. Again at the age of 37, He announced that He would come again as Prema Sai, before which no one knew that as well. Similarly it is only now that he announced about the subtle body at the correct time. If someone gets up during the interval time of a movie thinking that the movie is over, then he will miss out the more exciting conclusion of the story that happens in the second half. Like wise leaving the physical body was only an intermission, the story continues now with greater vigor and excitement, don’t miss it!”

Thereafter, Swami gave His most spontaneous discourse in the recent times, in the pin-drop silence of the auditorium. It was less of a discourse and more of a conversation. Picking on the theme of the satsang, “All are One”, Swami clarified that oneness is within, though there are natural differences outside. Only understanding the true nature of one’s existence which is Divinity, can help us realise the true meaning of this statement. Just like the same sun in the sky is reflected in various water bodies., like wise the same divinity shines in all beings. If you look around you will see as many reflections as there are water bodies, but its only when you look up that you will find that there is only one sun. The outward going mind must be turned inwards to realise this truth. SAI stands for See Always Inside to find BABA which is Being, Awareness and Bliss Always. Thereafter, Swami opened the session for the question and answers.

When a young man asked as to how long Swami would continue in the subtle body, Swami replied, “As long as my work does not get over which is to transform you in to your divine selves. So, it is I who should ask you this question as to how long should I need to continue in this subtle body?!” After answering around a dozen questions from the audience Swami ended His discourse, which was followed by a brief music program by the group “Bodhisattva”. After Arati, hand made dark chocolates were distributed, on which were imprinted the five values of truth, righteousness, peace, non-violence and love, reminding all of the eternal message of Swami. The occasion also marked the release of the Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha- Volume One in Spanish, a copy of which was given to all as prasadam. Swami left the venue walking amidst the devotees who were overwhelmed by this unique experience. All the devotees were served dinner at the venue.

The entourage returned back around mid night and after their dinner, all retired for the much needed rest after a long, but fulfilling day.

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