Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Argentina – October 16, 2016

The morning was bright and sunny, and everyone gathered once again at the Berra residence for the morning satsang. Swami was served South Indian breakfast, as youth and a few volunteers started slowly trickling in to the villa.

Swami came down to the living room, and asked them to sing a few bhajans after which He asked Mr Isaac Tigrett to speak. Mr Tigrett, though old in body, considered himself young in spirit as He said, “I am a 16-year-old boy trapped in a 69-year-old body”. He then shared his experiences in life wherein the very first business opportunity came to him as a reward for the labour of love for his mother. The money that he had saved up working in a biscuit factory in London when he was just 20, to gift his distraught mother, who had lost her husband and two sons, a beautiful car, a 1940 Rolls Royce, was the first business deal he ever struck, which sold at a whopping $2,50,000/- in late 60s and provided the seed capital for Hard Rock Cafe. He advised young ones to do everything with Love. Swami’s message of ‘love all serve all’, till date has been printed on a billion t-shirts, caps, badges, pins and so on, sold at Hard Rock Cafe. This was Mr Tigrett’s way of spreading the message of Swami, through his business. Perhaps that’s the reason why Hard Rock Cafe is the only brand that has survived the test of times! He fondly remembered and acknowledged gratefully, the contributions of Bob Dylan who has been awarded the Nobel prize for literature this year.

The next youthful speaker for the day was Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, who came to Swami at the age of 19 and since then has been at the Divine Lotus Feet. It was Mother’s Day in Argentina, and he remembered the lessons that he had learnt both from his physical mother and also the divine mother, ‘Sai Maatha’. Working for Swami all his life has given him fulfilment unlike doing any other thing. Offering lives to God especially when one is young was the takeaway message for all the youth.

Finally, it was Swami’s turn to speak, who started with the poem that said, “Truth is one’s mother, wisdom is father, righteousness is brother, compassion is friend, peace is the spouse and forbearance is the child; these are the real six relations of every human being”. Swami explained that all worldly relations that are based on the temporary body are also transient in nature, where as the true relations as mentioned above, are permanent. Swami considered the truth of one’s divinity as one’s true mother. “We are all born from God and so we can’t be different from Him. But like the lion cub lost amidst sheep, falsely thinks itself to be a sheep, until it is shown its true nature by a lion that it meets, we are believing ourselves to be body-mind complex which is far from the truth. The breath tells us 21600 times a day, ‘ Soham’, ‘I am that’ or ‘I am divine’. But we don’t listen to that truth, and instead live in the falsehood of our bodily existence that leads to all the sorrow. Body is a vehicle needed to travel to our destination, mind is the driver but heart alone should be the master. Pay only so much attention to the body as needed and do not be over attached to body and senses. Youth is a precious time, the spring of one’s life, where the body is strong, mind is sharp and heart is pure. So use it well to reach your destination, your divinity. Do not waste time, do not waste money, do not waste energy and do not waste life”, was the message Swami drove home.

All the youth were served lunch after Arati and after a brief rest, Swami proceeded to the home of Mrs Haydee Frinn, in Buenos Aires where volunteers had gathered. After an hour long drive, Bhagawan and His entourage were at the beautiful home of Mrs Frinn who had recently lost her husband. Swami was greeted by devotees with soulful bhajans and Spanish songs. The whole place was vibrant as Swami walked amidst the crowds and took His seat in the centre of the hall. Thereafter, Mr Tigrett spoke on Swami’s command. He remembered how Swami had saved him when he had left his body in a hotel room, thousands of miles away from India by pushing his subtle self that was floating above, back in to the body. He congratulated the devotees for having attracted Swami to themselves by their pure love.

Sri C Sreenivas who spoke next was all praise for the love and sincerity of the Latin American devotees and assured them that with Swami by their side, Argentinians have a great future. Sri Narasimha Murthy followed suit and reaffirmed the statements made earlier by saying that in the last three years he had travelled to 25 countries with Swami, but the devotion of Latin Americans is so spontaneous and sincere. He mentioned that even now Swami continues to work so hard for the sake of His devotees, just as He did while in the physical body which caused His divine physique to diminish sooner than expected. “It’s the duty of us devotees to not fail our Master”, he opined.

Swami spoke very briefly saying, “Everything in the universe is born out of love, sustained by love and ultimately everything merges in to love. Whatever Swami did, does and will ever do is purely out of love. His coming in to this world was an act of love, His living in this world was an act of love, His leaving this world was also an act of love and now confining this way of also an act of love.” Swami then revealed that the late husband of Mrs Frinn had himself appeared in the morning in front of Swami and invited Him to his home. Swami wanted Mrs Frinn to know that since she missed her husband, was very devoted, had always wanted Swami to visit them. Swami described the looks of the late husband though the team of people travelling had never seen his photo. Needless to say, Mrs Frinn was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy with tears flowing incessantly. Thereafter, Swami called all the volunteers one after the other as He gifted them, guided them and graced them with so much love. Quick snacks were served to all as Prasadam, after which Swami returned to the Berra residence. Swami was served dinner and all retired after a long day.

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