Divine Visit – Argentina- October 6 and 7, 2017

As the chopper landed back after a glorious Thirty Six hour travel to three campuses, Koppal, Gadag and Tumkur, it was time to repack and take off again on a long 24-hour travel to Argentina. Being cocooned in an aircraft for more than Twenty hours is certainly takes a toll on the body, but alas, anything for God! The entourage were lovingly welcomed by Dr Jorge Berra, Dr David Cornsweet and a whole host of devotees on the night of October 6, 2017 at Buenos Aires. After more than an hour’s drive the entourage reached the residence of Dr Jorge Berra and his devout wife Mrs Rosanna Berra who live in Escobar. They have been active Seva volunteers who learnt about Swami 30 years ago and ever since have plunged themselves into service, be it translation of books in to Spanish, conducting study circles and Sai activities, providing relief to the sick and needy, or motivating the young and the younger. By the time everyone reached Escobar, it was almost 11 p.m. and of course with jet lag taking over, rest was the need-of-the-hour.

The next morning, as the entourage reached the Berra residence, set in a picturesque gated community by the lakeside, Bhagawan manifested and was lovingly welcomed amidst soulful Spanish songs. It is always an emotional moment when a child reunites with the mother, and here it is the Divine Mother, so the pure love which engulfs everyone is truly overwhelming!

Swami sat in the living room, and asked the devotees to continue singing a few more songs. Then He commanded Mrs Alma, daughter of the Berras to also sing. Her sweet voice captivated everyone, including Bhagawan who was quick to reveal about her first visit to Prasanthi, almost 30 years ago, and how she had suffered from a stomach condition then, for which Swami had materialised Vibuthi! This intimate revelation was a pleasant surprise to everyone gathered, as the Berras were enveloped in tears of joy, thanking Swami profusely for giving them the understanding of this baffling Sukshma phenomena, as He continues to guide them even today, ever since that first day in His divine presence three decades ago!

Swami spoke highly of their devotion, and how Dr Berra would ensure an annual pilgrimage was made to Prasanthi when He realised that his Lord had incarnated again in the form of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Swami said, “You don’t have to be near to God, you have to be dear to God. Even though they lived very far, they came every year.”

Lunch was served to Swami and the guests, after which everyone retired for a brief afternoon siesta.

At around 6 p.m. about 75 devotees had gathered at the Berra residence for a Satsang. Swami entered amidst soulful Bhajans, and there was a gush of pure love which encapsulated every single person present. Many songs and Bhajans were offered at the divine Lotus Feet, including Swami’s own composition in Telugu ‘Murali Gana Lola’. Thereafter, Swami commanded Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to address the gathering. He spoke about the wonderful devotion of the Argentinians, and the soulful songs that were sung. He spoke about a particular song, where the lyrics extolled Swami as – ‘though we do not see you, my heart knows you are here.’ He also mentioned about the Telugu song and explained the meaning of the same, which beckons the Lord as ‘Oh Lord, who is always immersed and involved in the music of Thy flute, Oh cowherd son of Nanda, the beloved of Radha, come here’. Sri Narasimha Murthy said, “God comes in various forms through various ages. Love and faith in God and compassion for fellow beings is the essence of all teachings of all Masters which we need to learn and understand.”

Swami began His electrifying discourse by saying, “What we think exists, does not exist. What we think does not exist, truly exists. It’s only God who truly exists all the time, and what does not exist is the world.

Just as every object has a shadow, this world has is shadow of God. The shadows keep changing with the movement of the sun. Shadow changes, but the object remains. Likewise in the world, everything else is changing. That which remains unchanged in God. He was, is and will continue to be there! What is a world after all? It is a collection of human beings. When each person is happy, the whole world will be happy. For the sake of one’s own self, message of the Masters must be followed. Every Master teaches, and has taught the same message of love and compassion.”

Swami then went on to speak at length about Prema Sai. “There will be a Master who will come soon, and He will be one of a kind, who will spread the message of divinity of all creation. In the future, the Master Himself will cross the boundaries of India. Never in the past a Master of that nature came, and never in the future will there be such a Master. He is someone who will travel to different parts of the world, propagating the truth. What is His message? It is in silence and not in words. Sitting in His presence you will understand what you need to do. But if you have not calmed your mind, you will not be able to understand. His presence itself will be elevating, and you will be able to derive maximum benefit only if you understand Him though the silence! 2026 is the year when the message will start spreading very very fast, and this young man will travel around the world!”

Swami’s Discourse concluded with Mangala Arati and the distribution of Prasadam to each person with His own hands! Everyone’s heart was filled with Swami’s words, leaving everyone wanting for more! Dinner was served to Swami and all the devotees, which brought the day to a close.