Divine Visit – Argentina- October 8 & 9, 2017

A day to be etched in the golden pages of history. A day which would be remembered for ever, when the Divine in His ultimate form set foot in the precincts of the new Ashram, which would provide succour to millions by granting them peace and inching them closer to their true divine selves. Soon after breakfast, a short ten minutes drive from the Berra residence is the new Ashram. During Swami’s visit to Argentina in 2016, as He was driving one morning to visit a devotee’s home, He pointed out to a house which had a ‘For Sale’ board and revealed that it is a huge house with six bedroom and approximately 10,000 sq.ft, and this will be the Ashram, to the pleasant surprise of Dr Jorge Berra who was driving Swami! Swami had also blessed the devotees of Argentina to establish a Foundation, the Sai Prema Foundation during Dr Berra’s visit to Muddenahalli during Shivaratri. Swami had told Dr Berra that the Foundation must be set up by the time He visits in October 2017. But Dr Berra was sceptical as permissions for something like this would take a very long time in Argentina. Swami assured Dr Berra, “Do not worry, the Foundation will be registered before Swami arrives in Argentina.” An anxious Dr Berra called up the offices to find out the status of the registration, as the flight of the entourage took off from the Bangalore Airport, but was disappointed that the papers were still pending. However, when he called them up again the next day when the office opened, to his astonishment it was registered! And so it was done, when the entourage was mid-air flying somewhere between Doha and São Paulo, in those precise moments all the paper were signed! And before Swami could be received at Escobar, Argentina, the Foundation ‘Sai Prema’ which stands for Service- Adoration- Illumination bound by Pure Love, was ready!

How could the word of the Lord fail? It had to happen!

As one entered the Ashram precincts, the energy was truly overwhelming. This house was built six years ago, but the owners never found a suitable buyer. Swami said that the house was waiting for this divine purpose, and no other buyer will be able to secure this property. Swami spoke about the architect who had built the place with a lot of Love, and also revealed about his spiritual sojourn, to the pleasant surprise of the owner’s son and niece. They were spiritually connected and could feel the presence of a divine personality, which reduced them to tears, and they could hardly speak. They submitted themselves also to the noble cause and told Swami that they would also like to work in the Ashram, to the pleasant surprise of all gathered. Such is the power of divine love! Two people completely new to Swami and His work, but alas they are devotees of God and that was evident with the instant connect! Swami said the property represents the name of Sai Prema, service projects must be undertaken, especially with teachers. He gave precise instructions to fight hunger as well! Swami then went to the first floor of the house, walked into a room and announced it would be Prema Sai’s room! He was very happy with the property, walked around the garden, and took a group picture with all the devotees and entourage. Thereafter, Swami returned to the Berra residence for lunch.

In the evening, over 300 devotees had gathered at the venue of the Public Satsang, which was about 30 minutes from the Berra residence in Escobar. Swami first met the Indian Ambassador to Argentina who had arrived at the venue for the Satsang. Thereafter, along with the Ambassador, Swami entered the Hall amidst Bhajans. Dr Jorge Berra welcomed Swami and the gathering. He went on the narrate the story of the Ashram while photographs of the same were shown on the screens. A short musical presentation was offered by Mr Charlie Perez and his wife Mrs Alison, and Swami also lovingly released their music CD, which He had commanded them to produce.

Mr Isaac Tigrett, took to the podium next and began by saying, “No one can tell you what to believe and what not to believe.” He spoke about the exciting travel around the world with Swami, where Ashrams are being established. He spoke of the power of God, and how he has been blessed with many unique experiences, but nothing more than seeing a room full of faith! Mr Tigrett also narrated how the Sai Pooja Ashram was built in Bali, which is again a miraculous manifestation of the divine will.

Sri C Sreenivas in his speech said that it is a memorable and definitely an epoch making day, is an understatement. “All of us will unanimously agree that nothing more is needed in our times than to sow the seed of love. Love alone comforts, reassures, gives hope and sustains life. On the soil of love, a birth has taken place today. Remember what you see is limited. Also remember what you cannot see is unlimited, and this Ashram will be an edifice of belief and love.”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy started by quoting one of the Apostles of Christ, John who had said ‘My master did and say many more things.’ Every master is the same said Sri Narasimha Murthy. They all represent the one principle, divinity. Very purpose of His travel in the unseen form is to make us Himself!

Swami in His discourse said that the whole creation is born out of love, is sustained by love and ultimately merges into love. “There is love everywhere. Behind everything that you see there is an unseen love which sustains it. Whether it is the sun which gives light or the rivers which flows for the sake of others or the tress which bear fruits, nature is selfless. Shrishti (creation) is born out of Parameshti (God), who is the embodiment of selfless love. Man is created in the image of God. The highest truth is that one must not forget the true nature of oneself, which is love, and everything else is secondary. But this love gets covered by body consciousness. So all our efforts are not to become God who is Love as we already are that, rather we need to ‘unbecome’ what we are not which is selfishness. Give up all that is not divine in you!”

Mangala Arati was offered to Swami, and thereafter He returned to the Berra residence for dinner.

The next morning, October 9, Swami left with His entourage for Salta, situated in the North west part of Argentinia, and an hour by flight from Buenos Aires. The entourage were lovingly welcomed by devotees in Salta in the evening as they landed. Swami and His entourage were driven to the residence of Dr Pablo and his wife Mrs Leonar, who have been devotees for many years, but have never seen Swami in the physical! Their love for Swami is truly indescribable! After dinner, everyone retired for the night.