Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Australia – September 14 and 15, 2017

Soon after breakfast and Mangala Arati at the Tappoo residence, Swami’s entourage proceeded on a three-hour drive to Nadi to board their flight to Brisbane. They landed at around 8 p.m. that night and were lovingly welcomed by Mr Gary Seaton and the active Sai youth brigade. After a two hour-drive, they reached ‘Shangrila’, residence of Mr Gary and his wife Mrs Frances Seaton, situated in Murwillumbah, considered to be a very sacred place by native aboriginals. Since it was already late, and of course yet another time zone, dinner was served, and everyone retired for the night.

The next morning, September 15, started with traditional South Indian breakfast, cooked lovingly by the devotees. Swami granted a few interviews before lunch, while the youth were busy with preparations for the evening Satsang at ‘Shangrila’, which was to receive at least a couple of hundred devotees.

After a few interviews in the evening, Swami emerged from His room to bless everyone who had gathered, amidst Bhajans. Swami’s previous visit to Australia was in September 2015, and all the devotees had very sincerely prayed and yearned to welcome the Lord in their midst, in their country. God’s delay can never be His denial. There always has to be a reason for His delay, which is beyond our mortal comprehension!

Mr Gary Seaton welcomed all the devotees who had gathered, and thanked Swami for having blessed them all with His divine visit. He reminisced all the challenges that were encountered, but alas, God’s will supersedes everything else! Swami called upon Mr Isaac Tigrett to speak, who reminisced his early wonderful years in Puttaparti. He also reminisced about the first discourse at Kodaikanal, and about how these historical documents would become a legacy in the years to come. Swami had told him ‘My legacy is My message.’ Mr Tigrett spoke about the Uvacha series, and how Swami’s legacy is being preserved for generations to come.

Sri C Sreenivas in his talk said, “Breathe devotion and live the presence of God.” He spoke about the steadfast, and deep rooted devotion of the Australians which had brought Swami in their midst. He continued by saying, “A cardinal lesson for me is that, life is about learning to revel in the unpredictable. It is not learning to live or learning to face the unpredictable. I learnt that success in life comes from reveling in the unpredictable.” Sri Sreenivas urged everyone to accept what comes by, and move forward with the love and devotion for Swami, which should be at the core of everyone’s existence. Sri B N Narasimha Murthy continued on the same thought and said that since times immemorial, followers of divine Masters have reveled in the unpredictable. “But He, the Lord knows everything, and thus we can lay our anxiety at His feet and be at peace.”

Swami in His divine message said, “What is the purpose of a divine incarnation? Out of love and compassion for the people, God descends on earth, with the divine consciousness coupled with human consciousness. Was it not when Markandeya embraced a Shiva Lingam, without letting the hold go, that Shiva manifested? Was it not when Prahalada cried out the name of Narayana, that the Lord manifested out of a pillar in the most wonderful form? Then why will He not manifest when the devotees of Australia cry out to Him? Who can stop God from meeting His devotees?! Who can stop a mother from meeting her children? His Story becomes History. Whether it is the parting of Sita and Rama, or Gopikas and Krishna, it is all a part of His Story. Happiness is union with God. This happiness of divine union comes and grows.”

Swami expressed His happiness and joy as the Ashram was now ready to be inaugurated the next morning. He said, “You will not know the importance of all these now, but after a hundred years. These seventeen Ashrams around the world will be the centers of spirituality and spiritual wisdom for everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, race, geography or religion. They will shine forth as beacons of love for the entire humanity. It is not without a reason that this place has been chosen for an Ashram, as it is the most ancient place in Australia, where man worshipped God in nature and in people around, for many centuries.”

Mangala Arati was offered to Swami, and Prasadam was distributed to everyone gathered. It was indeed a beautiful evening, where everyone were soaked divine love and bliss. Dinner was served to Swami, and everyone retired for the night, as Swami’s youth army in Australia worked with more vigour, to ensure everything was set for the next morning’s historic event!

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