Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Australia – September 16 and 17, 2017

September 16, 2017 – a red letter day for devotees in Australia, Swami was all set to inaugurate the Heart of Love Centre, the Ashram in Australia. So soon after breakfast, Swami proceeded to the Ashram, which was just a five-minutes drive from ‘Shangrila’, the Seaton residence. Heart of Love Centre is set in very stunning surrounds, and one look fills the heart and soul with bliss. The meandering road dotted on either sides with tall pines and other trees, with Mount Warning at a distance, is truly a feast for the eyes. Indeed, every single Ashram which is being established around the world are all set in the lap of Mother Nature, either in the mountains or by the ocean.

Over 200 people had gathered to welcome their Lord, and as Swami alighted from the car, He first inaugurated the logo which was beautifully etched on a rock with a pole. Thereafter, Swami walked to the house, which has a room for Swami. The house will also serve as the residence for the Ashram caretakers, and Swami picked a young couple last year to move to Murwillumbah. Swami also picked another young girl from Netherlands to move to Murwillumbah to look after organising events, and other facilities when devotees arrive. Swami walked around the house, which was done up very beautifully, and the Lord promised to stay there during His next trip, and even joked saying that the Heart of Love Centre will be His office, and Shangrila, His home.

Swami then walked to the meditation centre which was built by the architect, Mr Leonard Steiner. Swami lit the eternal lamp of love and spoke about the next phase of construction. He then proceeded to the marquee amidst Bhajans, where all the devotees had gathered. Mr Gary Seaton addressed the gathering and welcomed everyone to the Heart of Love Centre. Swami then commanded Mr Isaac Tigrett to speak about his early days, and how he mentored so many youth in his business. Swami started His discourse by saying, “It is out of Love that the whole creation is born, and it is into this Love that the whole creation merges. When you look around, there is no place bereft of Love. This is the purest of love which pervades the entire creation.” Swami continued by saying that it was a very auspicious day, not because of the planetary position, but because everyone could experience their true divine nature which is pure love. “The day when man is able to experience this divine, pure love in his own heart, it is the most auspicious time on earth, for that being. From the seed of Love, all other values blossom. A heart bereft of love, is no Heart at all. In order to taste a sweet, one must have a pure tongue. Similarly, divine love can only be experienced in one’s pure heart. To experience it, the tongue should be free of fever and all other diseases. Likewise, even though we are in the Heart of Love, we will not be able to experience the pure divine love, unless our hearts become pure.”

Swami gave previous advise about the Heart of Love Centre, and its expansion. He said the Centre will become a beacon of hope and peace, harbinger of truth and love in the hearts of humanity. “It will become the lighthouse that will guide the ships to the shore, and help them reach their destination. This should become the guiding force for all men and women, children and youth in this country.” Swami then called upon the caretakers of the Ashram Mr Christopher and his wife Mrs Kylie Chard to say a few words. Swami also introduced Ms Cecilia from Netherlands who will coordinate all the events in the Ashram. Mr Ron and his wife Mrs Suwanti Farmer will lead the education arm and Swami commanded them to also share their thoughts to everyone gathered. Swami thereafter blessed the architect and the expansion plan of the Centre. Mangala Arati was offered, and Swami proceeded to Shangrila. Enroute He visited the residence of Mrs Sangita and Brother Sunil Naidu, the youth leader for Australia, and blessed their new home profusely. Swami was lovingly served lunch at the Naidu residence, before He returned to Shangrila for the afternoon rest.

In the evening, over 300 people had gathered to ask in Swami’s love. Swami commanded Brother Bobby Patel, youth leader from USA, to speak about Sai Ashraya, the project initiated by the Lord for homeless youth in the age group of six to sixteen years. He urged everyone to follow their heart and follow Swami’s words implicitly, without questioning.

Sri C Sreenivas in his speech spoke about the auspicious morning and the creation of yet another marvel in the lap of nature. He said, “This act of creation is the act of His will, and a few of us are fortunate to be a part of exercising that will. It is indeed important to catch the timelessness of this moment.”

Just as Swami beckoned Sri B N Narasimha Murthy to speak, He advised the youth not to waste their precious time and be a part of this noble endeavour. Sri Narasimha Murthy in his speech urged everyone to join hands with God, and bring down heaven upon earth. He spoke of the good fortune everyone was bestowed with to be a part of the glorious mission.

Swami in His discourse said, “When Rama called upon the monkeys to build the bridge across the ocean, they lifted their hands. When Krishna called upon the Gopikas to lift the Govardhan mountain, they also lifted their hands. They did not doubt, when Rama and Krishna said it, it has to happen. Similarly when Swami says let’s bring a new world, none of you should entertain any doubts. If Swami has said it, it will happen, it is just a matter of time. That should be the faith and conviction, in Swami and in oneself.” Swami invited everyone gathered to join hands with Him to walk together, help together and serve together. “You should be on God’s side to work for the world, and should NOT be on the world’s side to work for God. Each one of you should become nothing less than ME. Aim high, soar high. When anyone asks you what you want to become, tell them ‘I want to become God’. If there are two words that will describe you, let it be Love and Service, which will take you on this path of God.”

After His discourse, Swami asked the devotees to sing a song, and Mangala Arati was offered to the Lord thereafter. Everyone were served dinner Prasadam, and Bhagawan’s entourage packed to leave to Singapore the next morning.

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