Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Bali – August 10, 2017

A humid morning, but an exciting one for the students, as Swami had blessed them to go sightseeing in Bali. He said He would meet them at a temple later in the morning. After breakfast, Swami blessed a few fortunate devotees with interviews, and as He heard Bhajans were being sung fervently in the Satsang Hall a floor above, their devotion pulled Him amidst them.

Swami commanded an architect who had prayed for many years to build and serve sick people, to speak. The devotee architect spoke about Swami’s grace in his life during the leanest of times, and revealed that he had prayed for a hospital to be built for serving the poor, and now by Swami’s will a Hospital is being planned in Bali, which will be built very soon. He thereafter urged everyone to be involved in the auspicious Seva. The excitement and enthusiasm of the devotees was palpable as everyone rejoiced at the good news.

Thereafter, Swami commanded Prabhu ji to speak. Prabhu ji prayed that no obstacles should come in the way of one’s Sadhana. Filling the heart with love is the only way, he reminded everyone. He asked everyone to take a vow at Swami’s Lotus Feet, so they can spend their life in the service of the Lord. He said that once each one practises unity of thought, word and deed, Swami will automatically work through each person.

Swami blessed everyone with a Discourse. He started by saying, “In order to achieve the four goals of human life – Dharma, Aartha, Kama and Moksha, good health is necessary. The mind, body and heart cannot work in unity, if one suffers from ill health. It is the fundamental responsibility of those who are healthy, to help those who are not healthy. One must maintain good health, so they can be of service to others. It has been in My mind to do something for those who are unwell. It is not enough if one prays with the lips, but help must be rendered through the hands as well. Hands that help are holier than lips that pray. A medical centre with general medicine will commence, along with a laboratory to test pathogens and others, along with facilities to check one’s body for various ailments.

Eventually the medical centre will grow to take Inpatients and also treat them in house. There will also be a centre for Cardiology to screen little hearts, and patients will be referred to other hospitals, including Swami’s hospitals in India.”

Swami spoke about the medical centre in Kuching, which is serving patients until the Indonesian border. He then narrated a story from the Ramayana. When Hanuman reached Lanka, he heard someone chant the name of Rama. He was surprised to hear the chanting of the Lord’s name from a land of Asuras, and found Vibheeshana chanting His name. Hanuman greeted him with ‘Jai Sri Ram’, and introduced himself as Rama’s servant. Vibheeshana broke down and confessed he wasn’t fortunate enough to have Rama’s Darshan. Then Hanuman questioned, “Is it enough to only pray and chant the Lord’s name? What are you doing to serve Lord Rama. His name on one’s lips and His work in one’s hands is important. Have you gone and enquired the welfare of Mother Sita, who has been abducted by your brother?” So, Swami stressed that Puja and Seva must go hand-in-hand. “This Ashram is called ‘Pooja Sai’, and the Medical centre will be called ‘Seva Sai’, which will operate without any charges!” Swami then invited all the youth to attend the World Youth Meet in November, and wanted the architect plans for the medical centre to be brought during that time.

Mangala Arati was offered to Swami, and Prasadam was distributed to all the devotees.

Soon after, Swami proceeded to the Pura Jagannatha Temple, which was a twenty minutes drive from the Ashram. As it is customary, all the men had to either wear sarongs or a cloth around their waist, along with a head gear. Swami went around the temple, and lead all the students, staff and guests around the main stupa, like a Pradakshina or circumambulation. After taking some photographs with everyone, Swami proceeded back to Pooja Sai Ashram for lunch. Soon after lunch, Mangala Arati was offered and everyone proceeded to the Ngurah Rai Airport to board their flight to the final destination of the trip, Kuala Lampur.

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