Divine Visit – Bali, Indonesia – August 07, 2016

Day Three – Bali, Indonesia – Sai Pooja Ashram

As the flight from Singapore landed at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, one could get a feel of how steeped Bali is in ancient tradition, and culture. Even the airport architecture reflected the ancient Balinese construction themes which was very refreshing. Going through immigration was a breeze as the group did not have to endure the long queues. Special arrangements had been made by the host devotees, and perhaps a sign of things to come when every country would accord the same arrangements to the Lord, recognising the monumental work that is underway in the spirit of ‘Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God’. The cavalcade, led by the police car, moved through the city of Denpasar, one could feel the warmth and friendly atmosphere even as the place had over recent times, become one of the most sought after and popular tourist destinations in the world.

As Swami arrived at the Sai Pooja Ashram, a 30 minutes drive from the airport, a large number of devotees had gathered, eagerly awaiting for the Lord’s arrival. With songs of welcome and dance the simple hearted folk received their Lord in their traditional way. Their moist eyes unfolded a story of deep love and reverence for the Lord, and it was a very moving moment for Bhagawan’s students and guests.

As the Lord was escorted into the Ashram, He settled down in the room, adjacent to His bedroom and briefly addressed His students and staff telling them of the deep love and devotion the people had for Him. He introduced the blessed couple Sri Shankardev ji and Smt Pooja amma, who had given up all to serve the Lord. Swami then asked all the boys and staff to have their lunch which had been arranged in the Ashram, freshen up and return for the evening Satsang.

The evening Satsang began with bhajans by the Balinese devotees and the musicians, who had accompanied Bhagawan on the trip. Many of the delegates who had arrived in Bali for the Asai Pacific Youth Meet 2016 that was to commence the next day at Ubud, were already present that evening to bask in His love.

Sri Shankardev ji was the first to speak, and he welcomed everyone to Sai Pooja. He urged the people to follow what Swami had said during His last visit in March 2016, “He is the the boat man who was going to take all through the ocean of samsara.” He urged everyone to stand united and not let differences divide them.

Next was an offering of traditional dances at the Divine Lotus Feet by the youth of Bali. First was the Baris Tunggal, a vigorous dance which celebrated the Spirit to youth. The next performance was – Legong Candong, a dance form passed down through generations, and the theme was the mythological story of Indra sending angels to earth to disturb the penance of Arjuna. The penultimate dance was the – Barong Ket dance – the most popular dance form in Bali which was based on the theme of lion king. The last performance was the Bhajan rendition of Hari Bhajan Bina.

After the performances, the Lord beckoned Sri Narasimha Murthy to address the gathering of over 300 people. He saluted the pure hearted devotees of Bali and pointed out that what matters with God is the heart and not the head. He said Swami was traveling around the world for His sole mission of spiritual transformation, and the youth are the torch bearers. He then recounted the miraculous story of how the Sai Pooja Ashram had come up in the fertile spiritual land of Bali, by none other than Bhagawan Himself! Ending his talk, Sri Narasimha Murthy said the visiting youth delegates and Swami’s students had a lot to learn from the host couple and the Balinese devotees.

The much awaited divine discourse was based on the theme of realising one’s inner divinity. Swami began by referring to man’s eternal quest for happiness and fulfillment by chasing one desire after another, like a thirsty man in the desert chasing mirages. He does not find fulfillment, but his desires only get bigger. “How can the temporary world give anything that is permanent. Man is like the Kasturi deer that goes seeking for the source of the fragrance, which is reality emanates from its own glands. Like a movie screen on which a film is projected, God is the only one who remains permanent, while all else come and go, just like the projections on the screen. Only when one follows one’s dharma, one can be happy. When we follow our true inner nature, we can truly follow our dharma.”

Mind, Swami said, is like drunk driver who is drunk on ego and attachment. Speaking of the kind of relationships that people have with God, Swami said, many have a transnational relationship with God with the goal of fulfilling one desire after another. Drawing similarity to the situation of the shepherd who found a diamond and not realising its value, ties it around the neck of his favourite goat.

Swami ended His discourse guiding all on the right kind of prayer. He said we should not pray that Swami should always be in our heart, instead one should pray that one should be in Swami’s heart! Blessing the devotees of Bali, Swami said “Devotion has drawn me here today as bees are drawn to the flower. The devotees here are the Bhakti Makaranda (Nectar of Bhakti).

The wonderful Satsang concluded with Prasadam and Mangala Aarti. Bhagawan’s students and teachers proceeded to Ubud, immediately after dinner, while the Lord was to leave the next morning after breakfast.

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