Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Bangkok, Thailand – March 22, 2019

A beautiful sunny morning, and also the final day of the glorious trip with the Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai. From the wee hours of the morning, devotees from Thailand, Malaysia and other countries were preparing for the Public Satsang that morning at 10 a.m. Soon after breakfast at the residence of Brother Kumar, Swami departed to the Satsang venue. Teary eyed devotees, some of them experiencing Swami for the first time in this baffling form, eagerly received Him amidst Bhajans. Sister Gayathri Kumar welcomed Swami with gratitude, and invited Brother Murali who was also instrumental to host Swami and His entourage in Bangkok, to deliver the Welcome Address. He reminisced how 15 years ago, all devotees in Thailand were ecstatic as they had received the joyful news of Swami’s visit to the country. He emotionally thanked Swami as finally the day had indeed arrived!

Thereafter, Sister Ria Banerjee introduced the cultural presentation, which was to be offered by the children from ‘Baan Unrak’, a home for children in the remote village of Sangklaburi on the border of Thailand and Burma. The home for impoverished children was established by Ms Donata Dolci, an Italian who left her own country at a very early age and came to India on her spiritual quest, where she met her spiritual Guru Sri Ananadamurti. He inspired her to do selfless service for the uplifment of humanity and bestowed upon her the spiritual name of Didi Devamala. Didi had travelled all the way to the border of Thailand and Burma to start an agricultural project, in order to help the fleeing refugees and the tribes living in the forests. But fate had something else in store for her, when the locals handed her an abandoned baby! Didi had no experience in raising a child, and she had very little money, but yet she accepted the baby. This gave birth to ‘Baan Unrak’ or ‘Home of Love’ which started way back in 1991. Today, ‘Baan Unrak’ is a safe and loving home to 120 needy children from Thailand and Burma including the neighbouring Mon and Karen states. Didi takes care of their education and medical needs, and ensures that the children grow up in a very spiritual atmosphere. The children are taught yoga, chanting and meditation from a very early age and eat only Sattwik food, devoid of even onion and garlic!

A Yoga presentation by the children was enjoyed by everyone, and thereafter a few songs were also presented. Swami beckoned all of them for a group photograph, and blessed Didi and the children profusely.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed the gathering next, and started by saying that God’s words can never fail. “When Baba left His physical body, people thought – not devotees, people thought, (I would say, devotees would not think that way) that many of the promises that Swami gave, were not going to be fulfilled. A true devotee would never think this way, but would only contemplate, ‘If my Master has given the word, it has to happen. How will it happen? What is the mysterious way in which it will happen?’ The devotees will have to contemplate on this great truth and infallibility of the Master’s word rather than doubting it, rather than questioning it, rather than disbelieving it!” He went on to speak about the three phases of the ongoing mission in the subtle form, as explained by Swami – Sankarshana, Sandarshana and Sankramana.

Swami delivered His divine discourse. He started by looking at Sister Gayathri and her husband, and much to the delight of all revealed, “I came in your dream and showed you that I am coming, isn’t it? That was dream, this is reality. I came in your husband’s dream too and asked you all to prepare for My arrival. So, everything is planned by Me. If you think you are planning, organising, receiving and hosting, there cannot be a more ignorant person than you! It is not possible for anybody to understand God. You should not try also. Because you will fail, so don’t even try. ‘Yatho vacho nivartante aprapya manasa saha’ – That which cannot be understood by mind, cannot be explained by words, it is beyond the mind, that is God. How can words explain? How can mind with all these limited faculties understand? So, don’t waste your time. Just experience God and enjoy, as it is the right way of dealing with God. For everything else there is possibility of experimenting. Don’t experiment with God!”

Few devotees asked questions, and thereafter Mangala Arati was offered to Swami. Lunch Prasadam was served to all, while Swami returned to the residence of the host. Lunch was served to Swami, and after Arati, He departed to the airport. This concluded, a wonderful trip to Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and Thailand!