Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Bariloche, Argentina to Rio, Brazil October 19, 2016

A cold morning once again, and there was a flurry of activities at the Gustavo household, as the family prepared to serve breakfast outside by the lake, and Bhagawan’s entourage packed to leave Argentina after a glorious week. Excitement galore, Dr Gustavo, his son and even the four-year-old grandson went about with the arrangements. The Lord came down from His room, proceeded outside and sat down for breakfast. It was a feast for the eyes. Against the snowcapped mountains and beautiful lake, Swami partook the food, while speaking to the family. It was indeed a sight to witness. Such love, such compassion, and ofcourse the entire breakfast session was sprinkled with glimpses of omniscience!

Amidst a few volunteers, the Gustavo family, Bhagawan’s entourage, guests and few other devotees from Bariloche, Mangala Arati was offered the the Lord. Swami said, “Be compassionate in your acts and sweet in your words. Love and Service is the way of Sai Baba. Through you, people will know me, and many more will join the mission.” Bhagawan’s entourage proceeded to the Bariloche Airport to board the aircraft to Rio.