Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Bern, Switzerland – April 03 and 04, 2018

A morning of uncertainty, as all public transport services were on strike. This meant no buses, trains and flights. This further meant, a huge possibility of the flight from Paris to Geneva being grounded! The previous night Swami had asked about the situation, and when He was updated of the goings on, He calmly said, “Just leave early from your hotel. Everything will be fine.” And sure enough, everything was just fine, for He had spoken! Everyone reached the airport on time, in spite of the bumper to bumper traffic, and the flight did take off on time, in spite of the strike! On arrival at Geneva, the entourage learnt that the flight before and after this particular flight were cancelled! Mr Patric, Swami’s host in Switzerland, along with Brother Kumar Rajmani, Brother Balaji Parsuraman, Sister Roxana were eagerly waiting to welcome the entourage. Brother Patric, led the way to his home at Murten in Bern, which is blessed with an absolutely stunning view, overlooking the Murten Lake and the spectacular snow capped mountains.

Brother Patric’s wife Mrs Alexandra and their three children welcomed Swami and His entourage to their home. The anxious organising team expressed their concern to Swami as they were unsure of everyone’s arrival due to the strike, and thanked Him for ensuring everything was as per schedule. One of the ladies Ms Roxana said that she would have carried Swami on her shoulder and brought Him to Switzerland, in case of an issue at Paris. Swami replied, “When devotees have true devotion, nobody can stop God!” It was a quick lunch, as it was already past 3 p.m, and thereafter the students and elders proceeded to their hotels for a quick refreshment, only to reassemble after a few hours for an intimate evening Satsang. Swami came to the living room of the residence in the midst of Bhajans, and for the next 45 minutes or so everyone was soaked in bliss listening to His sweet words. After dinner, all retired for the night.

The next morning was sight seeing for everyone. A quick tour of Bern, and then a drive to the snow capped mountains. Tired, but glistening in joy, as they got to play in snow for the first time, students along with the other guests returned to their hotel for refreshment, before proceeding to Die Quelle, the venue for the Satsang in the evening, where many devotees from Switzerland and other countries had gathered.

After a couple of Bhajans, Swami commanded Mr Patric to welcome everyone. Ms Roxana also shared her unique and precious experience of how she heard about Swami and realised His divinity in the subtle form too.

Next, Mr Isaac Tigrett spoke about how everyone is in the process of awakening from the moment of their birth. “But we forget we are here for self realisation. Believing that you are immortal is a very difficult choice. Each and every Master who came reminded all, that each person is divine.” Mr Tigrett also spoke about the inter dimension travel that he has been blessed with, and said that he would like to convey to those who are fearful of death, that each person is born only to realise their true identity.

Sri C Sreenivas in his short talk emphasised on how the new order of the world will come forth. “Age is irrelevant, as we keep inventing ourself as God fulfills Himself in many ways. This is the way God works.” Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke about how nothing can stop the work of Sai! “Whatever He says shall be fulfilled. Before or now, it is the same. People who ask me what is the most beautiful and wonderful miracle of Swami. Even after giving up the physical body, continuing His mission, and arousing spiritual hunger in so many people, is probably one of the greatest miracles. But looking at the young students who run behind Swami, and how Swami has brought transformation in these students who have not even seen Him in His physical form, is the biggest miracle.”

Swami began His discourse by saying, “What you think does not exist, it truly exists. What you think exists, does not. Truth is, world does not exist, only God exists. The world that we perceive through these physical eyes seems absolutely real to us. When we can touch, taste, see or smell, we think it is real. Similar things happen when we go into a dream state. For the one who is dreaming, the dream seems to be a reality and vice versa. The one who dreams does not realise the wakefulness. So which state is real and who can say with authority? Jagruta, Swapna and Shushupthi are the three states, but there is also a state of reality. And that reality exists across all the states as a witness to these three states. Realisation of truth can redeem a person. All the world and the existence is a mere dream. No sorrow, happiness richness, poverty, success or failure is permanent! Can you understand with your mind? Only with experience you can understand and can be permanently happy. All want to be happy and want to find happiness in this illusionary world. But it comes and goes. Only with realisation of the truth can one be truly happy.”

After a short Questions and Answers session, Mangala Arati was offered, and dinner Prasadam was served to all. Swami then departed to the residence of Mr Patric to rest for the night.