Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Biarritz, France – April 30, 2017

After breakfast, Swami blessed everyone to go around and see the city of Biarritz. He wanted everyone to go to the mountains, as they could see God in nature. La Rhune, about 900m above sea level was chosen, and after a 30-minutes drive through stunning landscape, the entourage and Swami’s hosts reached the place from where a mini train was taken to go to the top of the mountain. La Rhune is a mountain at the western end of the Pyrenees, near the villages of Sare and Ainhoa and just inland from St Jean de Luz. It falls in Basque country, on the border between France and Spain.

From the top of La Rhune it was exceptional views in all directions, across to the Pyrenees and out to the Atlantic – and very far reaching in all directions. The weather changed suddenly, and was an outpour of rains, which changed the temperature as well. After enjoying nature’s bounty, everyone returned to the Camblong residence for lunch and rest, before proceeding to the venue of the Public Satsang in the evening, where close to 300 people had gathered from many parts of France, Spain and other neighbouring countries. 

The programme commenced with an exceptional piano rendition by Mr Dimitris Lambrianos on the command of Bhagawan. He played Bhajans, and also some popular French and Spanish pieces, which took everyone present to another dimension. Thereafter, the welcome address was given by Ms Edith Vuillon, and she thanked Bhagawan profusely for blessing the land by His divine presence. Two children spoke in French and English, welcoming Swami and offering themselves to His mission. It was endearing to see the devotion and the maturity of these children who understood the Divine presence, without any difficulty. Swami thereafter launched Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha, Volume 1 in French, and then commanded Mr Isaac Tigrett will address all gathered, who yet again reminded everyone about the purpose of birth, which is self realisation. He said all the masters from Zarathrushtra to Lao Tzu, Confucius, and all the great masters of India, came down to remind man of this one message, “This has been the consistent message of Sai Baba, all the Masters before and all those who are coming, and Swami’s continuous message is that you are all divine beings.”

Mr C Sreenivas in his speech narrated a small episode from the previous day, when the two children of one of the organisers gave him a colourful sketch of a flower to thank him for all that he does for little children. He said, suddenly the invisible Lord became visible to him, through this act of the children. He stressed about Swami’s continued presence by saying, “So the invisible Swami is ever visible when you find love or feel love in your heart, when you feel pain for another person and when your hand stretches out to wipe a tear and put a smile in unknown friends.”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, the next speaker spoke richly about the adoption of Indian culture by westerners, only to please Bhagawan. He spoke of the continued presence of the Lord in each one’s life, and quoted the last statement that John wrote in the Bible in his gospel, “My Lord Jesus did many more things. My master Jesus said many more things. If all those things that my master did were to be written down in books, I am afraid the whole world would not be able to contain those books.” Sri Narasimha Murthy said this is true of Bhagawan too, as the whole world will not be enough to capture His glory.

Swami in His discourse began by saying that human birth is very rare to get back, once it is lost. He said, “The scriptures proclaim that if one is blessed with these three things it is due to grace of God: a human birth, desire for realisation and the guidance of a great master. If you get these three things, it is considered as a rare boon by God’s grace. Out of 84 lakh species, human birth is the highest. Therefore, you are already most blessed because you are born a human. But just being born as a human and leading an animal life is no good; satisfying one’s senses and living for the sake of the body is animal life; eating, sleeping, being afraid and procreating are common to man and animal; but human beings are human beings only when they develop this intense desire to realise their true nature. So you are doubly blessed because there is a desire to know your truth to realise your divinity. But it is not enough if you have a human birth and a desire for liberation; you need a guidance. You need the guidance and the grace of a Guru. So you are blessed three times because you have also got the guidance and grace of the guru. The whole of mankind is groping in the darkness of ignorance. And the Guru is the one who removes this ignorance. And he opens our closed eyes to our greater reality. So you have got this blessing too in the form of guidance of a Guru. But more than this what is important is to utilise these blessings, otherwise it will be the most unfortunate thing that can happen. Those who do not have this blessing, if they do not do anything, it is understandable. They can be forgiven for they were not having these blessings in the first place. But those who have received all the three, despite that, if they do not utilise, it will be the most unfortunate and unforgivable thing!”

Swami stressed on His most important message, as it was and it is today “to utilise this wonderful opportunity of being a human.” He said, “Therefore, do not waste a single moment without utilising it to realise one’s true self. For, once you lose this, you do not know when you will get it again in order to continue your journey!”

After Mangala Arati and Prasadam as Swami walked through the aisle, one could feel the gratitude and devotion of those assembled in their tearful eyes. Blessings everyone thus, Swami proceeded to the the Camblong residence for dinner. 

It was also time to return to India the next morning for Bhagawan’s entourage after a wonderful ten days in the three countries.