Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Boston – June 14, 2017 – Evening

In the evening, Swami proceeded along with His entourage to the Boston Kalikambal Shiva temple, which was an hour’s drive from the Patel residence. Swami entered amidst chants of Rudram, and after blessing all the idols He proceeded to the Satsang Hall. After soulful Bhajans by Brother Sumeet Tappoo, Swami commanded the caretaker of the temple Sri Bhairavasundaram, brother in law of Sri Sathasivom, noted priest from Chennai, to address the gathering. He spoke about how suddenly last year he was diagnosed with a strange pancreatic mass, which had to be operated upon. The prognosis was quite bleak, and the mass turned out to be cancerous. Sri Bhairavasundaram prayed fervently to the Lord and had promised Lord Shiva that if he comes out of this health condition, he will build a temple. 

Five days after the surgery, doctors were pleasantly surprised to see the test results – the mass was benign, not cancerous, which was nothing short of a miracle. He immediately set out to fulfill the promise made to the Lord and Mother Sri Kalikambal that he will find them their own home – a temple. 

Thereafter, Swami addressed the intimate gathering. He said that the Lord loves devotees who come to Him for His sake alone! They do not want anything else from the Lord. Swami said, “Such devotees, with that kind of devotion alone is dear to Me. Even Sati was separated from Shiva, but Nandi was never separated, because Nandi always sat at the feet of Shiva only to serve Shiva, and had no expectation, no desires, and only wanted to be with Shiva. 

The highest of all devotion is the devotion without any desires. Desire less devotion is the sweetest, it is the purest, it is the closest to the Lord’s heart and such a devotee alone is a true devotee. Others are only give and take, give and take, they are business devotees!”

Swami then blessed the temple saying that within three miles north, a proper place, a little high, in nice green surroundings, can be developed as the Ekadasha Lingam temple, with many small Lingams, and a Jyotirlingam in the center. Swami also blessed by saying that daily feeding of the needy, Nitya Annadanam shall be done there. 

Arati was offered to Bhagawan, and after dinner, the Lord departed to the Patel residence with His entourage.