Divine Visit – Boston and San Jose, USA – June 14, 2016

An early start to the day, with some delicious breakfast and Mangala Aarthi offered to Bhagawan, ensured His entourage was well in time to the airport, despite the morning rush hour traffic. Before leaving the residence, Swami blessed the family of Sri Bharat Patel and assured He would return next year. He also spoke to them about the importance of ‘focus’. “If all our thoughts, words and deeds are focussed towards God, not for an hour, week or year, but throughout our lives, that generates tremendous power of divinity. Whatever we say, think or do becomes divine. Over the last two days, you have all spent thinking and speaking about God, and you have derived a lot of joy and happiness. Continue doing this throughout your life, and you will always feel this divinity. This is the key. We have all the powers within us. Because it is not focussed, it gets wasted. Keep God at the center of all that you do. As long as you have God at the center, all your ‘I’ and ego will disappear. You will then experience the divinity in yourself and the divinity in others all the time.

Just as the scattered rays of sun converge through a lens and can even burn a paper, or the atoms inside a magnet, which orient themselves and have enough power to attract and transform another piece of iron in to a magnet, focussing our thoughts words and deeds will give us tremendous strength.”

After a long six and half hour flight, the entourage reached the West Coast of America, and landed at the San Fransisco airport. Sri Divyogi Patel and his brother Sri Digvijay Patel, devotees of Bhagawan for over many decades, were at the airport to receive everyone. It was a short 45 mins drive to Sri Divyogi Patel residence, in Saratoga, a suburb in San Fransisco. His devout wife Smt Bina, son Saavn and daughter Juhi, along with the entire extended family received the Lord with Purna Kumbham and chanting of Ganapathi Atharvashirsham from the Vedas, and so Swami enquired as soon as He sat down in the living room, “Do you know how Ganapati was born?” One of the youth answered how Ganapati was created by Mother Parvati. Swami then asked, “Can science explain such a creation? Can sandalwood paste which is applied on the body be taken, made into an idol, suffused with life, and also become God? Can science explain all this? Is there a logic or a reason to all this? There is none. The only logic is, God can do whatever He wants! If He wants to create a being out of sandalwood paste, He can. If He wants to replace the being’s head with that of an elephant, He can. God does not need any surgical instruments or operation theatre. God is capable of everything. Out of the 16 aspects of God, the three most important aspects are omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience. When you say Swami is God, all these aspects follow Him. He is everywhere and knows everything! He can do anything that He wants, which can defy any logic of science and scientific thinking.

Spirituality is beyond science, and is a full circle; science is only a half circle. Science is a part of spirituality. Everything is a part of spirituality and divine principal. In spiritual realms, there are no constraints of time, space and circumstances, and they have no reason of logic. The laws of spirituality are the laws of love. As God decides, He does. As God wants, He behaves! As God likes, He says. No one can restrict or limit God!”

After dinner, Swami and the entourage retired for the day.