Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 24 and 25 September, 2018

Swami always said miracles were His visiting cards, but now His visits to these countries are miraculous. Wherever He sets His foot, miracles ensue. Argentina received its Ashram in Escobar, right in the outskirts of Buenos Aires in a miraculous way.

After a three hours flight from Rio on the night of 23 September, the entourage received a refreshing full-day rest on September 24, before proceeding to the new Ashram on September 25 founded by the Sai Prema Foundation of Argentina ably lead by Dr George Berra and his wife Mrs Rosana, who have been devotees for over three decades.

During His visit in 2016, Swami had first talked about an Ashram in Escobar when He drove past a property that was on sale for last few years. He simply said, “That house with six rooms will be the Ashram.” Since then, whether it was the official recognition of the Foundation or the never heard before kind of flexi terms of purchase of the Ashram or the coming together of devotees from all of Latin America to support this cause…every single deed was and has been miraculous indeed!

So here was Swami, who was received by the even smiling and singing devotees of Argentina at the Ashram on the morning of 25 September, around half past ten. Swami was enchanted with the beauty of the place as He walked around to supervise the preparations for the inauguration the next day. The old pool that was converted now into a colourful fountain fascinated Him the most! While He ambled around the property blessing those who had worked tirelessly to bring it to the present shape, His joy was boundless. After especially blessing the kitchen volunteers and cooks, He went upstairs to the wooden roofed upper floor that had His private quarters, a meditation space and the interview room. The few devotees who gathered around Him included a senior officer from the police department, who had come to know of Swami in the subtle only recently, but had plunged in headlong into the mission along with his wife and daughter. Swami, the omnipresent one, revealed to the grateful family as to how their attempts to meet Him since ten years did not materialise but it had come true that day, for no prayer goes unanswered with Him, there could be delays but no denials with God! Drenched in tears the family gratefully offered their heartfelt gratitude while they received gifts from Him. All the other devotees sang their hearts out to Him in the form of the Bhajan “Chittachora Yashoda Ke Bal”, describing the son of Yashoda, the stealer of hearts, while He mentioned that He is a thief who can’t be caught by police, for He steals only the hearts of His devotees signified by the butter that’s obtained by churning the milk away of all other things! A casual chat with the Chittachora, revealed many things to come in the future including the advent of the Prema Sai Avatar and His future trips to Argentina. This up and close interaction of Swami with devotees left all in awe! Lunch was served soon after, and all retired for a little rest before the evening private Satsang in the ground floor.


Around 150 devotees from around Latin America, Mexico and USA had gathered in the cozy hall downstairs waiting for Swami with baited breath.

Swami emerged from His room around 6:00 p.m. and went downstairs to meet His most wonderful devotees, who had done everything in their capacity to make the Lord’s will of an Ashram happen in Argentina! And it was the day of celebration of this unique meeting of the Lord’s command and the surrender of the devotees to do His will. Spanish songs interspersed with soulful Telugu and Sanskrit recitals left all mesmerised. Tears of joy and gratitude spontaneously trickled down the cheeks of devotees as the Lord walked around blessing them. Dr Berra and Mrs Rosana expressed their collective gratitude on behalf of all devotees for this great opportunity to bring up the Ashram. Swami reminded them it was indeed a great opportunity not because of what had happened that day, but what was going to happen in the future, due to what had happened that day! “Like ants attracted to sugar, devotees new and old, will come to this Ashram seeking God”, said Swami.

Mr Isaac Tigrett congratulated everyone for the positivity that contributed to the collective consciousness of the universe, while Mr C Sreenivas wonderfully elaborated the purpose and significance of the Ashram. Mr Narasimha Murthy recollected the string of miracles that lead to that blessed day urging all to love effortlessly, for that is what an ‘aa-Sharma’ signifies.

Swami was His eloquent best with deepest of philosophy of Advaitha intertwined with practical tips laced with humour, when He set the vision for the Ashram in stone, for times to come. I to We to He was His clarion call as He declared that He shall grant the highest to the devotees if they march together, reach together and merge together and not strive selfishly for individual salvation.

Mangala Arati was offered and just when all thought He would go back to His room upstairs, He rather took all by surprise when He walked straight out of the hall into the gardens for He wanted to see the changing colours of the fountain which were not visible in the day light! Amused like a child, He returned all happy having witnessed colourful dance of the waters. A moment before He talked about highest truth of Advaitha, and the very next moment He was there to watch the colours of the fountain with equal zeal! Anoraneeyan Mahato Maheeyan, smaller than the smallest and greater than the greatest is how the Lord is described, and our Swami lives this description to the delight of all!