Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Buenos Aires, Argentina – September 27, 2018

An emotional day for all, as the hearts turned heavy with the thought of parting with the Lord, which was written all over their faces. Morning events began around 10.30 a.m. after breakfast, as Swami walked all the way up to the site for the construction of 14 cottages for the devotees in the Ashram premises. Amidst Bhajans and sacred chants, Swami Himself performed the ground breaking ceremony while explaining its significance to all. He was pleased with the design drawings of the cottages that were a contribution of one of the Foundation members, who also is an architect by profession. After the brief function, Swami returned to the Ashram hall where the devotees from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico had gathered along with the youths of Latin American countries. This private session was organized by Swami to introduce all the devotees of Latin American Foundations as well as Mexico to each other, who were all a part of the Ashram project in their respective countries. Dr Berra opened the session with his experiences of the coming together of the devotees for the Love and Peace Ashram. Mr Gonçalo from Brazil who offered his home for the Centre in Rio, and has been a human values trainer for 24 years, spoke next and pledged the unity of all five members of the Foundation in Brasil to work together as five fingers of the same hand, and bring up the Centre in a way that would please Swami. Mr Rafael Ramirez and his wife Mrs Bibi from Chihuahua, Mexico who are involved with the construction of the Centre for Human Excellence in Chihuahua, have worked for 25 years in Human Values education, committed to get the first phase of the project ready for the inauguration in June 2019. Thereafter, Swami spoke and guided all to work together to develop an Institute of Human Values Education in Argentina, which would eventually have branches all around Latin America and Mexico. Given the decades old experience of the devotees, this command from Swami was welcomed by everyone gathered with great joy! Swami guided them to customise the books of this programme in Human Values according to the age of the learner into four categories of children, teenagers, youth and adults. Their joy knew no bounds when He promised to come back next year and stay for a week in the Ashram to launch the Institute of Human Values, through a National Conference in Buenos Aires!

Thereafter, a special cake made by the devotees to celebrate the birthday of Shirdi Baba was cut, after which Swami went upstairs to meet the youth and guide them. During an hour long session with the youth, He spoke to each one and answered their questions, while urging them to unite and work towards the eradication of hunger. He guided them to serve 100,000 meals by next year together across all countries of Latin America. This goal was to give them a direction and help them plan better, said Swami. The Love of the youth for Swami and Swami’s love for them was palpable in the heart to heart interaction that they had with Swami, with most of them teary eyed.

Swami had His lunch before coming down again around 4.45 p.m. in the evening for the farewell Arati. The hall packed with devotees was reverberating with intense love and longing, as Swami went around distributing Vibhuthi Prasadam to each devotee personally, converting the Darshan in to quick and short private interviews on-the-go, for each one of them! Swami left every one drenched in His love even as it drizzled outside, drenching the whole place, as if reflecting what was going in within the hearts of all! The entourage followed Swami as they all departed on a very long flight back to Bangalore, reaching Muddenahalli on Saturday, 29 September.