Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Delhi – Second Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani, Palwal – December 02, 2018

On the evening of December 2, students, staff and all the guests who had accompanied Swami proceeded to the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Centre for Child Heart Care, Palwal for the second anniversary celebrations. Before making His way to the main area, Bhagawan first stopped just opposite His own beautiful quarters, to perform the Bhoomi Puja for a new staff quarters for all those dedicated people working tirelessly in this medical mission in Palwal. Currently, the staff of the hospital have to travel everyday from rented apartments some distance away from the hospital. Seeing this difficulty, Swami decided to initiate the construction of Staff quarters. After performing the Puja, Bhagawan lovingly declared that this quarters was His gift to the selfless staff of the hospital, and went on to outline various types of facilities which He wanted to ensure were provided for the recreation of the doctors, and to cater for those with families. Truly, when we do His work, He Himself takes care of everything in our lives!

Bhagawan then proceeded to the dais at the centre of the hospital, where all staff, devotees and students had gathered. The celebrations began with the invocatory Durga Suktam by women Staff members of the Hospital. These ladies had learnt this chant within one week and chanted beautifully as an offering to their Lord.

A welcome address was then given by Dr Subramanian Chellappan, a senior consultant in Paediatric Cardiac Anaesthesia and Critical Care. Welcoming the gathering, Dr Chellappan expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Bhagawan for His presence on this wonderful occassion of the second anniversary celebrations of Sai Sanjeevani, Palawal. He touched upon the journey of the Sai Sanjeevani hospitals and how the free-of-cost surgeries performed so far, had saved the lives of thousands of children and thanked all who had played some part in the development of Sai Sanjeevani.

The next speaker, was Dr Sunny Kanwaljeet Anand, an ardent devotee of Bhagawan and MD in Paediatric Critical Care, Stanford Medical Centre. Dr Anand spoke about the necessity for free paediatric cardiac care in India, and how the Sai Sanjeevani institutions will work towards tackling the problem of congenital heart disease in children.

Dr Yogesh Sathe, Head of the Paediatric Cardiology Department at Sai Sanjeevani, Palwal, was the next speaker of the evening. Dr Sathe spoke about the aspect of post-operative care and life after Sanjeevani. Interspersing his talk with anecdotes of little hearts which have been touched by Sai Sanjeevani, Dr Sathe spoke about some of the miracles which have been witnessed by the staff of the hospital and offered his gratitude to Bhagawan. Dr Sathe also introduced a twelve year old boy who, seven months after having heart surgery, ran a half marathon with hospital staff members! This young boy indeed represented the power and unique touch of Sai Sanjeevani.

Another amazing example of the touch of Sai Sanjeevani, was Amit Kumar who underwent heart surgery at the age of seventeen at Sai Sanjeevani, Raipur. After his surgery, Amit Kumar promised that he would complete his studies and return to work as a nurse at Sai Sanjeevani and today, four years later he has joined CCU at Palwal as a staff nurse.

The next speaker, was Dr Krishna Manohar who is a senior consultant in Paediatric Cardiac surgery at Sai Sanjeevani, Palwal. Speaking about compassionate care, Dr. Manohar gave a dynamic presentation linking various aspects of child heart care with religion and spirituality.

Bhagawan then launched a Fellowship Programme at Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Centre for Child Heartcare and Research in order to train new doctors in this highly skilled profession, and also create a solid team of compassionate healers who will redefine Paediatric Cardiac Care. Bhagawan launched this programme, and blessed each of the Fellows who have joined the Hospital.

This was followed by Bhagawan presenting the ‘Gift of Life’ certificates to each of the children who had undergone surgery and were ready to be discharged. A few of the parents and children also shared their thoughts and feelings on the gift of life they had received from this hospital and upon hearing their heartfelt words, there was not a dry eye in the audience.

Bhagawan then launched the revamped website which had been designed to better match the increasing pace and expanding work of Sai Sanjeevani.

Sri C Sreenivas was then the next speaker for the evening and he touched upon his journey with the Sai Sanjeevani movement, beginning with the hospital built in Raipur in 2011. He spoke about selflessness as the base for Sai Sanjeevani and attributed all the success of these hospitals to Bhagawan.

Sri Arvind Thyagarajan then came up to the dias to offer his invention of the Smart Stethoscope to Bhagawan and Sai Sanjeevani, Palwal. He also briefly gave a historical background to the invention and explained its use and workings.

Bhagawan then granted His Divine Message and urged everyone to engage in selfless service, saying that service which is done selflessly is the highest purpose of every human birth. Citing the Hospital as an example of what can be achieved when human endeavour and God’s abundant grace come together, Bhagawan explained the need for such hospitals, as many parents do not have the financial means to have their child’s heart defects operated. Reminding everyone to cultivate the quality of determination, Bhagawan expressed that we should continue to strive until Sai Sanjeevani becomes the world’s best facility in Paediatric Cardiac Excellence along with keeping the noble intention of serving anyone and everyone who needs help. Granting His blessings, Bhagawan reminded everyone that there is much more to be done and the work will not be finished until we have achieved all of it.

After a short break, the little children of Sai Sanjeevani presented a dance offering thanking Bhagawan for the gift of life which He has bestowed on them. This was followed by the cutting of a cake to commemorate these milestone second anniversary celebrations, after which Bhagawan received Mangala Aarti and thus concluded a beautiful, tear-filled celebration of this hallowed institution of love and selfless service.