Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Dubai – April 01, 2017

Divine Visit – Dubai – April 01, 2017

An overwhelmed Chhabria and Raheja family served breakfast to Swami in His palatial bedroom of ‘Aasthaa’, their home that had transformed in to heaven a day earlier as the Lord resides there. Looking at the three generations of the members of the family along with Acharya Ji, the spiritual guide to Mr Vishal, Swami burst forth in to a spontaneous discourse about Ashrama Dharma. He explained to them about how one can be in the world engaged in worldly duties, but gradually redeem oneself by practicing the nuances of the various stages of life as prescribed in the scriptures. After His talk, He jovially remarked, “Oh you all came to serve breakfast to Me, and I served you a discourse of breakfast.”

Swami finished His breakfast and granted a few interviews to some devotees, many of them had met Swami for the very first time the previous evening, but were mysteriously attracted to Him so much that they turned up next morning to meet Him personally! Divine magnet was at its best, as during the very first interaction He captured their hearts as He revealed to them many things and guided them on the issues that were uppermost on their minds. Swami thereafter granted interviews to the members of the large family before coming down to receive Arati. Sri Kunal and Gayatri Ganjawala had the honour of bidding Him a fond farewell with the song ” Tu Pyar ka sagar hai”, just as they they welcomed Him the previous day.

After Arathi Swami proceeded to the home of Sri Madan Gupta and Smt Shobhana Gupta where a devout little group of Sai Hridyam awaited His arrival. Bhajans were being sung with great gusto as Swami alighted from the car and entered the hearts of the members of ‘Sai Hridayam’. As he entered the hall there were tears of bliss  streaming down the cheeks of many. Swami sat in His throne.

He asked Sri Madan and Mrs Shobhana to address the private gathering during which Smt Shobhana, recollected how Swami had lovingly named the group of devotees in Dubai as Sai Hrydayam, the heart of Sai and since then the group has been together doing a lot of Seva to the needy as per His directions. They expressed their gratitude for the opportunity given by Swami.

Swami then addressed the intimate gathering of devotees and spoke about the Atma Tatwam, and said that this can be known through the purity of one’s heart. He said, “An impure heart can never understand the divine principle, even though divinity exists at all times, everywhere. Yet only those with pure hearts, can perceive and experience it. All the Seva that is done, is for cleansing of the heart! When we serve, the first beneficiaries are ourselves.”

“As long as you live from your heart, there is unity, purity and divinity. Do not let the mind come and interfere in the way of the heart. Heart is steady and is the basis of all spiritual progress. Greatness in the world is achieved by many. But greatness does not make anyone closer to God. There were great kings, emperors and rulers, but they did not understand the principle of God. Only those who were simple, pure and kind hearted, grasped the truth of God. How else can you explain that the same Krishna who was misunderstood by by his own uncle and was hated by so many great people as they could not understand that Krishna was divine was loved by unlettered Gopikas. The simple cowherd boys and girls were immediately able to understand the divinity of Krishna. They were illiterates, but ruled over the heart of Krishna. This is the purity I expect from My devotees.”

Swami then granted interviews in small groups of devotees, thereafter partook His lunch and then rested for some time.

In the evening, He again granted a couple of group interviews, before He came down from His room for yet another gathering of devotees. The evening Satsang started with a short cultural programme offered by the children, youth, and other devotees. The youth and children presented a musical play first. Set in a Bal Vikas classroom, the students asked various pertinent questions about Bhagawan and His mission to their Guru, who clarified their doubts. The conversations were interspersed with beautiful songs, and it was indeed a feast for the ears. Thereafter, Smt Lalitha Kumar, a professional singer who is also an ardent devotee of Bhagawan rendered a few Carnatic songs. A short video presentation on the various Seva activities was screened, and one could see the enthusiasm and earnestness among young and old in spite of the environmental limitations and challenges they face. The Lord blessed all the performers profusely, including the decoration team who had lovingly hand made all the beautiful decorations which were put up at Sai Hrudayam.

Swami then commanded Sri C Sreenivas to share his thoughts with everyone. He spoke about how a recent research had concluded that the heart can think. He said, “You will notice in moments of anxiety, in moments of not knowing what to do, if you for a moment think from the heart, you will see things suddenly become clear. When you begin to think with the heart, when we get that clarity, we comprehend beauty. Which I believe again, it is psychologically proven, leads to the ultimate value of human life which Swami is teaching us – Integrity. This is science that I believe is being spoken: thinking with the heart and seeing clarity, beauty and integrity.”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed the gathering thereafter and said, “If you look at each of the decorations, all of them speak to you in the language of love. If your heart can listen, you can listen to the heartthrobs of the devotees who love Swami so very dearly”. There is a beautiful song, composed by Saint Meera. ‘Mein tho Govinda leeno mol’ – I purchased Govinda, for a price. Some people say that I have paid too much of a price, too high a price. Some people say, that I have paid very less. With what did I purchase? I purchased Him with the love of my heart.”

He then went on to narrate a conversation between Swami and His devotee which had taken place recently, during Swami’s visit to the Far East. “The devotee’s question was, ‘Swami, when will all Your devotees come to You in this form?’ Naturally, he was deriving so much of joy and happiness, and naturally yearned that every one of his brothers and sisters should also gain. Swami said, ‘Everybody will not come. Those who open their hearts will come. Those who think through their hearts will come.’ And brother Sreenivas was saying, that heart also thinks. In fact it was Jalaluddin Rumi who said, ‘The head shall not hear anything till the heart has listened.’ Those who think through the heart will come; those who think through the mind will not come. But at the same time, Swami said, He also asked the question, Did all the devotees of Shirdi Baba come to Sathya Sai? No! But all those who came to Sathya Sai, believed in both Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai. But all those who went to Shirdi Sai? Many of them did not believe in Sathya Sai. But there is nothing wrong. That is the way of the beauty of universality and very profound love of Swami.”

Swami in His beautiful discourse said, “Sreenivas said, ‘Heart thinks’, truly heart does not even think, heart knows; heart doesn’t have to even think, it already knows what is right, what is wrong. Problem is that we don’t consult our hearts, we consult our minds. Whomever we go to, you will get an answer from them. All times, in all places, in all situations heart always knows what is right, what is to be done, what is the answer, what should be the decision. It always knows because it is consciousness. It always knows”.

“Conscience, consciousness, conscious – three things you must understand. Physically you are conscious – you are able to understand that you are alive, you can feel, you can experience; you are conscious. But everything is conscious – even an animal is conscious. ‘Conscience’ is the discrimination; it decides what is right, what is wrong. It needs some thinking. So it is the faculty of the Chitta which is a part of mind. Consciousness is Atman which continuously is aware of what is right, what is not. It doesn’t have to even put in effort to discriminate and think for it already knows what is right. That is the connection that one must have in the heart. It always will tell you what is right. It will always tell you what is to be done. Unfortunately the noise of the mind is so high that the voice of the heart is always suppressed.”

Thereafter, Swami encouraged all gathered to ask questions, but the overwhelmed devotees were only too happy to just listen to Him. Swami said, “Devotees have improved a lot in the last three years, they already know everything because they have practised My teaching and there is nothing for them to ask or Me to speak!”

Arati was offered to Swami, and dinner Prasadam was distributed to everyone. The entourage packed and got ready to depart to Turkey the next morning.