Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Dubai – March 31, 2017

Divine Visit – Dubai – March 31, 2017

The first leg of Bhagawan’s visit to Dubai, Turkey, Greece, Germany and U.K., began with Dubai, where Bhagawan and His entourage were to stay for two nights. As the entourage landed at Dubai International Airport, they were lovingly received by Brother Vishal Chhabria & his family, Brother Madan Gupta, his wife Mrs Shobhna and the ever enthusiastic group of Sai Hrudayam, the name Swami has lovingly given the devotees of Dubai. Everyone were driven straight to the Chhabria residence, where the Lord was welcomed by Mrs Pooja ceremoniously, with the traditional Poorna Kumbham. The entire Chhabria and Raheja family gathered around Swami and one could feel the intense love and yearning for the Lord, which had culminated into the beautiful afternoon. Sri Kunal and Gayatri Ganjawalla had specially flown in from Mumbai to welcome the Lord with their songs, and Bhagawan entered the residence when the song ‘Sai Swagatham’ was being rendered mellifluously. Swami walked around blessing the house, and then urged everyone to have their lunch. When Brother Vishal requested Swami to eat with the family, the Lord lovingly consented and partook His lunch with everyone.

After a brief rest, everyone assembled for a private Satsang at around 6:30 p.m. Many people, who were not necessarily devotees of Bhagawan, but devotees of the Almighty had gathered. He calls whom He wants; this is very true, as what unfolded in the next hour and a half was truly endearing! As Bhajans were in progress, Swami walked in blessing every one. Sri Sunil Gavaskar, former illustrious Indian cricketer and an ardent devotee of Bhagawan for many decades, was also present to bask in His love. Swami indicated Sri Kunal and Smt Gayatri to render devotional songs, and they enthralled the audience with their soulful singing for almost 45 minutes which elevated the atmosphere with Divine vibrations, and Bhagawan’s love was felt all over.

Swami beckoned Sri Sunil Gavaskar to address all gathered. Sri Gavaskar offered his loving gratitude and prayerful salutations at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet. He said, “With prayers and Bhajans we connect with You Swami. It gives us so much joy and bliss, may this connection be there for forever and forever.”

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy started his talk by reminiscing the first visit of Sri Gavaskar in 1982, and how Swami had asked him to address His students at the hostel. He then quoted Aldos Huxley who said, next to silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music! Sri Narasimha Murthy said, “We experience God Himself only in the silence of our hearts, and feel the joy. Music helps us to create that silence in our hearts.

Millions of people worship Swami as God. He taught us how to love, give and live our lives. He gave a direction to our lives. When God comes down in the human form, this is what He does, which is the purpose of an Avatar!” He urged everyone to realise God within their hearts, as it is the real malady to all the miseries of the world, which has been the message of Swami from the 1960s. Keeping God in the centre of all that one does is the true learning!

Thereafter, Swami beckoned Sri C Sreenivas to address everyone, who spoke about love which binds everyone together.

Swami in His discourse urged all the devotees to take a step forward towards God. He spoke about the ability to love, which is the most natural ability given to man. Swami said, “From pure love, everything has emerged. There is no place is bereft of love. This is the purest of truth one must see. In this world, wherever we see, if we carefully observe, only love exists. Nature lives by living and forgiving, which is the nature of love. Since this creation has emerged from God who is the embodiment of love, nature has inherited this love of the Creator. Man who is a product of this nature must also continue to exhibit this love that he has inherited in all his deeds.

Spirituality is not about going to temples, undertaking arduous penance, difficult pilgrimage or reading scriptures. It is about being able too live one’s life with love. Love contaminated with expectations remains an attachment. Develop pure love.”

After a beautiful Satsang, Swami granted a few interviews, before His dinner.