Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Dubai, UK, Netherlands and Germany – Day Eight – 06 April, 2016

Divine Visit – Germany

Day Eight – Wednesday, 06 April, 2016 – Morning

To catch an early morning flight once again, Bhagawan’s entourage headed to Amsterdam Schipol Airport. The last leg of the 10-day trip was from Amsterdam to Germany. Upon arrival at Munich International Airport, Dr Geza Sebastian, a long time devotee of Bhagawan, along with his team welcomed everyone. After almost an hour’s drive the entourage reached the residence of Dr Stepski and his wife Mrs Constanze at Grafrath, about 65kms from the Munich Airport, where everyone was to be housed during the visit.

A loving welcomed awaited the Lord, who was overwhelmed seeing His dear devotees. Beautiful songs were offered at the Divine Lotus Feet. A candle was lit to welcome Swami with a message “Sai is Love”, and the welcome song echoed the same message of “Sai is Love, Pure love” was offered. Swami was so moved by this that He spontaneously spoke to them and said, “Love has taken the form of the whole creation. Everything is only a reflection of the same love. What does the candle do? It melts only to give light to others. Love lives by giving and forgiving. Love is like the candle, always ready to give itself up for others. To be able to give, is a great blessing.

A river flows, and does not judge people who drink from it. It is the same with the sun; it burns itself to give sunlight to all. Likewise, the wind blows for the sake of everyone. The whole creation is for the sake of others. It only knows how to give, and not take. Nature is able to do this, as it is a reflection of God. God is the basis of the whole creation, and the same love of God is reflected in nature. Man is born out of nature. Hence, love is also his basis. One who understands this is free from ‘I’ and ‘mine’.

Ten years ago, Swami had said He will come to Germany. Lot of devotees keep praying to come to their country, but the time also has to be right. When you are very hungry, you will enjoy the food. Some hunger and waiting is good, when you want to be with God!”

It was endearing to see the friendly relationship between Bhagawan and Dr Stepski. They picked up from where they last left! As Swami was walking up to His room, He suddenly turned and asked Mrs Stepski where the two dogs were, to the surprise of everyone gathered! Swami asked for them to be brought back, “as they were crying”, He said! Later, it was learnt that the two family dogs, a white German Shepherd and a scottish terrier were sent to a friend’s home, to ensure they don’t disturb Swami and the guests. The indeweller of all beings! Aum Sri Sai Sarveshaya Namaha – the Lord of all beings!

Day Eight – Wednesday, 06 April, 2016 – Evening

After tea, Bhagawan and His entourage proceeded to the evening satsang venue, which was a short five minutes drive from the Stepski residence. Close to 400 people had gathered to experience and enthrall in their Master’s presence.

Dr Geza Sebastian welcomed the gathering, and spoke at length in German, which was translated into English, about the Divine visit and how it all culminated to D-day! Mr Isaac Tigrett, Sri C Sreenivas, and Sri BN Narasimha Murthy spoke about faith and love. Mr Tigrett narrated about his journey of 42 years with Swami, and the growth of devotees he witnessed over the decades. He said many devotees questioned who Swami was. “What Sai Baba is and what even you are, is beyond comprehension of the mind. Faith does not come from the mind, but from the heart. It is impossible for faith to reside in the mind. No one can tell you what to believe, and no one can tell you what not to believe. Spirituality is an individual journey, and everyone who has arrived on this planet is taking this journey. There are 400 people in this room, and no two journeys are alike. You cannot follow anyone, and no one can follow you”, he said.

Sri C Sreenivas, the next speaker spoke about love. He said, “The greatest blessing we have received from Swami is the awareness of this incredible virtue of love. Love is what we live for, and love is what we wish to share.” He narrated two stories of the Raipur hospital, which spoke of Swami’s mercy of love. Swami’s love flowed beyond boundaries of nations as recently a Surgeon trained in Germany, Dr Mark, joined the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Naya Raipur, and operated upon an abandoned child, thrown in a drain and rescued by a German social worker in India! He beautifully established the connection of Love between Germany and India. “The miracle of true love & pure love is you. You have become instruments in His merciful hands”, he said.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke about the precision of Germans, which was seen in every bit of detailing done in organising this visit. He also talked about their Indian hearts which is known for hospitality. Precision being the quality of civilisation of Germany, and hospitality being the hallmark of Indian culture were evident in every act of theirs!

Bhagawan in His divine discourse started by saying, “What is the meaning of ‘secret of God coming as an incarnation?’ It is due to the compassion and love for the devotees, that He descends from heaven to earth, having both divine, and individual consciousness. God has no particular name or form. He takes the name and form given by devotees. It is based on the devotion of the devotees, that He manifests in a particular way. To bless the devotee, He takes the name and form. When Divine Consciousness decides to limit itself to human consciousness, it manifests as an Avatar. At a fundamental level, there is no difference between the two, as the quality of Divinity is the same. For people who have a form, it is very difficult to understand formless. This is the secret of all incarnations of all ages. The same Divine Consciousness may manifest as Jesus Christ or Buddha or Rama or Krishna or Sai Baba. When the mission of the Avatar is accomplished, they go back to the formless, leaving the form. If you understand this, you will understand Avatars!

Water is everywhere, even in the form of water vapour. But we cannot see, hear, or touch water vapour, which is also a form of water. If you are thirsty, you cannot quench your thirst with the vapour. When cool breeze blows, all this vapour condenses into water droplets. When water comes down as rain, you can collect and drink the same. Thirst experienced by a person in Germany is not different from the person experiencing thirst in India. Water is known for quenching thirst, and this quality of water does not change. Similarly, divinity is one and the same.

We all see water coming down as rain, but we are unable to see it go up as vapour. We see only half the truth. Just because we are unable to see, does it means it does not happen? It happens all the time, this is how rain falls. Our understanding of the truth is incomplete. An Avatar taking a form; this is only half the truth. The other half of the truth is when the Avatar decides to give up the form. To understand the secret of incarnation, one must understand the truth and the full cycle. Only complete truth will free you from ignorance.”

Swami answered a couple of questions, before mangala arathi. One interesting question was, why Swami did not reveal about this phase of the subtle prior.

Swami answered by saying that He did not tell who He was in the early years of His life. For 14 years all called Him only Raju, until one day He decided to reveal to everyone that He was Shirdi Sai Baba. All His close friends asked why didn’t He tell before? Swami had said that the time was right only at that time.

“In 1963, I revealed about the triple incarnation, not until then. Between 1926 and 1940 people did not know that I am Sai Baba. Between 1940 and 1963, no one knew I would come back as Prema Sai. Therefore, when the right is right, only then will I reveal. The time is right now, to tell you about the next part of my mission, so I am revealing now! This is the most powerful, more sacred & most exciting time of the Incarnation! Only those who had the patience to sit through until the end of a film, will know the climax. There is a cinema before & after the interval, and the cinema after the interval is most exciting! For those who do not have the patience, they leave before the interval. They go away with only half the truth. But for those who wait patiently, they will be able to see the movie until the end.

No one can understand, the ways of the Divine! The ways of the Avatar are a mystery, to sages and saints as well, and is unique in all three worlds. It is difficult to comprehend, but easy to experience. Those who have patience and faith, the cinema continues, and they will see the end. For others without patience, they will only debate, know half the truth, and will never know the complete truth until the end!”

After the discourse, Swami asked for bhajans to be sung, as He was extremely happy with their perfection in singing Indian songs! After mangala arathi and prasadam, Bhagawan returned to the Stepski residence for dinner.

The next morning, after breakfast, Swami blessed the two dogs! It was a very endearing sight! Thereafter, He blessed the small gathering, who were seated with heavy hearts. The Lord assured them of His return soon! After mangala arathi, Bhagawan’s entourage proceeded to the Munich airport, to catch the flight back to Bangalore, to reach in time for the Ugadi celebrations, after a very beautiful trip to four countries!