Divine Visit – Dubai, UK, Netherlands and Germany – Day Five – 03 April, 2016

Birds chirping, rabbits scampering across lush fields, majestic horses having their morning feed and grazing sheep. This was the morning scene out of the window, calm and serene at ‘Sai Grace’ in Darsham. After a slightly late breakfast and a few interviews, Bhagawan, His entourage and other invited guests made their way to Potten Hall, the beautiful venue for the public satsang in Suffolk. About 250 people had gathered to experience Bhagawan’s compassionate love from various parts of the UK, and beyond. The energy and love in the Hall was palpable.

As the Lord entered the hall, soulful bhajans were being rendered. After a few bhajans Bhagawan indicated Sister Sonja Venturi, an ardent devotee from Italy to sing a few songs. Her mellifluous and magical voice took everyone to a higher realm, and it was pure love which flowed between Bhagawan and His dear devotees. The atmosphere was charged and was absolutely divine! A beautifully arranged interfaith sermon followed, where the Holy books of various religions were placed at the divine Lotus Feet.

Rev Leonora, an Interfaith Minister herself, welcomed the gathering and profusely thanked Swami for blessing everyone that morning. She vivdly narrated the endearing story about her journey from the day she had His Darshan at Prasanthi Nilayam, to the day she found His home at Darsham.

Mr Issac Tigrett was the next speaker, who reminded everyone that “we are Divine beings.” Life before birth is a question everyone should ask themselves, he said. “In this world of Maya which is so powerful, people only believe what they can touch, feel and see, because of their overstimulated mind! But Swami is preparing all these institutions and hospitals, for the advent of Prema Sai.”

Sri C Sreenivas, spoke as always in his characteristic way, which never fails to delight the audience. He spoke of faith and said that “it is possibly an inscrutable and inevitable word in humanity’s life, which is so vital. Faith is the anchor and a supreme source of strength, that we wish to seek and hold on to.” Sri Sreenivas quote a very profound, powerful and magnificent verse from the Holy Bible, “I placed in you my trust, and you honoured me with your faith.” The Lord reposing His trust on each one of us for a certain task is indeed overwhelming, and it is our duty to ensure that we safeguard and deliver on that trust! He also picked an instance from his own life, when Swami had travelled with him and his mother, late Smt Rajeshwari, to a location 5km away from the Brindavan Ashram. It was a barren land at that time, and Swami declared a hospital will be built at that spot! Swami also wanted his mother, who was a well placed doctor in the US, to work at that hospital. She took her leap of faith, though not aware of what awaited her on the other side. Similarly, everyone has the choice between a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’. But he urged everyone to follow the ‘Yes’, as the journey of reposing that faith for the trust on the Lord, would begin right there!

Sri BN Narasimha Murthy who took to the podium next, congratulated Rev Leonora for being an instrument to establish yet another Ashram of Bhagawan’s in the United Kingdom, which has been possible only because of her faith, love, dedication and sacrifice. He said, “the purpose of life, is a life of purpose! We are all looking for a purpose which bestows endless and unlimited happiness.” An immortal life and infinite happiness seems to be the unseen aspiration of every human heart, he said. Prophets, Messiahs and Divine Incarnations who made their advent in different parts of the world, at various times in history, gave the path which would lead to the true meaning or purpose of life. “This is exactly what Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is also doing!”

Rev Leonora prayed with much humility to Swami, to officially inaugurate the ‘Sai Grace’ Ashram, and the Lord unveiled a plaque thereafter.

Bhagawan in His divine discourse said, “This creation is a manifestation of divinity. A water bubble emerges from water, lives on water and ultimately merges into water. The water bubble is none other than man, and water is God or Narayana. When we offer anything with love, our thought, word or deed, He will receive it with love.

Where there is love and devotion, God will manifest. This is the reason I am here today! But if this love is focused only towards Swami, it is not good enough. It is not enough if you say you have love for Swami; you must have love for everyone. Everyone is a manifestation of God. When we love everyone, that love is given to Swami. Only through love we can attain unity.

While building these institutions, whether hospitals or educational, I only say one thing. We should not think we are building these for others. Swami is in everyone, and in order to serve Swami, we are serving others.”

Bhagawan ended the morning session after a wonderful Q&A session. After partaking lunch at the venue, Bhagawan went back to Sai Grace to rest for the afternoon.

Day Five – Sunday, April 03, 2016 – Evening

Before heading back to London, Swami once again blessed an intimate gathering of about 25-30 devotees in the evening at the Ashram. Instead of the Conservatory, Swami chose to talk inside the prayer room, where many manifestations of His presence are seen.

Swami commanded Sri Narasimha Murthy to say a few words, before His divine message. Sri Narasimha Murthy said, “If ‘Swami has to make us into personifications of God, he has to chisel out, like a sculpture, everything that is not divine. It is a painful process, but one will derive immense happiness at the end, and the bliss that comes with final emancipation.”

The Lord spoke thereafter. He urged all to shed the Rajasic and Thamasic qualities, and only nurture the Satwic qualities. Satwic qualities will only lead the path in sadhana. “Unless we give up the lower qualities, we cannot see the truth or the divine essence in the whole creation. Unless we give up the rajasic qualities of passion, we cannot understand devotion. True devotion or its essence can be understood, only when we develop pure Divine qualities within us. Where are these qualities coming from? The whole world is a combination of these three qualities – thamasic, rajasic and satwic.

Thamasic is all animal qualities – Selfishness, self-interest, self-preservation, fear, anger and procreation. Action, knowledge, application of one’s intelligence and creativity, are all Rajasic qualities. If all these are used for oneself, then it is not Divine. Finally, we come to Satwic qualities – love, compassion, kindness and unity. Every being must have a combination of all these qualities. If we don’t sleep, how can we work the next day? However, a person’s nature is defined by the excess of these qualities. With an excess of Thamas, one is lazy. If the Rajasic qualities are more, then th person is hyperactive, but only to his benefit and not for the others. If there is excess of Satwic qualities, he is always in a state of contemplation. This is how all the people exist in this world.

In 100gms of stone, only 10gms of gold can be obtained. Of the 10gms, only 1gm of pure gold may be used for ornaments. After giving up many aspects that we are not, we become what we truly are; this is the process of purification.” Bhagawan said that to realise one’s true potential, many aspects have to be shed. The whole purpose of spirituality is to help us improve this quality of divinity or satwic qualities, within all of us.

Swami encouraged everyone to ask questions. One of the questions was – ‘What is the best way to teach children to love themselves?’ Swami answered it in a very beautiful way by saying, “We are unable to love ourselves, because we know who we are. We know our negativity and shortcomings, that is the primary reason why we are not able to love ourselves. You must tell the children, ‘See, if you want to be like God, it starts with you. If you believe everything is God, then you are also God. So what if you have some qualities which are not good; atleast you know now and you can improve yourself. And every time you improve, you have another chance to love yourself back, for you have worked hard on it.’

Just like children go out and play and soil there clothes, their minds too get soiled due to bad company. And just as they wash the clothes clean and wear them again, we can cleanse out the mind and be pure again. We don’t discard or hate the soiled clothes, but rather clean it because we like them, we can clean our minds too and love ourselves again.”

After mangala arathi, Swami granted a few interviews, before heading to the Malhotra residence in London.