Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Dubai, UK, Netherlands and Germany – Day One – 30 March, 2016

‘Working in God Speed’ is a saying. And staying with God, His team learns to operate that way! After a gap of 72 hours after returning from a glorious trip to Japan, Singapore and Indonesia, it was time to travel to Dubai, UK, Netherlands and Germany. A short delay of 30 minutes due to a ‘shamal’, Arabic for ‘sand storm’, Bhagawan’s entourage landed at the Dubai International Airport in the afternoon, and were taken in a convoy of cars to the residence of Smt Pooja and Sri Vishal Chhabria. A grand welcome awaited the Lord, who had manifested in the car. Traditional poorna khumbam, Veda chanting and the floral welcome by the family members was a sight to behold! Bhagawan was welcomed with the song ‘Swagatham Sai’, and many eager devotees, young and old had gathered to bask in the love of their beloved Lord. He told everyone that it was this love of His dear devotees that had pulled Him to Dubai yet again! “I am here to fulfill the desire of my devotees. This is my duty. Happiness is union with God, and when God and devotees are there together, verily, that is heaven!” He urged everyone to have lunch and rest for a while before the evening session, which was to commence at 6:30pm.

Over 200 people had gathered for the evening session to experience the Lord. There was a large number of people who had never seen Swami, and were experiencing Him for the first time! Riddhi Chabbria, daughter of Smt Pooja & Sri Vishal, on behalf of her entire family welcomed Bhagawan and everyone gathered. She extended a very emotional gratitude to Bhagawan for having blessed their home. People had flown in from various countries, including Iran, US and India.

Ms Bhuvana Santhanam took to the podium next and before introducing the speakers for the evening, stressed on the importance of focusing on the well-being of a child, both physical and mental, as children of any nation are fundamental to the health of a nation. She quoted the Dalai Lama who once said, “It is vital that when educating our children’s brains, we do not neglect to educate their hearts.” . More than anytime ever, the investment in children is seen as a clear-cut need-of-the-hour, and a powerful tool. Our responsibility lies to build our nation, and the people of the nation. She said, “If we want to build an India which is self sufficient & self dependent, we need to make the children self sufficient and self dependent.”

The next speaker was Father Charles Ogada, Founder and current President of the Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative, an organisation committed to the promotion of Self Awareness through integral education. He reminded everyone of their divine self and spoke about seven important pillars which all must practise, and which will help us ‘Be’ in the moment – Acceptance, Non-judgemental, Trust, Beginner’s mind, Letting go, Patience and Non-striving. “There is a power that is controlling everything, trust in that power.

Mr Isaac Tigrett, Founder of the Hard Rock Café and House of Blues spoke thereafter. He narrated a story of Nisargadatta Maharaj, who was asked a question about who Swami was, and he said, “Sai Baba is what happened between 1918 (when Shirdi Baba left the physical) and 1926 (when Swami took birth). Life is a journey from Atma toAtma. We are here to try and understand who we are.”

Sri C Sreenivas, the next speaker spoke eloquently. He reminded everyone that the visit of Bhagawan to Dubai was indeed sacred, and is bound to change the meaning of everyone’s life thereafter. He said, “This visit of Bhagawan on this sacred and sacrosanct day, is a new discovery of a new world, everyday. You will continuously begin to see life in a new light. It is a deep internal experience. One visit on this day, is a meaning to everyone. Life is all about finding a meaning, and finding fulfilment in that meaning. What is the meaning we wish to bring about to life? A superlative to everything in life is not the end. When we close our eyes & try to silence the mind, the divine in you will speak, and the most inexplicable & definitive journey will be experienced.”

The next speaker was Sri BN Narasimha Murthy, who started by saying, “Why are you all here? Why am I here? You are here, because Bhagawan has called you here, from within your hearts. Let us not think that He is someone outside of us.” He stressed on the importance of internalising God, which is the important aspect. When visiting an place of worship, be it a mandir or masjid, while praying, everyone closes their eyes. “What does this mean? You & I instantly, intuitively experience that God is within us.”

Bhagawan in His nectarine discourse said, “It is possible to get back the lost wealth. It is also possible to gain back lost friendship. It is even possible to get back a wife who separated. even possible to get lands that you have lost. However, it not possible to get back the body once it is lost. Having taking birth as human being, it will only be sad if we don’t achieve the purpose of the sacred human birth.

True purpose of our lives is to realise who we really are. Life is temporary, wealth and name is temporary. Relationships are also temporary. Only thing that us permanent is truth and good name, that we earn. The true purpose of our life is to find out about the truth of who we really are.

Our divinity is hidden by the layers of “I” and “mine” – ego and attachment. If we remove this layer after layer, finally we will reach and realise our divine self. This is the essence of all the scriptures, all the religions, all the faiths and all the knowledge and wisdom shared by all the great Masters. To teach this truth, Avatars come, again and again. The secret is to give you what you really are, and to be what you really are, and I am here only on this one mission; to show you who you really are! I only hold the mirror in front of your face, and show you the reflection. This is the duty or the responsibility of the Avatar.”

A short Q&A followed thereafter. After mangala arathi and dinner, Bhagawan granted a few interviews, before retiring for the evening.