Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Dubai, UK, Netherlands and Germany – Day Six – 04 April, 2016

Divine Visit – United Kingdom

Day Six – Monday, 04 April, 2016 – Morning

While two teams arrived at the Malhotra residence for a ‘Guru Vikas’ meeting and a ‘UK Youth meeting’, which was the agenda for the morning, others were busy with the preparations for the evening public satsang.

The first meeting was with the Gurus, who are part of the ‘Guru Vikas’ initiative. Sri BN Narasimha Murthy addressed the Gurus, before Swami’s divine message. He reminded everyone of the expansion of the word TEACHER, which Swami had explained during the launch of the initiative in Singapore in September 2015, and said that the role of a teacher is not about imparting information, but about transformation. He said it requires great courage to introduce God and spirituality into the education system, into schools and colleges around the world. But it is the need-of-the-hour. The root cause of various problems which plague societies today around the world, is because, these two important aspects have been kept out of education. He said that unless we bring God and spirituality back into education, there is no chance of individual or societal redemption.

Swami began His divine discourse by talking about Sanathana Dharma. He said, “Looking, thinking, talking or while doing anything, if we keep spirituality as the basis, it is the true Dharma; this is Sanathana Dharma. We all talk about Sanathana Dharma and confuse it with Hindu religion, but it is not true. When Swami says He is here to establish Sanathana Dharma, he means that he is here to establish the Dharma of one’s own divinity, which is common to all the religions, and all the faiths of the world. They all believe in the inherent divinity of the whole creation.”

Swami said that this was the basis of the three-day conference which will be held in Muddenahalli between May 25 and 27. “For every one sentence spoken, ten heads will think in ten different ways. This is because they are tainted by their own understanding, experiences and perspectives. Hence they will understand it in a different way. But truth will not change, even if others think differently. The divine basis of the entire creation is truth. Therefore, what is born out of divinity, must have divinity as the content. If the whole creation has come out from God, which is understood and accepted by all religions, then there should be some bit of God in everything, including you, human beings, trees, plants, animals, etc. Through ‘Guru Vikas’ we will train teachers, who will impart spiritual education to the children of the world.”

Swami said that everything else can be taught, but bringing spirituality into education will be a little tough. “This is because the world has deviated so much from the truth, that the untruth appears to be truth to them!” He urged the Gurus, in their own way “to put effort to understand the fundamentals of every religion. ‘Guru Vikas’ is not just another initiative, but a programme which will help with self transformation of a teacher. A transformed teacher will lead to the transformation of the society!”

After answering a few questions, Swami blessed all them with prasadam, before heading to address the youth team from the UK. He advised the youth on various aspects, including contemplating the name of God. Swami said, “Bhojana is for the body and Bhajana is for the soul. Just like you don’t forget to eat or sleep, there is a spiritual need as well. Just as the body goes hungry and must be satisfied with food, food for the soul is equally important. If you don’t feed the body, it will grow weak. It is a similar case with the soul; if you don’t feed the soul, it will also become weak. There are various ways of feeding the soul – namasmarana or chanting the name of the Lord, and Seva or service or other spiritual sadhana.” Swami answered many questions from the youth, which would help them in their professional and personal lives, keeping God in the very center.

After a few interviews and lunch, Swami retired for the afternoon.

Day Six – Monday, 04 April, 2016 – Evening

The public satsang in the evening was held at the Nagrecha Hall, very close to the Malhotra residence in Chigwell. Close to 500 eager devotees had gathered, and Swami entered the hall with His entourage and guests, in the midst of melodious bhajans. Beautiful English songs were offered at the Lotus Feet of dear Swami thereafter. Dr Girish Malhotra welcomed the gathering and thanked Swami for His presence that day. As always the three eloquent speakers, Mr Isaac Tigrett, Sri C Sreenivas and Sri BN Narasimha Murthy enthralled the audience with their thoughts and examples. Two short films, one on Swami’s continuing education mission, and another on the continuing Healthcare mission were screened before the speakers addressed the audience. Sri BN Narasimha Murthy spoke about faith and said overseas devotees would invite Swami to visit their respective countries, and Swami would always tell them He was coming very soon. Sri Narasimha Murthy said, “His words and utterances will never fail. They are coming true now.” All that is required from our side is unflinching faith!

Bhagawan in His divine discourse said, “Man has been struggling from time immemorial to attain immortality. Man always wanted to conquer death, lead an immortal life and attain infinite joy on this earth. But, all his efforts were futile, because fundamentally he did not understand what is birth and death.

Birth and death are like the two wheels of a chariot. Just like the two wheels are essential for a chariot, similarly birth and death are the two wheels which are essential in this chariot of life to go forward. The body comes and goes, but the in-dweller is always permanent. When God enters a body as an individual soul, it is considered to be birth of a being, and when He leaves the body, it is considered to be death. What we think really exists, does not. We see only the world, but it does not exist. What really exists is God, and only God.

Every man and woman living is but a reflection of God Himself, and nothing else. The body may perish, but God is the ultimate, eternal and permanent one. The Divine principle which is the truth within everyone, is eternal and permanent.”

Swami spoke at length about the importance of realising one’s own divinity, and said if anyone wants to enter the spiritual path, it is very essential to practice love and service. “When God Himself is telling you, that you are God, why can’t you believe it? For many many years, you have been listening to many discourses, reading many books, attending many satsangs. But, what have you learnt? You all have learnt only the theory, but nothing practical! All these are there only in words, not in behaviour! It is only in thoughts and not in practice! To experience the truth, you need to put in the requisite effort.”

After mangala arathi and prasadam, Swami went to the dining hall to partake His dinner with all the gathered devotees, before proceeding to the Malhotra residence.