Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Dubai, UK, Netherlands and Germany – Day Two – 31 March, 2016

Everyone woke up to a relatively pleasant day in Dubai, though summer is pretty much around the corner. After breakfast, Bhagawan granted a string of interviews, first to the family members of Smt Pooja & Sri Vishal Chhabria, and later to a few close friends. The Lord blessed the house staff as well profusely. It has, and it still continues to be an overwhelming sight to see people walking out of the interview room door in bliss, tears rolling down their eyes, and ever grateful to their dear Swami. Abject anxiety and distress, simply gets transformed into peace and love. Only He can do that!

Bhagawan made a quick visit to a devotee’s house before proceeding to the office of Sri Vishal Chabbria. The Lord blessed the office staff, and then proceeded to the residence of Smt Shobhna and Sri Madan Gupta. Swami had lovingly named their residence ‘Sai Hridayam’ on His very first visit in the subtle a year ago. All the devotees had gathered to welcome Swami, and yet again a beautiful saga of love flowed between the Lord and His dear ones! After a few bhajans, Sister Bhuvana Santhanam gave a quick snapshot about the Lord’s continuing educational mission, 12 campuses in the last four years with 5,000 boys and girls getting free values-based integral education, and reminded everyone of Bhagawan’s quote on education – “The end of education is character.” Bhagawan immediately interjected at this stage, and asked a very pertinent question to everyone – “What is character?” Many answers were given, but the Lord was not satisfied. He then said, “Character is always doing the ‘right’ thing. Not once or twice, but doing the ‘right’ thing all the time. Whatever be the situation, that capacity to do the ‘right’ thing is character. Where is this ‘right’ coming from? It is born out of your divinity.”

Sri Srivatsan K, the Lord’s chosen architect, who is responsible for the magnificent edifices of the schools, and most recently the Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham, took to the podium to appraise the intimate gathering about the progress of the new boys campus which is underway in Hassan, Karnataka. He submitted to Swami thus, “Hassan is only a tiny rose bed; a flower of God’s design in the beautiful garden of your Divine master plan. We cannot unfold the petals with our clumsy hands. The secret of unfolding is also not known to us. Swami alone can open this easily.”

Sri BN Narasimha Murthy took to the podium next and said, a school or college is not a collection of buildings or children. He said, “The kingpin of any school or college is the teacher and Swami had prepared teachers since the days of Alike and Muddenahalli, for a revolutionary expansion in education! A band of 80 completely full-time dedicated men and women have chosen to serve Swami single pointedly. The seed was sown in the heart of Sri Madiyal Narayan Bhat, way back in the 1950s, who founded the Loka Seva Vrinda in the 1960s. He inspired and trained about 40 young educated men, to dedicate themselves to the Sathya Sai mission.” What is the underlying philosophy in Swami starting these educational institutions in Karnataka now? This is because of Swami’s third manifestation as Prema Sai will be in Karnataka, and the Lord is preparing the mindset for the advent for the same. He said that Bhagawan has always stressed that the only education which is worth learning is Atma Vidya, or teaching the children to grow as devotees as God, finally experiencing oneness with God.

Bhagawan spoke to the intimate gathering next. He started by saying, “There is an old adage which says, Education leads to humility. Humility leads to deservedness. From deservedness we can earn money or wealth, which should be used to seek, or carry on our works in the righteousness way or in the path of dharma & through the right way of living, by spending n the  path of dharma, one can attain joy. If you carefully analyse, all beings are in pursuit of permanent joy. Everyone in their own way are constantly pursuing happiness or joy. But unfortunately, they do not know where to find it.”

Swami went to explain that just like how one cannot expect to find or buy clothes in a shoe store, similarly one cannot expect to find permanent happiness or joy in this temporary world! Anithyam asukham lokham – this world is temporary and full of miseries. Swami urged everyone to “go to the right place, where you will find happiness.” Swami said, “By engaging constantly in righteousness acts, one can attain happiness.” Doing the right thing when everything is fine, when all conditions are favourable is not very difficult. It is very difficult to keep yourself on the right track, by doing the right thing in the face of trials, difficulties, distractions and all kinds of deviations.

Education confers upon you, who you really are. You are a limb of society, and society is a limb of creation, and creation is a limb of God. Anytime a little ego comes within ourselves, what should we do? We must think, today I am sitting in this house, in this room, in this place. Where is this place? This place is in this street, in Dubai. Where is Dubai? Dubai is in this part of earth. Where is this earth? Earth is part of a vast solar system. Where is the solar system? Solar system is part of the galaxy. Where is the galaxy? Galaxy is part of the larger universe. Where is this universe? Universe is part of many more larger universes! If you think like this, you will see that you are NOTHING, but a tiny speck, cant even be recognised in the whole of creation, created by God! And in this creation, you are merely a small piece or part of it, so you should remain humble! That knowledge will give you humility!”

Swami then encouraged, young and old to ask questions. What followed was a wonderful Q&A session, which enlightened the mind and soul of everyone! One very pertinent answer to the question about the avatar of Prema Sai, was answered by Swami in His inimitable way. When the devotee asked Bhagawan to talk about the Prema Sai Avatar, He said that all the three Sai Avatars have a mission, and they continue with what the previous one has done. Shirdi Sai came to prepare the flower bed and sow the seeds of devotion, nurtured and protected the saplings. Sathya Sai came to gather the flowers of Love and remove the thorns of Selfishness. Prema Sai is going to string the flowers together with the thread of Love and unite the whole mankind! He is coming to establish the Sanathana Dharma which is the eternal religion of Divine Love in the hearts of all mankind, and unite the world together through divinity.

There was a private gathering in the evening on the continuing mission of Swami. The Lord  granted interviews even after dinner that evening, and blessed the core team of the Sai Hridayam family, saying He will return in January 2017! Swami’s entourage retired early, and were ready the next morning at 7am to fly to London, for the next leg of the Divine trip.