Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Enugu, Nigeria – 17 and 18 December, 2018

Soon after breakfast, Swami’s entourage proceeded to the Joy Ashram. Indeed a blessed day for everyone from the Ebbe village, as the School which would provide education to 1000 children was ready to start functioning that morning. Along with the school, an in patient facility, the labour ward, Operation Theatre, and the laboratory unit at the Aruike Hospital were also ready to be inaugurated. Inauguration of the 33.92 KWP super solar hybrid power plant was also scheduled.

His Royal Highness, Eze Udo (King of Peace) Traditional Ruler of Umukpa Alike Autoumous Community, Dr Fintan Ekochin, Commissioner of Health, State of Enugu, Honourable Justice of High Court Ms Chinwe Emembolu of Anambra State, and Mr Maruthi Mallepalli, CEO of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company were the Guests of Honour of the morning event. The guests first proceeded to the Secondary School Complex and after the National Anthem, traditional rituals, and prayer, everyone proceeded for the ribbon cutting ceremony. From the School complex, Swami along with the guests walked to the Hospital to inaugurate the various new facets of the Hospital which is providing succour to so many residents of Ebbe village. Thereafter, the inauguration of the solar power plant took place. Swami and the guests returned to the School Complex for the formal function to commence.

On behalf of the Enugu State Government, Enugu State Ministry of Health and the Governor of Enugu Honourable Gburuburu, Dr Fintan Ekochin expressed his joy, and conveyed the greetings of all. He said, “Today is the day the good Lord has made, and we rejoice and we are glad in it. Few months ago the Deputy Governor was here for the Gift of Limbs event. Enugu State Government is fully aware of all that is happening here in Joy Village and today I am here representing the Government. We speak loud and we speak with pride about the Joy Village, and what is happening here is not what you see in other places. I have been seeing these children grow. To grow means they are well nourished and given love. This Hospital is the ONLY example in the whole of Nigeria where there is free treatment. Aruike Hospital has been giving free treatment for the last two years, and it is now going to expand.” As part of a Government collaboration, Aruike Hospital will offer free treatment to pregnant women and children below six years. At a personal level, Dr Fintan announced that he would be coming to offer his services at the Hospital, much to the joy of everyone!

Swami in His divine message said, “In India it is said those who have a broad mind, consider everyone as part of their family. Only the narrow minded think otherwise. This ideal of a global family, that all humanity is one family is being witnessed here today. Though we are all from different parts of the world, we are here to celebrate a family reunion with everyone. Where there is good, there is God and where there is god, there is abundance. In times to come, the School will grow to become a College, the General Hospital will become a Cardiac Hospital, and a large prayer Centre for the whole community to come together and pray. The School is for the head, the Hospital is for the hands and the prayer Centre will be for the heart. With the combination of head, heart and hand, everyone will work together for the progress, prosperity and peace of this place! Our gratitude to the King who has come forward to help with a unique programme, which is being conducted for the first time in Nigeria – Pediatric Cardiac surgeries – will be conducted in partnership with the Enugu Hospital completely free of cost during the first week of January, and the doctors will visit every six months. This surgical care will grow in to a Cardiac Care Speciality Hospital, and will be one of its kind.”

The Amazing Grace Students Choir performed along with the TELA Teachers, and this was followed by cultural dance by the residents of the village. The event concluded at 3 p.m and after blessing all, Swami returned to the Chapel for lunch. The entourage returned to their hotel in the evening, and rested for the night. The next morning, December 18, Swami’s entourage proceeded to the airport to board their long flight back to India, and reached Bangalore in the afternoon of December 19.