Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Enugu, Nigeria – November 04 and 05, 2017

Swami’s entourage boarded their flight in the wee hours of the morning of November 4, and landed in Enugu at noon. They were lovingly received by Father Charles Ogada, Brother Anant Rao, Brother Ashok Pai and Brother Ricky Sharma at the airport. A short native African dance welcomed everyone as they stepped out of the Airport, and all were soon driven away to the Hotel in Ebe, Enugu. After lunch, the Commissioner of Health Dr Fintan Ekochin and the Commissioner of Agriculture Mr Emeka Edeh arrived at the Hotel to meet Swami’s entourage. They were awe struck by all the ongoing work and were equally overwhelmed to hear about all the initiatives that will unravel in Enugu. Due to the long flight, everyone rested in the evening after an early dinner.

The next morning, November 5, after breakfast Swami’s entourage proceeded to the JOY Ashram, tucked away in the lap of Mother Nature. Upon arrival, Swami who was already waiting in His room, commanded Father Charles to conduct the Sunday Mass at the Chapel. What followed for the next 30 minutes was indeed beautiful! It was one-of-a-kind Sunday Mass in the presence of the Heavenly Father! Swami then went on a quick tour around the Campus, and then returned to the Chapel to partake His lunch. The entourage returned to the hotel for lunch.

In the evening, over 200 people had gathered at the Chapel. The children presented a drama, ‘World Parliament of Religions’ which was followed by a heart tugging songs. Thereafter, Ms Sai Gargi, daughter of Brother Anant Rao and Smt Kamala, presented a Bharathnatyam recital. Swami blessed all with His divine message and said, “Though there are many faiths, the path is one. Though there are many kind of clothes, thread is one. Though there are many kind of jewels, gold is one. Though there are many kinds of flowers, worship which is performed with them is one. Unable to understand the oneness in creation, humanity suffers in confusion. God created this world in His own image. God who is full of love, suffused His creation with love. No one lives for themselves. Those who live for others, only live. Divine principle of love cannot be preached or written down, it can be learnt only by practise.“

Swami then narrated the story of Father Charles, and said he followed the calling of his heart, not his head. “Head keeps changing depending on situation and circumstances. Because he followed his heart, so many are able to follow their heart! Jesus lived for a short life, but He continues in His spirit. All are here only to serve others, to be like Him is the best that one can do!”

Dinner was served to everyone after the Satsang, and Swami retired for the night.