Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Fiji – April 24, 2018

A dedication on this day!

During His visit to Fiji six months ago, Swami roared about the need to move on from merely glooming over His portrait decorated with withering flowers, and contemplating His loss ceremoniously, to making a difference to the lives of those in need, in His sacred name, and thus celebrating His continuing guidance and presence in everybody’s lives.

And so it was done today in Fiji! 27 children stricken with critical congenital cardiac conditions, received a new lease of life through free surgical and interventional procedures by a global team of highly dedicated medical professionals lead by our own surgeons from Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani pediatric care hospitals in India, under the aegis of Sai Prema Foudndation of Fiji, to mark the ‘D’ date with new beginnings and not any ends!

“When I celebrate My birthday, I give gifts and not receive any, unlike others who do it to receive”, He proclaimed. “So should be the date of the physical departure observed with giving the gifts of hope and joy to those in distress”, added the Lord.

And again the joyful opportunity to render this task supreme came to the Sai Prema Foundation of Fiji, which apart from gifting 27 lives to children and thus their kith and kin, parted ways with the hands of the clock, and worked day and night, through sunshine and rains, hurricanes and hailstorms, to fulfill the word of their Master of dedicating a free medical centre to His Fijian children on the Mahasamadhi Day. And all of it in a mere span of six calendar months, from concept to completion! Actually, just 13 weeks!

So soon after breakfast, Swami proceeded to visit the Medical Centre. A miracle stood in front of everyone! Many devotees from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, and other countries had gathered to witness the miracle! Sayings of many world renowned people, which included Helen Keller, Mary Angelou, St Francis of Assisi, and of course beloved Bhagawan, were engraved in acrylic totems and stood tall, greeting everyone walking towards the medical centre. After cutting the ribbon, Swami unveiled the plaque, walked around blessing every room beginning with the Pharmacy. The Medical Centre looked very beautiful, and the quality of construction was remarkable! As He walked from room to room, He gave precious advise, and Swami said “This Medical Centre is very first footprint of Swami here in Fiji, so it had to be the very best! November 2019 a Pediatric Cardiac Hospital must open and the first surgery should be done!” A tall order, but well, like it is said ‘Nimitta Mathram Bhavasavyasachi’ – ‘simply be an instrument in My hands’, for can anyone question the will of God?

A small canopy was erected in front of the medical centre, and Swami walked inside with His entourage. Everyone took their seats, and little Saisha Tappoo welcomed everyone in a very sweet way, while reminding all gathered that while the world will remember April 24 with remorse, for Swami’s devotees in Fiji, it was a day of celebration, a day of new beginning, a day of hope with the inauguration of the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Medical Centre. She concluded with a sweet song, and offered her gratitude to Swami. Brother Sumeet took to the podium next, and reminded everyone that when a person surrenders, the Lord will make him or her a flute that he would want to play. He was filled with gratitude and broke down emotionally many times during his talk.

Sri C Sreenivas was the next speaker, who said that an ounce of action is far more precious than a ton of words! But here in Fiji it has been a ton of action! He said, “If there is one word which gets connected to the divine, it is miracle. God chooses us to become that miracle of life and live by example, and an impossible task becomes an inevitable task.” He reminded that all were witness to an unlimited power, the unseen hand!

Swami then beckoned Dr Ashish Katewa to speak about the first pediatric cardiac hospital in South Pacific, which will be inaugurated in November 2019 in Suva! “This will be Fiji’s very own first cardiac hospital, and it will also serve as a Centre of Excellence, serving hundreds of Islands! This is a resource intensive mandate totally free-of-cost.” Dr Ashish spoke about Swami’s timeline of how the Hospital will be built and the first surgery will be performed in 18 months flat!!

Swami in His divine message said, “The whole world is governed by God. God is under the influence of truth, which is subjugated to good people, so good people are greater than God Himself! This is the beginning of many good things that are to happen. There is a long way to go, and much to cover. The first step in the right direction is all that is required, and step-by-step when we tread, we will reach our destination. No good that is done goes waste. Any good that is done is like an insurance policy – Kurupunya Mahoratram – do good day and night.

The essence of all the 18 Puranas is – To help others is merit and harm others is sin. Keep doing good always. Everyday we can save a life, a child, a family. So every day is important!” Swami went on to speak about how selflessness and surrender go hand-in-hand. He said, “A miracle is nothing but surrender! If you surrender, miracles will ensue. Surrender to the will of God with great love and affection. Make this an exemplary Centre. Considering all as our own we should serve. What you know of this world is very little. Law of God is infinite. Go by the law of love, for love knows no law. When you do with love, God is by your side and He will provide. Cardiac screening should commence next year in April 2019, and the first surgery should be done in the Hospital in November 2019!”

Mangala Aarti was offered and then Swami was served lunch in His room at the Medical Centre. Swami spoke to the Tappoo family and all the Trustees of the Sai Prema Foundation, and gave them instructions for the next phase!

In the evening, Swami visited the residence of Brother Rajendra Kumar and his wife Smt Varsha. A couple of soulful songs were rendered by Brother Sumeet, and Swami spent some intimate moments with the family and everyone gathered. Swami continued talking about the medical mission in Fiji, and later dinner was served. After Mangala Arati, Swami departed to the Tappoo residence for the night.

On this significant day, His worship has found fulfilment in His work, as these blooms of little hearts, placed at the altar of His love will never fade nor wither away. The temple of healing created in His holy name, ‘Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Medical Centre’, will be here to stay.
He would continue through His labour of love, and bring life, light and laughter to the lives of Fijians forever!

Bula Vinaka!