Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Fiji – April 25 to 27, 2018

With everyone still fighting the jet lag, Swami advised a morning of rest for everyone. In the evening, Swami along with His entourage visited the residence of Sri Kamlesh Tappoo and his wife Smt Jyothi. An intimate gathering, Swami had also called the group of devotees who had come from New Zealand. Brother Sumeet sang very melodious Bhajans and songs. Swami said, “There is so much joy in singing God’s name, compared to a sweet. It is said ‘Come and taste the beauty of Rama’s name. Rama’s name is the sweetest.’ You cannot experience the sweetness of the name if you have fever of the world. Tansen was a singer in the court of Akbar, known for his singing. Akbar was very proud of his people, and always projected Tansen in good light. One day Akbar was going in the forest, heard a very melodious voice, and was drawn towards a hut where a sage was singing. Akbar asked him what was the secret of his sweet singing, sweeter than Tansen. The sage replied saying while singing Tansen looked at Akbar’s face, whereas when he sang, he looked at the face of God! Perfection comes only when we do things for God’s sake. Highest path of God realisation is Bhakti. You should have pure love for God like the Gopikas, who lived in the Krishna consciousness all the time. They only had love for God in their heart, and attained Krishna more than anyone else!” Swami advised all to have madness for God.

Devotees from New Zealand who had gathered, offered a few songs thereafter. Swami continued His casual conversation again, and said devotion to God is like anesthesia. “With love and faith in God, it allows you to go through the surgery. Difficulties, obstacles will be there, but love for God is the only way you will not realise the pain. The quality of a true devotee is equanimity, who will always remains stable, in both good and bad times! This equanimity will come only to a true devotee.“

Swami met the family of Sri Kamlesh Tappoo and then dinner was served to Him and all the gathered guests. After Mangala Arati, He departed to the residence of Sri Mahendra Tappoo for the night.

The next morning, April 26 was set aside to visit the Ashram. But due to the weather forecast of heavy rains, everyone decided to stay indoors for the entire day. Towards the evening, arrangements were being made at the Medical Centre to receive the Prime Minister of Fiji the next morning. Swami blessed a few families with interviews, and retired for the night after a traditional dinner of Gujarati dishes.

The dawn of April 27. A day when residents of Fiji would welcome a new Medical Centre amidst their midst – a totally free of cost Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Medical Centre. After breakfast, Swami along with His entourage, Dr Shaun Setty, Dr Ashish Katewa, Dr David Cornsweet and Mrs Jennie Cornsweet, reached the Medical Centre before 10:30 a.m. While waiting for the Prime Minister’s arrival, Swami spoke to the Fiji team and gave them all much needed advise about the upcoming Pediatric Cardiac Hospital. Prime Minister Vorege Bainimarama along with his wife, and the Health Minister reached the Medical Centre, and entered the function area where a lot of people had gathered. The children who underwent surgery along with their parents were also seated.

Brother Sumeet traced the journey of the Sai Prema Foundation in the last two years, and how through the various service activities have touched the people of Fiji. He invited the children for a picture to be taken with the Prime Minister. Since it also happened to be the Birthday of the Prime Minister, Brother Sumeet urged everyone to join him in singing the Birthday song on behalf of all Fijians. Thereafter, Sri Mahendra Tappoo addressed the audience and at the outset thanked the Prime Minister and the Government of Fiji for granting the land upon which stands the Medical Centre. He also spoke about the new Pediatric Cardiac Hospital which would be constructed right next to the Medical Centre, and would be South Pacific‘s first free pediatric cardiac facility.

The Honourable Prime Minister addressed the gathering next and said that this Centre is going to be open for all for life, and would save lives of people. He encouraged everyone to lend a helping hand towards fellow citizens. The Prime Minister applauded the efforts of the Sai Prema Foundation and said that the Foundation has not only built this Medical Centre, but was always involved in touching the lives of the people of Fiji through the various service initiatives.

Sri C Sreenivas was the next speaker, and started by asking the question, “What is Sanjeevani? It stands for genuine care, quality care, much needed care, and uniquely free of cost care! Progress is measured by how we feel and care for our brethren. Today’s inauguration is a step towards that progress.”

The Prime Minister and his team then proceeded to inaugurate the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Medical Centre, and unveiled the plaque. He walked around the Medical Centre, and spoke to the team, ensuring all the support from the Government. A cake was also cut on the occasion of his Birthday, and Swami said that when one works for God, capacities increase! He told the Sai Prema Foundation team, “When Swami says something, He knows it is possible. Now, how to make it possible is in your hands!” He blessed everyone abundantly, had His lunch and then proceeded to the Tappoo residence. Late afternoon, Swami and His entourage proceeded to the other end of Fiji, Nadi on a three-hour long drive. But on the way, stopped at Pacific Harbour at the site of the upcoming Ashram. More than 50% of the work was completed, and Swami walked around the Prayer Hall, which at the moment is a shell structure. The beauty of this Ashram or any upcoming Ashram around the world is that, they all sit in the lap of Mother Nature. Here in Fiji, the Ashram sits majestically on the shores of the Pacific waters, as the waves gently caress the feet of all those who stand in the sands, lost in watching the setting sun. And if one has the Lord, God, Creator also standing beside, the feeling is pretty ecstatic! The entire entourage along with the Sai Prema Foundation team who were present to welcome Swami at site, were uniquely blessed to watch the setting sun with Him by their side, as He gave the team a lot of advise on the next steps of the Ashram construction and completion. After blessing all with a group photograph, Swami handed out chocolates to every one present, and continued on His journey to Nadi. Upon reaching the hotel, dinner was served to Swami and everyone rested for the night.