Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Fiji – April 28 to 30, 2018

While in Fiji, it is said sit back, relax and enjoy Fiji time. Time sometimes stands still in these beautiful and gorgeous islands. Simply staring at God’s creation just gives the added energy and impetus to do more in the coming days. And this is exactly what Swami wanted His entourage to do for two days! He wanted them along with the Fiji team to connect with nature and contemplate on all that He had said and continues to say, day in and day out! Though it was rather a easy morning on April 28, looking at all the wonderful news reports of the inauguration of the Medical Centre, everyone were renewed with more enthusiasm to immediately commence work on the Hospital, for Swami had given a deadline. Ashram and Hospital to be inaugurated on April 24, 2019! For breakfast, lunch and dinner, Swami doled out delicious doses of spiritual bliss. On one occasion when Brother Rimal Tappoo and family came to meet Swami, He remarked on how He saved the life of Rimal from cancer, just a few years ago. And today, Rimal is one of the main volunteers behind the Medical Centre with matchless dedication! When Brother Sumeet observed, “Swami, he survived because of You”, Swami was quick to reply, “He survived to serve. What’s the use of surviving without serving?!”

On the evening of April 29, before all the Fiji devotees departed, there was a small Satsang in Swami’s apartment at the hotel. Brother Sumeet’s melodious Krishna Bhajans and songs on Radha and Meera elevated everyone to a different plane. Swami then spoke about the devotion of Radha and Meera. He said, “Bhakti has two sides to it, one is love and the other is faith. Loving God and following Him to the ends of the earth with faith is important. To follow God, one needs courage. Courage to follow God through all ups and downs of life!”

Mangala Arati was offered and dinner was served to Bhagawan. Thereafter, Bhagawan blessed all the Fiji devotees with short interviews and Prasadam before the day ended, as their hearts were heavy with the feeling of separation, due to the departure of the entourage the next evening, April 30, back to Bangalore.

On the evening of 30th April, while the earth outside was drenched with bouts of showers, it rained tears inside from the moist eyes of the host family as they bid a fond farewell to Swami and the entourage. It’s the most difficult time of the trip when the helpless devotees meet a helpless God, both of whom though don’t want to part, are bound by their duties for the sake of the greater good of the world. “I will always be with you, when you serve My people”, were the final words of assurance to an inconsolable group of Fiji devotees as the final prayers culminated in Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!