Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Fiji – September 15, 2016

Everyone woke up to a bright, sunny and chirpy morning on the island of Malolo Lailai. After breakfast, the chosen group gathered for a Satsang at Bhagawan’s villa. The host family, Brother Sumeet, his father Sri Mahendra Tappoo, his mother Smt Maya and his little daughter Saisha, had all prepared a bouquet of songs which they lovingly offered at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. Brother Sumeet sang the song, ‘Swagatam Sai’ with much devotion. When he sang the line in the song, ‘…Baba Fiji Padhare…’ (Baba has graced Fiji…), he was choked with emotions, and there was not a dry eye in the room! The atmosphere was charged with much gratitude and love for the ever compassionate Lord, for out of the billions of people, sitting at His Lotus Feet at that moment¬† were the chosen fifty!

The first speaker of the day was Mr Issac Tigrett who said that the past two days was like a picnic, where each one had brought their picnic basket. Now, when the time to leave had arrived, it was important for each one to look into their picnic baskets and see what one is taking back. The thought provoking and timely advise framed the importance of the past two days, and the lessons Swami had taught everyone during its course. His talk certainly left everyone to ponder and introspect within.

The next speaker to be called by Bhagawan was Sri Yugumaran, one of Swami’s ardent devotees from Singapore. He reminisced the picnic with Bhagawan at Sentosa park in Singapore early this year, when for the first time Swami spoke about the Fiji island retreat. He said the events of the last two days in the Lord’s company, made him imagine the times when Swami had taken devotees to the bank of the Chitravati River and spent many wonderful evenings.

He spoke of how Swami was the center of our universe and one should cultivate this nearness and dearness to Him always. He fondly remembered moments from the last two days on the island and all the lovely lessons imparted by Bhagawan.

The next speaker Mr David Cornsweet, who offered the collective gratitude on behalf of everyone to Swami. Emotionally charged, Mr Cornsweet shared how at that moment he saw unity in all who were there, and unity with Swami.

The retreat came to an end with Bhagawan handing out island memorabilia to all, followed by Arati and prasadam. With hearts filled with gratitude to the Lord for giving them this unforgettable opportunity of being with Him on an island, the group headed back by ferry to Nadi.

The evening programme was set in the house of Sri Chetan and Smt Sheetal (daughter of Sri Mahendra Tappoo). The evening was a private session with close members of the family.

After a few bhajans Bhagawan commanded Sri Narasimha Murthy to speak. Sri Narasimha Murthy spoke of the four kinds of devotees who come to Swami and shared stories from India’s rich mythological treasure giving all lucid insights on the topic of devotion. He congratulated the family for their participation in building the new Ashram in Fiji, and spoke about how the Ashram was a great and noble task, Swami has given to the Fiji team. He wished them all the best and said he looked forward to coming with Swami the following year to inaugurate the Ashram.

Bhagawan spoke to the small gathering explaining the importance of Satsang. He said Satsang was the first step towards God. “There isn’t a more momentous and sacred occasion than the day a person turns his/her vision Godward.” He gave the analogy of dust, which in the company of wind rises higher and higher, while the same dust in the company of water sinks lower and lower. The best company is the company of those who have realised God. He spoke of the glorious times that ahead in the future. Swami said, much will be done by the Fiji team before receiving the next avatar of Prem Sai. He encouraged all to have more satsangs, which was the way to ensure a pure and clear mind. “Like a sailor with a compass to guide him, one should have our minds always turned towards God”, the Lord said.

After His talk Bhagawan granted interviews to the host family and the day came to a close with Arati and dinner prasadam.

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