Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Fiji – September 11, 2016

Day Two of Bhagawan’s visit to Fiji began with a sumptuous spread of breakfast. When the hosts served fresh Fijian coconut water along with a few pieces of tender coconut at the breakfast table, Swami asked, “What is the inner significance of offering the coconut to God, which is part of the worship rituals in most Hindu temples? The tender sweet inside of the coconut is covered with the hard case of the nut, which is further covered with the fibre, and this cannot be consumed. So we remove the fibre and the hard nut, and offer only the sweet fruit and water to God. Likewise, we are covered with the fibre of Tamasic Qualities ( Lower instincts) and the hard nut of Rajasic Qualities ( passion), and both have to be removed to offer the sweet Satwic ( divine) qualities to God. Every time we break a coconut, we need to remind ourselves of this inner truth behind!”

After speaking to the members of the Tappoo family, Bhagawan called the Fiji youth group who have been involved in various service projects, which are being guided by the Lord Himself. He also met the committee members of the Sai Prema Foundation. As the interviews came to a close, the living room was full with senior devotees and youth who had special plans for the Lord! As Bhagawan came out of the interview room, the group offered at His lotus feet, a medley of songs, specially prepared for the Lord.

The devotion in their voices was palpable and it was a treat to be in the presence of such Love between the Lord and His devotees. The prayers of gratitude included numbers like – ‘I keep feeling your love’, ‘Tu pyar ka sagar hain’, and the evergreen, ever emotional song ‘Humko tumse pyar kitna’.

Swami then spoke briefly to the gathered devotees, advising the youth and elders to work together like fingers of a hand, which are of different sizes but are required to work together to do anything. He urged them to work with the flame of selflessness and light other lives with their work. He reminded all that one could either be a participant or be a spectator. “Only by participating can there be transformation. Sadhana and Seva should go together”, Bhagawan said.

Lunch was served to all gathered, and Bhagawan retired for the afternoon.

The evening programme, a public Satsang, was set in the Kshatriya Hall in Suva – Sathya Sai Satsang 2016. As Bhagawan arrived to the chanting of vedam, the devotees gathered were keenly looking forward to a divine evening with their benevolent Master. Brother Sumeet Tappoo welcomed Swami in his own inimitable way, with a melodious song. He then briefly spoke about Bhagawan’s subtle form and His continuing mission of uplifting the human consciousness all over the world. He enumerated how Fiji had been one of the fortunate receipients of the Lord’s grace in recent years through projects like – Health on Wheels (mobile hospital), Sai Annapoorna (breakfast Seva), and projects like Cyclone relief, free healthcare clinic etc.

After the welcome and introductory address, a special ‘multi-faith’ prayer had been organised where leaders of the various faiths offered their prayers – Islamic (Arabic), Hindu (Sanskrit) , Christian (English and Hindi) Buddhist (Pali, an ancient Indian language). Though the language and intonations were different, the solemnness and divine vibrations that each emanated were in unison.

Sri Mahendra Tappoo, President of Sai Prema Foundation then gave a overview of the Bhagawan’s mission – Medicare, Sociocare and Educare. He gave an overview of the service activities undertaken by the Sai Prema Foundation which was started by Bhagawan in March 2015 – ‘Health on Wheels’ project where healthcare is being taken to the doorsteps of the needy since late 2015, relief work during this year’s cyclone Vincent, and Pediatric cardiac surgeries to 25 needy children in Fiji, by a team of doctors from Sai Sanjeevini hospital, who specially flew to Fiji to perform them.

He also spoke of the future plans in terms of a free healthcare center, and a world peace center in Pacific Harbour, which is an hour’s drive from Suva, amongst other initiatives. He ended his talk by seeking Swami’s blessings. A video showcasing all the projects of Sai Prema Foundation was then screened.

The next speaker was Mr Issac Tigrett, who began by saying the two most important days in one’s life is the day one is born, and the day one knows why (he/she is born). He spoke of his Christian upbringing, and said irrespective of the faith one is born into, it was in the human DNA to seek God. He said he believed he is a divine being because his Master (Swami) had said he was, and this faith had came through a long journey of surrender, trust. He reminded all that no two journeys are the same, but the destination is the same.

Sri C Sreenivas was the next speaker who based his talk on the topic of love, and said ‘Sai Prema’ or love is the essence of our lives and the most important aspect of our journeys. He drew everyone’s attention to the interesting name of the Sai Prema Foundation, where Sai Prema is a duplication of words, as both Sai and Prema meant Love. He said Sai Prema Foundation is not just another legal entity, but a journey which started with a prayer. He ended his inspiring talk with a moving experience of a Pakistani patient’s mother, whose faith in God and His love was reinforced by her experience in Swami’s hospital in Naya Raipur.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke next, and commenced his talk with a couplet of Kabir in which God Himself poses a question as to “where can one find Him”. He then answered – “I am near you, I am in your breath and I am in your faith!” He reminded all of how auspicious the day was, when the Lord Himself was there to hold hands and lead everyone to love and compassion.

Swami then blessed everyone with His divine discourse. He began by saying God is one, but takes many forms and names like water, which takes the form of the vessel. He said God manifests in the physical form to quench the thirst of His devotees to experience the love of God. He incarnated on Earth as Rama, Jesus, Buddha. Swami said the main reason why we see so many wars and conflict in modern times is because people are seeing diversity/differences in unity. He said, the Sai Prema Foundation is all about recognising this unity.

“Loves lives by giving and forgiving. In love there is nothing calling giving and expecting something in return. Love knows only to give. Even if others behave with different feelings and attitudes, we have to behave in only one way. Man’s nature is to love those who love, while to love all is divine quality. Love has this wisdom, unless one has this wisdom one cannot experience this selfless love.” He urged all to develop this kind of love and make it the foundation of their lives

Swami said – “Alone, one cannot do this work. Institution, society and government should work together in this work. Swami wants Fiji to have good infrastructure and facilities so the doctors can come and perform surgeries and treat the children who need help.” Blessing the Foundation to have selfless love and service, Swami willed that a free hospital would come up and cater to not just Fiji, but the whole region. While giving an glimpse of the glorious times to come and the expanding footprint of service activities, Bhagawan reminded all that it was He who was driving things through the people. The choice is with each one to be a part of this majestic flow of the mission. He reminded all that in serving others one was only serving oneself.

Swami continued by saying, “By God’s grace, a human body has been given. Just because we have a human body, do we become human? Only when we develop humanness and human values, we can call ourselves human beings. In the same way we see a shadow and recognise the object, similarly looking at the service, one should be able to see the divinity.”

After the discourse, Brother Sumeet Tappoo presented a couple of soulful songs at the lotus feet. The day ended with Arati and prasadam.

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