Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Fiji – September 09, 2017

The next morning was exciting, as everyone were eager to visit a children’s home along with Swami. Upon arrival, Dr Krupali Tappoo introduced the children of God, and she narrated instances of the joy it brought the volunteers every time they visited ‘Dilkusha’, which means happy heart. Dilkusha was established by the Methodist Church in 1904 during the British colonial times, and today it is the oldest home, giving succor to many children, most of them, girls. Since it’s inception thousands of children have found a place, which they have been able to call ‘home’.

Swami commanded the Matron to speak, and her emotional speech was straight from her heart. She expressed her gratitude to the volunteers of the Sai Prema Foundation, who have given so much to these children. She said, “Togetherness is because of the love for God.” She concluded her short and heartfelt talk with a prayer to Jesus Christ, which left everyone teary eyed.

Thereafter, the children sang a few songs thanking the Lord, and Swami showered them all with gifts. Sri C Sreenivas addressed the children, and in his short speech said that all are one great, and one God’s family, which is the ultimate truth.

As it was already a little past noon, Swami commanded that lunch must be served on time to all the children. The volunteers who had lovingly cooked the food for the children, sprang into action, organising the whole place, under the watchful eyes of Bhagawan, who went around serving ice cream, to the utter delight of the beautiful children. The love and compassion which flowed to these children from God Himself, was a sight to witness! After blessing everyone, Swami returned to the Tappoo residence for His lunch.

In the evening, the core team of the Sai Prema Foundation had gathered with their families to bask in Swami’s love yet again. Brother Sumeet set the mood and tone for the evening, with his mellifluous signing of Krishna Bhajans, which transported everyone to another realm. His eight-year-old daughter Saisha, sang three songs, and Swami said it sounded sweet like the cooing of a cuckoo. In fact, Swami admitted Saisha’s singing was much better than her father’s! Swami went on to talk about music, and how music is dear to God, as that is why He is called as Gaana Priya. Swami said, “It is very easy for musicians to be close to God. Wherever you have music, God is there like the object and shadow. Bhavam (feelings) Ragam ( Melody) and Thalam ( Rythm) have to come together. With only Ragam and Thalam, you may call it music, but Bhavam or feeling of devotion is the most important aspect. Saint Tyagaraja’s keertanas have become syllabus for music schools today. His music came from within, as his devotion burst forth as songs, which has become timeless music today. Meera also did not go to any music school. She only sang for the sake of her Lord.

Every sense has been given to man only to experience divinity. Everything has been given to man, so he can adore God. Human beings are the epitome of creation. So lead your lives with divine feelings, in a way that befits your true divine, selfless and pure nature!” After this beautiful short discourse, Mangala Arati was offered and Swami was served dinner.