Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Fiji – September 10, 2017

The cool tropical winds welcomed the morning, and after a traditional Gujarati and South Indian breakfast, Swami proceeded to the Medical Centre of Dr Krupali Tappoo to bless the facility. The Medical Centre is situated in Suva’s biggest mall Tappoo City, which belongs to the Tappoo family. Swami spent a lot of time in the Medical Centre, and also declared that the upcoming Sanjeevani Hospital at Fiji, can commence operations with a similar kind of planning. Thereafter, he proceeded to the office of Sri Mahendra Tappoo and his brothers, who manage the functioning of the Mall. After blessing everyone, and every inch of the office space, Swami returned to the Tappoo residence for lunch.

In the evening, the Public Satsang was organised at the Albert Park Hall. As soon as Swami took His seat, Saisha welcomed Swami and His entourage in the most sweetest way. In fact, during breakfast that morning, Swami had asked the little girl to speak and introduce everyone that evening, which she implicitly obeyed.

Three Fijian Hymns were performed by the Navesi Church Choir, and the hymns in praise of Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and finally a song to realise that the light of Divinity is forever shining upon everyone.

Thereafter, Brother Sumeet took to the podium and gave an update of all the Seva activities, and said that all the activities that are currently underway as part of Swami’s ongoing mission in India, Fiji and through out the world are to change the landscape of humanity from darkness to light, and from evil to goodness. With direct guidance, direction and inspiration from Swami, the Sai Prema Foundation was created to carry out humble acts of humanitarian work, through a three-pronged approach – To promote physical and mental well-being among the underprivileged, through Socio care and Medicare initiatives; To raise people’s understanding of human values, in a world that is increasingly challenged by lack of humanity; To promote love, peace and unity among all Fijians, and promote better spiritual well-being.

Swami’s continuing mission commenced in Fiji with the GIFT OF LIFE project, which provides free heart surgeries to the children of Fiji. Fiji does not have Paediatric Cardiac facilities available, and the ‘Gift of Life’ project has benefitted, and will continue to benefit the great majority of children who do not have financial resources to be treated overseas.

In August 2016, a team of highly experienced Surgeon, Doctors and Medical staff from the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals visited Fiji, and gave a new lease of life to 23 children whose families had no hope of getting the treatment that the children deserved. Three children with more complex diagnosis were sent to the Raipur Hospital for free surgeries and they successfully returned back to Fiji. These surgeries have saved the children of Fiji in excess of $1.3million!

The second project is a Medical Scholarship programme given by the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in conjunction with the Government of Fiji and Sai Prema Foundation by providing free training to a Fiji-based doctors in India to further their skills in Pediatric Cardiology in India.

The third boon given to the people of Fiji by Swami is the HEALTH ON WHEELS project which serves the rural population of Fiji, through regular free Medical and Dental camps, by taking Fiji’s experienced medical professionals to serve those who are unable to access quality healthcare. Over a dozen camps have been conducted and more than 1,500 lives have been touched in rural villages of Fiji, providing them free healthcare conjunction with The Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services. The Ministry extends their support through Doctors and Medical personnel to complement the team of Medical professionals and volunteers from the Sai Prema Foundation. A greater emphasis will be laid on women and children, under the newly launched ‘Divine Mother and Child Program’ in the Asia Pacific region by Swami.

The fourth project launched in the last year is called SAI ANNAPOORNA – a project which has adopted underprivileged families to look after food, clothing and general living needs. Supporting residents of institutions such as Old-Age Homes, Children Homes, and Homes for the physically and visually challenged.

The fifth project undertaken is entitled BE A HERO, an initiative to assist the National Blood Service of Fiji in blood collection drives across the towns and cities. In a short span of time, the humble efforts have resulted in over 1,200 lives being saved by these blood drives.

The sixth project started by Bhagawan in Fiji is called CHILDREN OF GOD, an initiative which looks after the needs of children who do not have homes. Through this initiative, basic necessities of life are provided to make their living comfortable. Free healthcare, improving their diet and general wellbeing, giving them motivational talks to boost their morale, as well as providing them with experiences that any child would enjoy (e.g. visits to shopping malls, play centres and restaurants) are extended by the volunteers.

The seventh initiative is entitled HELP IN KIND, where the Foundation also does its best to be responsive to the needs of Fiji’s most vulnerable, in times of disaster or need. The Foundation undertook a focussed effort in providing immediate relief to villages in North Eastern Fiji, severely ravaged by the devastating category 5 cyclone which hit Fiji in 2016.

The next two projects are monumental in nature and its impact will be experienced by the people of Fiji and perhaps the world, for generations to come. The first is the soon-to-be-constructed Multi-faith Global Spiritual Centre in Pacific Harbour. The ‘Sai Prema Ashram’ will open to all people from all faiths, cultures and social backgrounds, and will aim to promote Love, Peace and Unity in Fiji and the Pacific region. The second monumental project is an expansion of the The Foundation’s Medicare mission. A free Medical Centre in Suva will be inaugurated on April 24, 2018 by the Divine command, to serve the country’s less privileged members of society, with particular emphasis on women and child health, as well as Diabetes patients. The medium to long term plan is to then expand this into South Pacific’s first Paediatric Cardiac Hospital which will provide the children of Fiji and the neighbouring South Pacific Island nations with free heart surgeries, giving them a new ‘Gift of Life’.

The Sai Prema Foundation has indeed been fortunate to receive abundant support from the Prime Minister and his Government, including the Ministry of Health.

Brother Sumeet also announced that four new projects would be inaugurated by Swami that evening. CONTROL D – a diabetes awareness and treatment programme; for underprivileged Diabetes patients; HEART BEAT – a child heart screening initiative for the children of Fiji, to detect potential heart issues and ensure that they are given the treatment they deserve; YOU ARE NOT ALONE – a mental health awareness campaign targeted at the youth of Fiji to curb the high rates of depression and suicide; and SAI CARES – a project that will provide employment opportunities to underprivileged and unemployed women.

In a short span of a little over 12 months, all these initiatives have been started. The proof of Swami’s continuing presence is the mammoth work being undertaken in so many countries around the world. This CANNOT be accomplished or even remotely planned by mere mortals. It was simply overwhelming to hear the mention of all these projects being undertaken by a core team of only nine people! Like Swami says, where there is a will, there is a way. The only thought behind all these initiatives are to ensure that Swami’s continuing mission unites more people in the Brotherhood of Man, and Fatherhood of God.

Mr Isaac Tigrett addressed the gathering, and spoke about his early days and his journey with Sai. He reminded everyone of their divinity, and how blessed they were to be born in a nation, pure and culturally rich like Fiji, and of course to top it all, they have the opportunity to bask in Swami’s love.

Sri C Sreenivas said that the only duty of a doctor or a hospital is to help. He reminded everyone that it was a highly powerful, sacred and momentous moment, as the establishment of the Medical Centre would create a platform of goodness, where love and care would be institutionalised through sublime service!

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy in his speech said that though the various projects are aimed to help the underprivileged population of Fiji, Swami is giving much more than that. “He is giving a direction to our lives. Jesus said, ‘Man cannot live by bread alone.’ Animals can live by bread alone, man cannot. He wants something more. Even people with lot of money, with lot of power, and authority seek something, and if we want to say that in words, in simple words, it is inner happiness, peace of mind, a joy which is beyond this world! Man seeks infinite happiness, which is what Divine Masters come to give. Therefore, these projects which are given by Swami, initiated by Swami are great opportunities for all the people of Fiji – not only the people of Fiji but also for people who are interested in improving themselves and redeeming themselves, in finding God, the opportunity for service is the greatest opportunity!”

Swami in His power packed discourse said, “Today in this very sacred land of very spiritual beings, we are here not merely to celebrate our meeting, but we are here to celebrate this principle of selflessness which I have taught. I am not different from My words, if you want Me, you ought to follow My words! If you want Swami’s love, you ought to love others, if you want Swami to be with you, you ought to be with others. To Me, from the beginning and till now, it has been a mission to alleviate the suffering of those who are in need; to treat people with love and concern, and give them joy and bliss that they must have. And those who stray away from the righteous path, must be brought back to this path of goodness. These are the things that I have worked for, that I am working for, and I will continue to do so forever. All those who say that they belong to Me, must accept this message and the work that Swami has embarked on. I do not want people who would put up My posters, hang flower garlands to it and give talks from high podiums on how glorious was the Sai Avatar. Those are the things of the past. Today, deeds must speak, actions must speak and through your actions I should be known to the world!”

Mangala Arati was offered, and Prasadam was distributed to everyone. Swami then blessed the food and proceeded to the Tappoo residence for His dinner.