Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Fiji – September 12 and 13, 2017

It was a morning of rest for the entourage, as the Tappoo family along with the Sai youth were busy preparing for Swami’s visit to the Ashram land the next morning. In the evening, a small private Satsang was held on Swami’s command, where the Tappoo family, their relatives and a few youth had gathered. Soulful Bhajans by Brother Sumeet and his daughter Saisha were offered at Swami’s divine Lotus Feet. Swami was very happy and pleased with the singing of the little girl. He then commanded Mr Isaac Tigrett to address the intimate gathering. Looking at Saisha, he reminisced the days of Prasanthi Nilayam when the Primary School children would chant the Vedas, and confessed that there was nothing more exciting to him, than to watch all of them. Mr Tigrett said that this was born out of purity.

Swami in His short message prophesied that in the times to come the Ashram in Fiji would grow and become a place of great significance. “As time passes it will reveal itself to people. It is not without a reason that I am coming here and spending so much time.” He said.

Swami asked whether everyone rested enough, and all nodded in the affirmative. Swami then said, “I don’t have any rest at all. For me there are so many homes, so many worlds, and so many beings to look after.” How true, for there is no rest or respite for the Creator! Swami then gave some valuable guidance on the Ashram construction. The previous day Swami picked an elderly gentleman as the Ashram Incharge, so he could stay and look after the construction, the maintenance and upkeep of the Ashram. Swami also revealed how that gentleman had prayed fervently to Swami many decades ago, to be able to serve Prema Sai. Swami then went on to talk about Prema Sai, which is always exciting to hear! He said, “The vibrations will be very high, and to withstand that kind of Shakti or energy will not be easy for everyone. All cannot withstand His presence. You have to be very strong and of very high energy.” The compassionate Lord then said, “See how God is! He only teaches you; gives you the opportunity to do Seva, so He can shower His grace and fulfill all that you have asked Him! How can Krishna who wields the Sudarshana Chakra on his little finger, cut his finger with a sugarcane! It was all for the sake of Draupadi, to save her honour at some point in time, which Krishna had foreseen. He had given Draupadi the chance to tie His little finger with a piece of cloth from her Saree, which came to her rescue. Likewise, God creates these opportunities, and it is the abundance that He showers.”

Mangala Arati was offered thereafter, and dinner Prasadam was served to all.

The next morning, September 13, after an early breakfast, Swami proceeded with His entourage on an hour’s drive from Suva, to the site of the Ashram land at Pacific Harbour. The contractors and a few others involved in the construction, were ready to receive Swami. It was the concrete pouring ceremony, and Swami blessed by pouring the first shovel of concrete into the bosom of Mother Earth. He then urged everyone present to do the same. Thereafter, Swami walked up to the edge of the ocean, and revealed many aspects of the upcoming Ashram, which He said must be ready next year for inauguration. Swami then returned to the Tappoo residence for lunch, and retired for the afternoon.

In the evening, a Satsang was arranged at the residence of the Tappoo family, and a group of devotees had arrived from New Zealand to bask in Swami’s love. They sang a few songs filled with devotion, as soon as Swami sat on His chair. After the soulful rendition, Swami beckoned Mr Isaac Tigrett to address everyone. A visibly emotional Mr Tigrett spoke of the wonderful experience he had when the songs were being sung. He said he realised that it was true and pure devotion, and most times those around Swami are deluded by His Maya.

Sri C Sreenivas also spoke of the deluge of love and the power of devotion that evening. Sri B N Narasimha Murthy also echoed the same emotions, and spoke about the luster of devotion seen on the faces of devotees, which is all based on their immense faith in Swami. He spoke about how Swami has simplified spirituality for everyone and said, “Swami says where there is faith, there is love. Where there is love, there is peace. Where there is peace, there is truth. Where there is truth, there is bliss. And where there is bliss, there is God! This is all that we need to follow.” Sri Narasimha Murthy reminded everyone of the task for which each one takes birth – the task to take a step closer to God every day, reach the goal and understand that everything else was just a mirage.

Swami in His discourse said, “Every being born on this earth, is born with a purpose. Even the ant. You are wrong if you think the ant does not have a purpose. Man has to recognise this purpose, so that having born once, he does not have to be born again. What does this really mean? It only means that once you have realised your true self, there is no more cycle of birth and death. Once you learn your lessons, you have to write the exam, marks are then awarded, and you will pass. Man comes here to learn, and a Guru is important in this journey, as He patiently guides. A student must put all heart and soul to understand what the Guru has come to teach.

Every step that you take forward towards God matters. Every day must be spent in a purposeful way, which is selfless. God is always there to help you, especially those who have Shraddha, to take you closer to yourself. Bhakti will make you do everything. The love will manifest in thought, word and deed. Love for God is the first step. Each one of you should manifest the selfless love which you have learnt from Swami, in your daily lives!”

Mangala Arati was offered, and after blessing everyone Swami retired for the night, while the entourage packed to drive to Nadi the next morning, to board their flight to Brisbane, Australia.

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