Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Fiji – September 8 -10, 2016

Bhagawan’s second visit to the island nation of Fiji was with a purpose. It was the auspicious Bhoomi Puja of the new Ashram. The entourage commenced their long journey from Muddenahalli in the early hours of Thursday, September 8, 2016 to Singapore. After an overnight stopover, Swami gave some of the senior devotees an audience with the compassionate Lord, the next morning at Sai Anandam Ashram. The stopover in Singapore also gave the visiting team some time to rest for the entourage, before boarding the long flight to the beautiful pacific island, blessed bountifully by Mother Nature.

Bhagawan’s entourage flew to Nadi, Fiji after a 10 hour flight, and members of the Tappoo household (the Tappoo family has had the good fortune of hosting Swami during the last visit) welcomed the group with much love. The final destination was Suva, and after a very short connecting 30 minute flight, Bhagawan’s entourage reached the the city. As the plane made its touchdown, the rain washed scenery outside the window, seemed just perfect! The next few days were going to spent in the confluence of the trinity of Man, Nature and God.

Upon landing, the entourage was driven to Sri Mahandra Tappoo’s (father of Brother Sumeet Tappoo) house where a sumptuous  breakfast had been arranged. After breakfast, Bhagawan’s entourage checked-in at the hotel,  where they had a chance to freshen up and get ready for the highlight of the entire trip -Bhoomi puja of the upcoming Ashram, located in Pacific Harbour, an hour’s drive from Suva.

A little past noon, Swami’s car followed by the convoy carrying the entourage reached the Ashram site. As Swami alighted from the car, a golf cart awaited Him with Brother Sumeet Tappoo at the wheel.  Brother Sumeet drove the Lord around the perimeter of the thee acre Ashram site, blessing and sanctifying the land. Situated on the shore of Pacific Ocean, the Ashram site which Swami Himself had picked, has its own beachfront. The sound of the lapping waves had a soothing effect just as one stepped on the haloed land.

A tent had been erected close to the water front, venue for the auspicious Bhoomi Puja. Around 100 devotees both local and some from overseas were assembled. After a few Bhajans Bhagawan instructed every one to first have their lunch, as it was already past 1pm. He said ‘Bhajan’ will follow ‘Bhojan’. Bhagawan’s lunch had been arranged in a special annex, next to the main tent hall.

After lunch, the auspicious Bhoomi puja commenced and was officiated by Sri Nanjunda Dixit who had travelled from India for this purpose. The traditional Gana Homa, Navagraha Homa and the Sudarshana Homa were performed under the benevolent gaze and benign presence of Bhagawan. The rain Gods too decided to bestow their blessings abundantly, and add to the auspiciousness of the historic day. Drenched in the heavenly showers, the land looked even more beautiful. As the puja came to a conclusion,  Poorna Ahuti was offered in the Homa Fire. Thereafter, Sri Nanjunda Dikshit explained the significance of the various pujas that had been done that morning – Gana Homa, Navagraha Homa and the Sudarshana Homa – drawing references from India’s rich mythological culture.

Just before the Yagna began, Swami was ceremoniously honored by the Fijians with the highest of honors possible, which is offered to the High Chief of their tribes, considered equivalent to Gods. Just as this ceremony was going on, Brother Madhusudan explained the vision that he saw. Two divine beings a male and a female, emerged from thin air and offered their Pranams to Swami. Both seemed to have the upper body like a human, but the lower half was like that of a fish. They were the Sea God and Goddess who rule the land of Fiji from the seas. No wonder they came to honour the Lord of Lords who graced their Land!

After the Bhoomi Puja, Swami asked the Organising team who had spent long hours the past few days putting final touches to the Divine Visit, to take rest and brought the proceedings of the day to a close.

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