Divine Visit – Gadag and Tumkur – October 03, 2017

When in October of 2016, Swami had enquired about the opening of Gadag by this academic year, it drew a blank from the elders at the helm of affairs for it was already too late to apply for starting a school in the immediate academic year. To top it, despite several attempts, a suitable land for the school was not secured yet. However, a relentless Swami kept insisting and as a result, the land was found within a week and government postponed the last date for submitting the applications for a new school from October end to indefinitely! If this is not Divine will at work then what else is it? So within weeks the land was procured, permissions were secured in a record time of a month through the good offices of the Minister who dived in to this mission of rural education, devotees from Greece or Grace as Swami calls them, joined forces to ensure all that was needed was available, and thus despite the adverse wind and rain conditions, the school started in June 2017 with 55 girl children in Grade VI!

When recently they arrived for the Yajnas during Navarathri for their maiden visit to Sathya Sai Grama, He insisted that they stayed longer instead of the two days that they had planned and ensured that new clothes were stitched over night and many sarees procured to ensure they have enough clothing for the rest of the stay. This is Swami’s love for the latest entrant in to the arena of education!

While Swami assured the children that He would do whatever is needed to complete the pending works quickly, the devotees from Greece who were a witness to this amazing love, shed tears of joy as they rededicated themselves to complete this mission at Gadag!

Blessing all thus in the morning at the make shift prayer hall, after breakfast with sarees and sweets, Swami took off a little past 9 a.m. from the Gadag Campus for the Bhoomi Puja of yet another beautiful campus at Tumkur, Sri Sathya Sai Karunyaniketanam. The story was no different here from the previous two as incessant rains were lashing at the ground all night, and left everyone worried about the prospects of the function in the morning. But just as Swami had told the children at Gadag that He has given holidays to Vayu and Varuna Devas, the demigods responsible for wind and rain, the adamant clouds made way for a clear sunny day. Divine Sankalpa!

The helicopter descended at the new land twenty minutes after take-off from Gadag. A new make shift helipad was created and Swami proceeded to a two room residential facility which was constructed to house the care takers till the other buildings were constructed. He was greeted by the Karnataka Law Minister Sri T B Jayachandra and his devout wife, whose children had studied at Alike earlier. This apart, the Sri C V Suresh Babu, MLA of Sira Taluk and a while array of government officials had lined up to greet Swami. While opening the house, He called it ‘Sai Nilaya’ and thus after blessing, Swami proceeded to the large enclosure erected for the public meeting.

After a short ground breaking ceremony which was performed at the chosen spot, Swami ascended the dais with the dignitaries and the program commenced around half past 10. Welcome address by Sri Raghavendra Jannu, an Alumnus was followed by the opening remarks by the chosen Chairman of the Campus, Sri B Sathya Narayana, another illustrious Alumnus. Sri T B Jayachandra, Honourable Minister of Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Minor Irrigation, Government of Karnataka spoke highly about Swami’s current mission in the subtle with such great conviction, that could put many so called devotees to shame. He was delighted to receive this grace of an institution for the poor in his area and assured every support from his side. Swami blessed him profusely before Sri C V Suresh Babu, MLA of Sira Taluk who is known as man of his words, spoke.  He too assured Swami of all the support needed in-terms of laying a good asphalted approach road, water connection and electricity permissions for the campus.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy spoke next, highlighting the achievements of the current mission of Swami in subtle in the field of education, health and nutrition. He thus enlightened the 800-odd audience about the continued presence of Bhagawan now.

Swami spoke thereafter briefly, during which He pointed out the great culture of India which prayed for the welfare of all beings considering every one as one’s own family, which is not seen anywhere else in the world. He continued to emphasise on the need of the hour which is to impart the right kind of education to the needy, which not only enables a means of sustenance, but also provides the methods of highest achievement of the greater purpose of human life, which is to realise one’s oneness with the divine. He assured the officials and the ordinary, that the campus will start functioning from June 2018 with Grade VI. And education will be provided free of all fee, as God does not charge anything for all that He gives even though government lays taxes on God’s free gifts!

Thus ended a glorious ground breaking ceremony, and after lunch Swami took off in the chopper to Muddenahalli amidst hundreds of pairs of eyes watching the ascent of Bhagawan and His mission, that seems to scale newer heights with each passing day.

Swami landed in Muddenahalli, in a short while and was welcomed by the students, staff and devotees who had assembled in the stadium to receive Him. Blessing all, He finally returned to Anandam for some much needed rest.

36 hours, three campuses, two ground breaking ceremonies, that’s Godspeed!