Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Visit – Germany – April 09, 2017 (Morning)

Divine Visit – Germany – April 09, 2017 (Morning)

The morning was abuzz with last minute preparations for the first European Sai Youth Meet, as youth from 18 countries had gathered in Grafrath. Bhagawan was received with the ceremonial Poorna Kumbham by the youth. Flag bearers from all the 18 countries led Bhagawan to the dias. Few songs were offered at the Lord’s Feet by youth, thereafter Brother Jai Mexis from Greece welcomed the gathering. Bhagawan had lovingly given the theme for the Youth Meet as ‘I to We to He.’ Brother Jai spoke eloquently about the glorious ongoing mission and the role of youth in the same. Sister Shanti Snijders from Netherlands and Brother Mario from Italy thereafter spoke about their personal transformation over the last couple of years, and how they had seen visible changes in themselves by practising what Swami has been saying.

Swami then commanded Sister Bhuvana Santhanam and Brother Sumeet Tappoo to speak. Sister Bhuvana spoke about following one’s heart and doing everything from the heart. She narrated couple of instances from her life. She stressed on how Swami is depending on the youth to take forward His mission. “Swami says that the baton has been handed over to the youth to participate, and youth have to run faster.” Taking the examples of Sri Narasimha Murthy and Sri Sreenivas who have completely dedicated their lives for Swami’s mission, she reminded everyone that the mission has come this far, because of devotees like them. Sister Bhuvana also narrated a conversation which took place between Bhagawan and her, when the Lord asked her as to what was more powerful- the mind or the heart. Swami told her, “Mind is intelligence, heart is intuition. Heart is able to perceive beyond and see through. It is consciousness. Mind is conscience and body is conscious. Consciousness envelops the conscience and conscious. So the heart is more powerful.” She urged the youth to not loose the race, as keeping pace with Swami’s pace is most important.

Brother Sumeet began his talk by saying that his world had collapsed when the Lord left His physical form, as His entire life revolved around Swami. However, with the advent of Swami’s subtle form, his life has found a new meaning and purpose. Brother Sumeet shared his dreams from 1999 and 2005 when Swami had clearly told him about the current mission from Muddenahalli, as well as Swami’s trip to Fiji and around the world. He emphatically stated that no one was here just by chance and that it was the blessings, will and grace of Swami and hence it was important that we all realised the incredible opportunity and responsibility of becoming walking, talking and living Sathya Sai Baba’s in our homes, cities and countries. Brother Sumeet also reminded the youth to imbibe in their daily lives the ‘Nine Point Sanjeevani Sadhana Plan’ given by Swami to the youth last year. He ended the talk by leading the entire congregation to sing “I will love you more and more each day, I will love you dear Sai, forever and a day”.

Swami in His divine discourse advised the youth about keeping God as the Centre of their lives. He said, “Everything that you do on a daily basis, ask yourself if the end result of this activity would help me please God, would help me serve God. I am eating so that this body is healthy; if this body is healthy, through this body I can serve ten others; therefore, I have to eat. I am resting or I am sleeping so that this mind is fresh because with this fresh mind I can think better, I can serve better. I am dressing up so that I can please God who sees me through other’s eyes. Anything that I do should be going back to the same  thought, that is, to please God; that is, to love God; that is, to serve God. All these activities however mundane they may seem will automatically transform into spiritual. All our work will transform into worship. It is not possible to stay away from work. We are born on this earth – it is defined as Karma bhumi , that is, land of action. We cannot stay away from action but every action which is done with love for God does not carry reactions; it becomes worship. All the work transforms into worship. Therefore, do whatever you have got to do as the young members of the society for love of God. For, much of the society’s good and welfare depends on you. Therefore, abstaining from action is not the solution. But whatever action you undertake, in whichever capacity and responsibility, do it as a service to God.”

“To Me, the good of the society is far above all the individual preferences. If you want to serve, God will open hundred doors to help you go and serve; He will make your way. But if you do not want to serve, even if there are hundred opportunities, you will not see them. Therefore, the one who wants to do, God will give a hundred opportunities for them to go ahead and follow these teachings. From youth, the expectation is, they have strong bodies, they have hands that are capable of serving, they have heads with intelligence that is sharp, they are learning many new things, they are aware, they are knowledgeable and their hearts are pure, they are not yet contaminated by all kinds of worldly desires. With this kind of hand, head and heart together, you must use all these in the service of society, in the service of God. This body has been primarily given for service not for enjoying and seeking pleasures. It is primarily given for service. That is its purpose and that is the natural behaviour of every being on this earth, however unfortunately man alone is deviating from this.”

Swami thereafter encouraged the youth to come with questions in the afternoon session during which He would answer them and clear their doubts.

After Arati and Prasadam, Swami returned to the Stepski residence.